2019 spring summer youth softball league

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2019 SPRING SUMMER YOUTH SOFTBALL LEAGUE 12 week league starting the second week in April 15th. Time Limits: • 8U: 70 Minute Drop Dead • 10U-12U-14U: No New Inning after 75 Minutes All umpires are certified Each team will provide 2 new optic yellow leather game balls prior to first game. Home team will be decided by coin flip Warm up pitches - 5 for the first inning and 3 for each inning after that Batting and substitutions - Continuous order will be used with free substitution - Coaches Communicate Run Rule - 8 after 5 innings Schedules will be posted on the Perfect Game website: 14U - Monday & Wednesday

12U - Tuesdays

10U - Thursdays

8U Coach Pitch: Monday & Wednesday


 10U

 12U

Level of experience (1-new 4 competitive) 1


 14U 3


Team Name Manager’s Name Manager’s Email Manager’s Phone Manager’s Address




$675 TEAM ENTRY FEE March 30th, 2019 Deadline $50 Discount - Multiple Teams from Same Organization

Schedule Requests & Questions: Email Mike Bonwell at [email protected] Make checks payable to: Perfect Game Attn: Mike Bonwell 850 Twixt Town Road NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402