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The VG Trio-2. We added up the benefits. Then we added some more.

Your equipment is funda­ mental to your success - it should advance as your applications advance. Which is why, at VG Instruments, we are continually updating our products. Take the TRIO-2 GC-MS for instance. Our most recent modifications are designed to afford the user not only a wider range of applications but also significant improvements in performance. TRIO-2's new gold plated ion

source - with computer designed ion optics - offers improved sensitivity, whilst the extended mass range enables the resolution of compounds up to 3,000 amu - an invaluable facility for techniques such as LC-MS and Dynamic-FAB. LINC™,VG's particle b e a m LC-MS interface, is now available and innovative design has reduced the changeover time between techniques to less than three minutes. Robotic probe systems have also b e e n introduced for the

VG I N S T R U M E N T S organic mass spectrometry CIRCLE 170 ON READER SERVICE CARD


automated analysis of routine samples. In addition, TRIO-2 is now available with the LAB-BASE™ data handling system. This 'super­ computer' technology incorporates 32-bit RISC architecture and multiple parallel processing giving a s p e e d of data handling unique in mass spectrometry. Add up the benefits for yourself. The n e w TRIO-2 - the latest in the growing family of 'Super-Quads' from VG instruments.

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