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morphometric analysis, automatic line and edge digitizing, and automatic object counting. Jandel Scientific 416

selective electrodes. Sections on working theory, electrode types, care of electrodes, and troubleshooting are included. 32 pp. Fisher Scientific 421

plasticware; refractometers; and products for flame photometry, spectroscopy, and water analysis. 62 pp. Markson Science 425

Manufacturers' Literature

LC. Chromatogram, Vol. 9, No. 1, highlights recent developments in HPLC applications and techniques. Included is information on amino acids, nucleic acids, peptides, and quality control. 12 pp. Beckman 422

Drug standards. Catalog lists more than 370 drugs, metabolites, and internal standards. Products for drug analysis by capillary GC, HPLC, TLC, and solid-phase extraction are included. Alltech-Applied Science 426

SFC. Literature describes the Model 5000 SFC/GC, which features a pulsefree syringe pump, a rotating injector valve with submicroliter internal volume, and a self-contained microprocessor. Computer Chemical Systems 423

LC. Catalog features instruments, software, workstations, and accessories. Included are detectors, autosamplers, columns, and computing integrators. 26 pp. Spectra-Physics 427

Spectrofluorometer. Brochure highlights the Nova-3 scanning spectrofluorometer, which features a 150 W xenon lamp, standard four-position turret for 10-mm sample cells, and choice of 17 scan speeds. Spex 418 Newsletter. The Supelco Reporter, Vol. VII, No. 3, contains articles on a graphitized carbon black adsorbent for sampling airborne contaminants and the separation of cardiac drugs on deactivated 3 X 3 HPLC columns. 12 pp. Supelco 419 FT-IR. Brochure describes the DA3 series FT-IR system, which features multitasking and multiuser capabilities. Up to three sources and five detectors can be installed simultaneously on a single system. Bomem 420 Electrodes. Electrode Handbook is a comprehensive manual on pH and ion-

Catalogs GC. Catalog discusses capillary tubing, stationary phases, and column selection. An extensive applications section is included. 72 pp. Scientific Glass Engineering 430 Scientific equipment. Catalog includes baths; dispensers; furnaces; mixers; electrodes; pH/mV meters;

Chromatography. Catalog features products for gas and liquid chromatography, including injection systems, syringes, derivatization reagents, standards, and instrumentation. 272 pp. Chrompack 428 Microelectrodes. Catalog includes esophageal, carbon dioxide, ammonia, pH, ion-selective, and reference electrodes. Also listed are oxygen meters and micro combination probes. 18 pp. Microelectrodes, Inc. 429


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. . . and this is just the beginning. 1002 A · ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, VOL. 60, NO. 17, SEPTEMBER 1, 1988

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