A Diocesan Intercession List for 2005

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DIOCESAN INTERCESSION LIST 2015 DAY 1 The Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby (Joy), the Bishop's Staff: the Rev. Canon William Bryant (Judith), the Very Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel, Kathy Richey (David), Holly Davis, Bob Harwell (Maryse), Archdeacon Bette Jo Kauffman, Deacons: Polly Anderson, Kay Hunter, Don Leger (Jeanette), Diane Moore, Belle Rollins (Justin); the Standing Committee; the Diocesan Council. DAY 2 Transitional Deacons: Seth Donald (Amy), Michael Bordelon (Lauren) Postulants: Frank Fuller (Jane), Lois Maberry DAY 3 St. Paul's, Abbeville, the Rev. Geoffrey Coupland; St. James, Alexandria, the Rev. Barb Schmitz. DAY 4 St. Timothy's, Alexandria, the Rev. Rich Snow (Nikki); St. Paul's, Winnfield, the Rev. Richard Taylor (Mele). DAY 5 Christ Church, Bastrop, the Rev. Ned Head (Mary Nell); St. George's, Bossier City, the Rev. Jaime Flowers (Denise). DAY 6 Trinity, Cheneyville, Holy Comforter, Lecompte, the Rev. Ella Breckinridge. DAY 7 Calvary, Bunkie; St. Michael's, Pineville, the Rev. George Gennuso (Grace), the Rev. Deacon Belle Rollins. DAY 8 St. Andrew's, Moss Bluff, the Rev. Boo Kay; Christ Church, Mansfield, the Rev. Michael Millard (Samantha). DAY 9 St. Luke's, Jennings, the Rev. John Clark (Phyllis); Trinity, Crowley, the Rev. Herman Ogea (Kathi). DAY 10 Ascension, Lafayette, the Rev. Joseph Daly (Angie), the Rev. Duane Petersen (Mirinda) the Rev. Brandt Montgomery; St. Barnabas, Lafayette, the Very Rev. John Bedingfield (Donna), the Rev. Dr. Mitzi George (Kevin), the Rev. John Clark (Phyllis). DAY 11 Good Shepherd, Lake Charles, the Very Rev. Jack Myers (Joan); St. Michael and All Angels, Lake Charles, the Rev. Deborah Heathcock. DAY 12 Leonidas Polk Memorial, Leesville, the Rev. Alina Williams (Jared); Trinity, DeRidder, the Rev. James Lueckenhoff (Linda). DAY 13 St. Andrew's, Mer Rouge, Redeemer, Oak Ridge, the Rev. Robin Chance; Trinity, Tallulah, and Grace, Lake Providence, the Rev. William Echols (Linda). DAY 14 St. John's, Minden, the Rev. Dr. Frank Hughes; Grace, Monroe, the Rev. Canon Richard Norman, Jr. (Adrienne).

