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#30REASONSTOBEABOILERMAKER SOCIAL MEDIA - SINGLE PLATFORM Since the @ResLifeAtPurdue Twitter account is focused on the student experience of living on campus, content and traffic are lighter in the summer when there are only a handful of students and infrequent events on campus. To ramp back up for the fall, we did a series of daily Twitter posts to count down the 30 days leading up to the first day of class. The posts are all reasons to be a Boilermaker - from fun facts and photos of campus to links to university accomplishments and bad jokes about Purdue’s rival schools. We capitalized on the popularity of list websites like Buzzfeed and spread out a list over a month on social media, and it resulted in some of our highest traffic ever on that account (up to 875% impressions compared to our following). We also saw an uptick in followers (net 12% at the end date of the series, marked below), which means that while we promoted the Purdue brand successfully during this series, it has paid even more dividends afterwards as more people are exposed to our message when we post less exciting but equally important content like housing deadlines and construction updates.

See all the #30ReasonsToBeABoilermaker in context at https://twitter.com/hashtag/30reasonstobeaboilermaker