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WCBP ’99 3rd Symposium on the Analysis of Well Characterized Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals

The WCBP Symposium series has established itself as the preeminent conference addressing the analytical development/regulatory control interface. This symposium series provides a forum for an interactive discussion of the latest bioanalytical methods and their practical application to biotechnology pharmaceuticals. Partial List of Confirmed Plenary Speakers Kathryn Zoon, FDA, "Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals 1999"

January 5-8,1999 Renaissance Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.

John Purves, EMEA, "Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Filing in Europe" Phil Minor, NISBC, "TSE and BSE Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology" Yuan-Yuan Chiu, FDA, "The Complex Drug Substance Coordinating Committee" Dana Aswad, Univ. of Calif., "Analysis of Isoaspartate in Proteins" Raymond Dwek, University of Oxford, "Abnormal Glycosylltion in Disease and Therapy: Relevance to Chronic Viral Infections, Glycolipid Storage Disorders and Autoimmune Deseases" Matthias Mann, Odense Univ., "New Approaches to Characterization of the Proteome" Michael Gross, Washington Univ., "Protein Structures Using MS Analysis of Isotopic Exchange" Kurt Wuthrich, Inst. Mol. Bio. & Biophys.. "NMR of Large Proteins Using Pulse Sequences" Ernesto Friere, Johns Hopkins Univ., "Micro-Calorimetry in Complex Pharmaceuticals" Partial List of Workshop Discussion Groups A distinguishing feature of the WCBP symposium is the workshop dialogue between the pharmaceutical attendees and numerous FDA and international regulatory staff. • Process changes: demonstrating equivalence • Cleaning validation assays and strategies • Strategies for analyzing protein disulfides • Analysis of noncovalent protein aggregates • Transferring methods from development to QC • Strategies of peptide map assays

Call for Abstracts Abstract submission is encouraged through the symposium website. Late Breaking Oral and Poster Abstract Submission: November 2 7 . 1 9 9 8 for nosters.

• Stability indicating analyses • Can recombinant vaccines be WCBPs? Contact: Joan Saluzzi, Symposium Manager PO Box 411106, San Francisco, CA 94141-1106 USA Te:: 415-487-9876 Fax: 415-487-9875 E-mail: [email protected] Sponsored by the California Separation Science Society, a non-profit chromatography discussion group.