DAY 15 St. Thomas', Monroe, the Rev. Dawnell Stodghill (Whit), Archdeacon Bette J. Kauffman; St. Patrick's, West Monroe, the Rev. Robert Dandridge (Evelyn); St. Alban's, Monroe, the Rev. Whit Stodghill (Dawnell). DAY 16 Trinity, Natchitoches; Epiphany, New Iberia, the Rev. Mathew Woollett (Harriet). DAY 17 Epiphany, Opelousas, the Rev. J. Peterson Smith, the Rev. Deacon Don Leger (Jeanette); St. Luke's, Grambling, the Very Rev. Thomas Nsubuga (Erinah). DAY 18 St. David's, Rayville, and St. Columba's, Winnsboro, the Rev. Walt Friese (Paulette); Good Shepherd, Vidalia, the Rev. William Phillips (Lynn). DAY 19 Redeemer, Ruston, the Rev. William Easterling (Cathy); Holy Cross, Shreveport, the Very Rev. Mary Richard (Herschel). DAY 20 Christ Church, St. Joseph. DAY 21 St. Mark's, Shreveport, the Rev. Alston Boyd Johnson (Elizabeth), the Rev. Canon Rowena White, the Rev. Dr. Wayne Carter. DAY 22 St. Matthias, Shreveport, the Rev. Dr. William McBride (Cheryl), the Rev. Deacon Kay Hunter; St. James, Shreveport, the Rev. Morgan MacIntire (Angus). DAY 23 Holy Trinity, Sulphur, the Rev. Ally Perry DAY 24 St. Paul's, Shreveport, the Rev. Paul Martin (Christine). DAY 25 Hardtner Camp and Conference Center, Jason Ezell (Amie). DAY 26 Episcopal School of Acadiana, Dr. Paul Baker, Headmaster (Lauren), the Rev. Annie Brown Etheredge (Jim), the Rev. Brandt Montgomery; and all Parish Day Schools; all Canterbury ministries, college centers, the University of the South, and the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. DAY 27 Episcopal Church Women, Suzanne Corley, President; Diocesan Altar Guild, Sandy Young; Daughters of the King, Judy Bordelon. DAY 28 Non-Parochial and other Clergy, the Rev. John Campbell (Sarah), the Rev. Stephen Caudle, the Rev. Andrew Comeaux (Eydie), the Rev. James Benbrook (Becky), the Rev. Jon Roberts (Lynne), the Rev. Don White (Kathryn), the Rev. Kenneth White. DAY 29 Retired Clergy, the Very Rev. M. L. Agnew (Patty), the Rev. Jane Alexander, the Rev. Sue Bell, the Rev. Canon Joseph Bordelon (Grace), the Rev. Canon William Bryant (Judith), the Rev. Dr. Wayne Carter, the Rev. Dr. Peter Cook (Nancy), the Rev. Robert N. Cooper (Sallie), the Rev. Robert Dandridge (Evelyn), the Rev. William Dennis, the Rev. Kathi Doherty-Ogea (Herman), the Rev. James Fetterman, the Rev. Walter Friese (Paulette), the Rev. David J. Greer, the Rev. Paula Claire Hall, the Rev. Donald D. Heacock (Margaret), the Rev. Edward M. Head (Mary Nell), the Rev. Wayne Johnston (Mary Catherine), the Rt. Rev. Bruce MacPherson (Susan),

the Rev. Deacon Diane Moore, the Rev. Roy Myers (Benetta), the Rev. William Newby (Deborah), the Rev. Kenneth Paul (Ginger), the Rev. John Raish (Peggy), the Rev. Canon Gregg Riley (Carlene), the Rev. Geoff Schmitt (Brenda), the Rev. Frank Swindle (Gloria), the Rev. Richard Taylor (Mele), the Rev. James Theus (Caroline), the Rev. Fred Tinsley (Judy), the Rev. Richmond Thweatt (Josephine), the Rev. Guido Verbeck, III, the Rev’d Edwin Webster (Carol). DAY 30 Widows of Clergy: Jacqueline Abraham, Vail Baldridge, Dorothy Black, Jane Blair, Martha Cooper, Phoebe Detor, June Dickson, Emmie Sue Ellisor, Janet Flynn, Doris Graff, Linda Hargrove, Margaret Jaster, Norma Marrs, Marinell McMichael, Jenny Milligan, Connie Mills, Martha Nelson, Ruth Nielsen, Joyce Odom, Sybil Patten, Jodi Reed, Vicki Robertson, Jackie Songy, Deborah Wilkes, Alma Wade, Ann Willson. DAY 31 (When there is one) The Anglican Communion, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop, and the bishops and other baptized persons throughout the world; the Dominican Development Group, Bill Kunkle, Director, and the dioceses in this companionship: Dioceses of Central Gulf Coast, East Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwest Texas, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, Southeast Florida, Southwest Florida, Western Louisiana, and Western Michigan.