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Aldersgate Academy School Supply List Infants need a sleep sack: licensing does not allow the infant room to use blankets.

All children need: 4 Boxes of baby wipes 1 box of zippered quart bags 2 Containers of Clorox bleach wipes 1 Backpack or diaper bag (Labeled with their name) 1 Lunch box (Labeled with their name) 2 Ziploc bags, with a change of clothes for your child 1 1-inch binder with clears pockets on the outside (for portfolios)

Children over twelve months also need: 1 Covered nap mat with blanket (Labeled with their name) 1 Box of Crayola 8 count large crayons 1 Box of Crayola classic colored markers, washable 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue 1 water reusable bottle (Labeled with their name)

Children three and over need all the above plus: 1 Wide ruled spiral notebook (Labeled with their name) 2 composition notebooks (Labeled with their name) 1 Set of watercolor paints 2 Solid colored pocket folders (brads not necessary) 1 Pack number two pencils Four-year-old children need two boxes of 24 count crayons in place of the eight count large crayons listed above.