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ANALYTICAL PRODUCTS space. SiteView also accepts 3D CAD drawings in DXF format and can be incorporated as a tool into larger software systems. ConSolve 102

Air toxics analyzer

SFE software AutoTrak SFE data collection software monitors supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) instruments unattended, allowing overnight operation. The software can handle as many as 44 extraction vessels and prints reports in either of two formats at the end of a sample queue. AutoTrak runs in a Windows environment and requires a 386-compatible computer with 4 MB of RAM and 40 MB of disk space. Suprex 100

Raman analyzer Weighing only 24 lb, the RAMAN Chemical Analyzer may be the first commercial portable Raman spectrometer for field work. It includes a computer loaded with software for collecting and analyzing data; power is 12-V dc. The system relies on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. The instrument is best suited for semivolatile organics, measuring analytes to levels as low as ppb. Instruments can be modified for fiber-optic probes or other unique applications. GAMMA-METRICS 101

3D visualization software SiteViewl.O generates 3D images of groundwater, air dispersion, water quality, and other environmental data in a Windows 3.1 PC environment. The software requires at least 8 MB of RAM and 20 MB of swap

The Air Toxics Analyzer I is designed to reduce the cost of monitoring for air pollutants in canisters or on-line airstreams. The key development is a cryogen-free focusing trap in the unit's AutoSystem gas chromatograph. The system can be used with conventional flame ionization-electron capture detectors or can be connected to the manufacturer's Qmass benchtop mass spectrometer. Other features include quantitation limits of < 0.1 ppb, automated analysis of airstreams and as many as 16 canisters, and simultaneous analysis of polar and nonpolar components. Perkin-Elmer 103

nation with a gas chromatograph. SRI Instruments 105

UV/vis spectrometers The manufacturer has introduced three new UV/visible spectrometers, which operate under Windows-based software. The Lambda 12 and 14 models cover 190 to 1100 nm. The Lambda 12 comes with either a 2-nm or 1-nm fixed spectral bandwidth; Lambda 14 offers variable slit settings and can be fitted with an optional premonochromator that allows linear measurements throughout the wavelength range up to four absorbance units. Lambda 18 has a 0.01-nm incrementable selection of spectra bandwidth and can be fitted with accessories such as automatic six-cell changer, sipper and multisampler, and light fiber optics. Perkin-Elmer 106

SFE interface

Continuous monitor

Extracts from supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) are directly introduced into a gas chromatograph (GC) with a new interface for the Spe-ed SFE system. Controlled by a switching mechanism, SFE extracts can be either concentrated onto the surface of a trapping material in the interface module (with subsequent backflushing and thermal desorption) or transferred directly to the GC using a fixed-volume sample loop valve. A heated transfer line to the GC injection port is included with the system. Earlier S p e e d SFE units can be retrofitted with the GC interface. Applied Separations 104

The Model 350 continuously monitors for ammonia, NOx, and sulfur dioxide from industrial plants. The system uses gas-phase UV absorption spectroscopy with a doublepass optical design and photodiode array detection. The monitor prevents ammonium sulfate formation. The Model 350 is targeted for NO r control applications using selective catalytic reduction technologies where ammonia injection is used. Land Combustion 107

Electrolytic conductivity detector The new dry electrolytic conductivity detector (DECLD) meets EPA methods such as 601, 8010, and 8021 for halogenated compounds. The unit detects compounds in the gas phase, eliminating the electrolyte solution. Because the detector is unaffected by water, it can be used for purgeand-trap injections that contain water. The DECLD can be employed as a stand-alone detector or in combi-


Toxicity testing database Version 2.4 of the TOXIS toxicity testing database supplies users with the appropriate EPA statistical analysis method for their acute toxicity data. For hypothesis tests, TOXIS automatically calculates no observable acute effects concentration (NOAEC), per-

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cent survival, pass/fail (f-test), and toxicity units (TUa). The software can create an acute test summary report or output the results in the Toxicity Standardized Electronic Format. EcoAnalysis 108

GC cryo-trap The key new feature of this cryo-trap system is that it cools to -180 °C using liquid nitrogen. Model 961 is designed for such GC applications as headspace analysis, purge and trap, and direct injection analysis. Because only the cryo-trap chamber (.75" diameter and 5" long) is cooled, less coolant is required than systems that chill the entire oven. Temperature is controlled with a digital thermal controller that can be run either manually or automatically. For desorbing the analytes, the trap can be heated up to 400 °C at a rate of > 800 °C/min. Scientific Instruments Services 109

Compact HPLC system Each module of the CONCERTCHROM high-performance liquid chromatography system is designed to be stacked in a 10"-wide tower configuration, conserving benchtop space. The system includes isocratic and a quaternary pump module; diode array, UV-visible and fluorescence detectors; autosamplers; and integrator and PC-based data systems. Software operates through the Windows NT operating system, which provides an audit trail for Good Laboratory Practice compliance. The CONCERTCHROM series accommodates older Hitachi HPLC instruments without add-ons. Hitachi 110



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Direct continuous monitor CMP 60/75 is a close-coupled continuous emissions monitor that offers direct (wet) measurements of stack gases. The monitor contains no moving parts and does not require sample conditioning. CMP 60/75 utilizes the manufacturer's NGA 2000 analysis series and, with various options, can detect NO.,., 0 2 , S0 2 , and C0 2 . Rosemount Analytical 111

Spray chamber for ICP This inductively coupled plasma (ICP) system has a Min-Hieftje fastclearing aerosol sample transport spray chamber. The chamber has a low-volume design, which enables fast washout times for the ICP-400 without increasing signal noise or lowering precision. LECO 112



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