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Whanganui High School - Uniform Price List (August 2018) Summer Uniform  Girls   Girls Blouse             (All Yrs)       Regulation tailored white short sleeved or                                          $35.00        Polo Shirt                  (All Yrs)       White polo shirt with school crest                                                        $32.00  Junior Girls Skirt      (Yrs 9‐11)     Regulation charcoal skirt (worn at knee length)                                                      $74.95  Senior Girls Skirt     (Yrs 12 & 13)  New regulation black skirt (compulsory from 2019)                          $85.00  

Boys      Polo Shirt                (All Yrs)        White polo shirt with school crest                                                        $32.00  Junior Boys Shorts (Yrs 9‐11)       Regulation grey shorts                                                                                 $55.00         Senior Boys Shorts (Yrs 12 & 13)   New regulation black shorts (compulsory from 2019)                                  $55.00  Boys Socks              (All Yrs)        Grey (with WHS regulation bands)                                                             $14.00 

All Students                                  Jersey                                        Regulation V Neck jersey with school crest or                                     $94‐$115   Polar Fleece                              WHS regulation polar fleece                                                                       $49.90         Winter Uniform  Girls   Girls Blouse              (All Yrs)       Long‐sleeved white blouse (worn tucked in and with school tie)                      from   $39.95   School Tie                 (All Yrs)      Worn with a long‐sleeved white blouse                                                $29.95  Girls Skirt                  (All Yrs)         Tartan ‐Ancient Hunting Chisholm (worn at mid‐calf length) or                     $134.95       Girls Black Trousers (All Yrs)       Regulation only (worn with white blouse and tie)                                            $59.95         Boys  Boys Shirt                 (All Yrs)           Grey long‐sleeved shirt (Phasing out Winter 2019, not part of the uniform in 2020)  or $45.00          Polo shirt                  (All Yrs)       White polo Shirt with school  crest (worn with shorts)                                  $32.00  Boys Shorts              (All Yrs)       Grey regulation shorts (black shorts for seniors commencing 2019)                     $55.00  Boys Socks                       (All Yrs)       Grey (with WHS regulation bands)                                                            $14.00          Boys Formal Uniform  

Shirt                           (All Yrs)        White formal shirt (worn tucked in with formal trousers and tie )                         $45.00          School Tie                 (All Yrs)           Worn with formal white shirt                                                                    $29.95     Trousers                    (All Yrs)       Black formal trousers (regulation style, worn with white shirt and tie)                 $69.95 

All Students                            Jersey                                         Regulation V Neck jersey with school crest or                                   $94‐$115  Polo Fleece                                WHS regulation polar fleece                                                               $49.90          Jacket                                                   Regulation black WHS crested rain jacket (with fleece lining)                   $65.00          Physical Education Uniform‐ Compulsory for Years 9‐11  Top                                      Regulation green/gold PE top                    $45.00 Shorts                                         Black CCC shorts                       $38.50  Tights                                            Black ¾ length sports tights                                                      $25.00  Blazers & Special Ties  Blazer with school crest (Years 12 & 13)                                                                                                                                                          $230.00   Sport Ties (application required – application forms available from WHS Student Centre)                                                          $29.95