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ARNOLD BATON TWIRLING CHAMPIONSHIPS 0IJP&YQP$FOUFS $BSEJOBM#VJMEJOH &UI"WFtBN t Open to all twirlers ages 2-25 t Promoting twirling and related arts t Competitions: The Arnold High School Twirler Champion, The Arnold Collegiate Twirler Champion and The Arnold Youth Twirler Champion

t Scholarships for championship winners t Hosted by Twirl America t Chair - Fran Hershey, email: [email protected] t For competition applications and information email [email protected]

SPECTATOR ADMISSION: Daily Arnold Fitness EXPO Tickets can be purchased IN ADVANCE at (3 EXPO Tickets for $40; single for $15) or at the door for $20. 14 yrs. & under FREE if accompanied by an adult. Includes access to the Arnold Fitness EXPO and most events at the Columbus Convention Center as well as access to the Arnold SportsWorld and events at the Ohio Expo Center.


Sunday: Group Competition & Clinic

CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS – Saturday competition Arnold Juvenile Twirler Champion This is made up of two events - one baton solo and 2 baton solo ages 4-8 Arnold Youth Twirler Champion This is made up of two events - one baton solo and 2 or more baton solo ages 9-13 Arnold High School Twirler Champion This is made up of two events - one baton solo, 2 or more baton solo, must be full time high school student Arnold Collegiate Twirler Champion This is made up of three events – 1 baton solo, 2 baton solo, multiple batons and/or freestyle contest music Must be a fulltime college student Arnold Elite Twirl Champion This is made up of three events - 1 baton solo, 2 baton solo, freestyle / rhythmic with your own music Two levels: Junior age 8-14; Senior age 15 -25 NEW***Arnold Boys Twirl Champion & Boys Overall Twirl-Off Champion 1 baton solo (regular baton only – NO maces permitted) NEW***MISS MAJORETTE OF THE ARNOLD Division: Little Miss / Juvenile / Preteen / Junior / Senior Levels: Novice / Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Solo 40% Strut 40% Model 20% (costume model only) NEW ***MR. MAJOR OF THE ARNOLD (A new division for boys / young men) Division: 0-6 / 7-9 / 10-12 / 13-15 / 16+ Solo 60% and Military March 40%

ELITE CHAMPIONSHIPS - If you placed in the advanced/elite level in any organization, then YOU are invited to enter the Elite Championships! Indicate on the entry form event, place, and organization of your win. Awards: Title events 1st Trophy or plaque, Banner and Scholarship; 2nd-5th Medal Scholarships: Juvenile $100; Youth $100; High School $100; Collegiate $100; Elite $100 Timing: Solo time max. 2:30; 2 baton and multiple baton max. 2:00; All Title events & Freestyle max. 2:30

Rules: NBTA will prevail, with exceptions - National level judges from NBTA, USTA, AAU, etc. have been invited to judge. Gymnastics will be allowed in Collegiate and Elite Freestyle only. All events carry equal value. Age groups for open contest: 0-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16+ MISS PHOTOGENIC – Twirling action photos preferred - your photo could be on future brochures! Must be a twirling contestant in the Arnold Baton Twirling Championships to enter. Bring picture to directors table by 9 am. Two divisions: Jr. 0-12; Sr. 13+. Award will be: 1st Crown and sash; 2nd-3rd medals AWARDS CEREMONY: Awards for all Title events will be presented at the Awards Ceremony. Wear a costume for pictures. ALL score sheets will be passed out at the completion of the contest for all announced results. Please have someone pick up your sheets and awards for you if you cannot stay. NO awards will be mailed. Awards for open will be 1st trophy or plaque, 2nd - 5th place medals. •

The PROGRAM BOOK will include information about the contest and lane assignments. Remember to pre-order one for $5.00 with your entry. Programs will be available day of competition for $10.00. Good Luck Ads / Thank you messages: Send black and white copy ready message on white paper. MUST BE RECEIVED BY February 14, 2017 ! Full Page: $40.00; Half Page: $20.00; Business card size: $10.00

T-shirt info: Commemorative t-shirts are available for purchase. Please indicate your size and quantity desired on the entry form. o T-shirts are $20.00 each. Phone orders added to entry will be 5.00 each. o PRE-ORDER ITEM ONLY.



