Asset tracking and management: Improve your

Asset tracking and management: Improve your...

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Trucking technology has come a long way since the days of CBs and the refrain of “10-4, good buddy.” Today, trucks must be outfitted with sophisticated equipment and networking to enable tracking of the fleet and drivers, and most importantly, to comply with looming requirements that mandate electronic recording and submission of service hours.

Asset tracking and management: Improve your compliance and cost savings.

To address those two goals, a midwestern trucking company combined the Verizon 4G LTE network with Pedigree Technologies’ OneView® system, a centralized operations command center that allows the company to track and manage its fleet and its drivers. The fleet-tracking platform pulls diagnostic information from the engine to help drivers automatically record their hours-of-service data, which will eventually be required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It also ensures that hours are accurate and error-free, so the records can be used in case drivers are asked to drive more hours than they have available.

Verizon has invested more than $80 billion in its wireless network since 2000.

The company also installed CalAmp TTU-700 tracking units to track their trailers via GPS. The CalAmp units are mounted in each trailer, and messages are transported

Mobile devices and solutions are essential to the ways we do business today.

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Construction When you build things, a large part of your operation involves getting materials and workers from one place to another. Delays can ruin deadlines.

across the network. The company no longer worries about locating its dozens of trailers or complying with impending regulations. It’s also saving more than $1,000 per month by using these systems in conjunction with the Verizon network instead of its previous network.


One small fleet operator was able to save on 15% more jobs per week by reducing inefficiencies.1

Verizon Fleet Management solutions help the construction industry to streamline dispatch, maximize vehicle use, track driver safety and productivity, and reduce fuel, maintenance and labor costs. Companies get the tools they need to grow their businesses while managing operating costs.

Fleet management is a win-win in many industries. While a fleet management solution involves moving assets and services from one location to another, it should also measure vehicle and operator performance, while keeping resources secure and adhering to regulations. When combined with Verizon’s 4G LTE network, fleet management solutions offer: • GPS tracking tools to help improve worker performance and dispatch vehicles more effectively. • Past and current tracking data to help identify patterns and trace performance records. • Visibility into driver routes and time stamps for entering and exiting job sites. • Information on driver behavior, including speeding, excessive idling, route compliance and unauthorized use. • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting and dispatching functions.

Industrial, oil and gas If you’re in the oil and gas industry, individuals and companies depend on you to ensure systems are working. So it’s imperative to keep fleets running like a well-oiled machine. Verizon Fleet Management solutions give these industries crystal-clear visibility into fleet conditions and locations. With this technology, businesses can track vehicle speed, idle time, driver performance and location. Companies can also monitor vehicle use, mileage and maintenance to help keep efficiency high and costs low. Transportation and distribution In competitive industries, it’s crucial to find the shortest route to your customer’s doorstep. In the transportation and distribution industries, that also means keeping vehicles on time and on schedule.

Industries that require a fleet of vehicles can benefit from fleet management technology to run operations more efficiently. Examples include:

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Being able to optimize vehicle and operator performance while managing route efficiency can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Verizon Fleet Management solutions allow these industries to help control repair costs through better vehicle maintenance management. These solutions also enable managers to track hours of service and driving patterns in order to help optimize operations and increase the number of on-time deliveries.

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