Applied Therapeutic Communication: Loss & Grief

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Applied Therapeutic Communication: Loss & Grief (Level 3-SQCFLevel 9) in Association with Glasgow Caledonian University This module is accredited with 20 SCOTCAT points at level 3/SQCF9 and designed to provide skills and understanding in establishing an appropriate, safe and supporting relationship via therapeutic communication. This module aims to differentiate for students the difference between therapeutic relationships and the deeper more analytical type of 1:1 work offered in professional counselling. The emphasis is on self awareness, understanding personality type communication issues, models of grief, tasks of mourning, coping with feelings, issues specific to loss in childhood, relationships (patients, families and peers) and critical awareness. This module meets the following KSF Dimensions and Levels: Core 1 Level 4, Core 2 Level 3, Core 5 Level 4, Core 6 Level 3, HWB1 Level 3, HWB2 Level 4, HWB4 Level 4, HWB5 Level 4, HWB6 Level 3, HWB7 Level 4