SATURDAY ORDER OF EVENTS: Open Model; Pageant Model; Basic & Military Strut; Open & Pageant Strut; Open & Pageant Solos; Open & Title 2 Baton; Open & Title 3 Baton NOTE: Contest directors reserve the right to change the order of the events listed above to keep the contest moving. We will attempt to have open events before title events. N.S.F. CHECKS will be charged a $35.00 fee. Sorry, NO refunds. Administrative work has been completed and awards have been ordered.

NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED!! Entry changes after the entry deadline will be charged a $10.00 fee UNLESS a 1st place win forces you to advance to a higher division. Call immediately to change entry. Entries that are incomplete, not signed, or that do not include payment will NOT be processed until the problem is corrected.


Cost $45.00

FEATURING: ANNETTA LUCERO and other instructors Annetta Lucero is a legend in the world of baton twirling. Her accomplishments span decades and include three world championship titles. She is also a 2-time Guinness World Record Holder, a Cirque du Soleil special events artist, and a world-renowned choreographer. In addition to teaching at the clinic, Annetta will also offer private lessons on Saturday and Sunday. Space is limited in the clinic and for private lessons.

Other instructors will provide: *1, 2, 3 baton tricks *Color guard clinic *An Open Discussion with Judges’ Panel (for parents): Practice Tips & What Do Judges Look For – Scoring, Showmanship & More! Teachers/coaches may attend the clinic for free if five (5) of their students register & attend the clinic. Must pre-register & provide student names to [email protected]

Only paid participants can be in clinic area. Don’t miss out! Sign up today! Please e-mail [email protected] to register for private lessons and for more information.


Online entry form available click here (PayPal Accepted) Name: _____________________________________________________ Age (day of contest): ___DOB: ___/___/___ Last


Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________________ State: ________ Zip:_________________ E-mail address: _______________________________________________ Phone: (______)_________________ Teacher(s): __________________________________________________________________________________

Make checks payable to Fran Hershey. Send completed entries to: Fran Hershey, P.O. Box 1183, Worthington, OH 43085

ALL entries must be postmarked by February 14, 2017 PLEASE CIRCLE EVENTS TO BE ENTERED OPEN EVENTS Beg Best Appearing $10.00 Adv Best Appearing $10.00 Novice X Strut $10.00 Beginner X Strut $10.00 Intermediate X Strut $10.00 Advanced X Strut $10.00 Basic Strut $10.00 Military Strut $10.00 Novice Solo $10.00 Beginner Solo $10.00 Intermediate Solo $10.00 Advanced Solo $10.00 Boys Solo $10.00 College Solo $10.00 Beginner 2 baton $10.00 Advanced 2 baton $10.00 Beginner 3 baton $10.00 Advanced 3 baton $10.00 Duets/Trios $10.00 Miss Photogenic $20.00 Show Twirl $20.00 WAIVER/INDEMNITY OF LIABILITY: I agree to assume the risk of any injury that may happen to me (or my child) as a result of participation in the 2017 Arnold Baton Twirling Championships, I further agree to indemnify and hold the Contest Directors, TwirlAmerica and event organizer, its agents or employees harmless from any loss they may sustain as a result to injury to me (or my child) as a result of my participation in the event named above. I agree that my (or my child’s) photo may be used for any lawful purpose, including publicity, illustration, advertising and web content.

__________________________________/2017 Parent / Guardian Signature


TITLE EVENTS Miss Arnold Model-costume


Arnold Juvenile Twirl Champion Arnold Youth Twirl Champion Arnold Teen Twirl Champion Arnold Collegiate Twirl Champion Arnold Elite Twirl Champion Miss Majorette of the Arnold Nov Beg Int Adv Circle level Mr. Major of the Arnold Clinic

$60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $70.00 $70.00


$50.00 $50.00 $45.00


Program: #____ @$5.00 ____________ T-shirt Order: ___@ $20.00 ____________ T-shirt Size(s): _________ Good Luck Ads: ____________ TOTAL INCLUDED

Elite Invitation: Event_______________ Organization_________


2017 Arnold Baton Twirling Championship GROUP ENTRY FORM – Sunday 9:00 a.m. Online entry form available click here (PayPal Accepted) Group name: ________________________________________ Instructor: _______________________ Address: ___________________________________________ City: _______________ State: _______ Zip: __________ Telephone: (_____)____________ Email: ___________________________________





Corps; Dance Twirl; Twirl Team; Pom; Color Guard

Beginner or Advanced

Tiny Tot (0-5.99); Juvenile (6-8.99); Preteen (9-11.99); Junior (12-14.99); Senior (15+)

Small (4-8 members) Large (9+)





Entry fee is $4.00 per member.

Group Total included $

# Members