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Determine these and other EPA toxic elements simultaneously with Baird ICP. All-at-once Baird ICP with our UDX ultrasonic sample delivery system could be the answer to almost all of your trace element analysis problems. Meeting CLP detection limits for priority pollutants in drinking water, for e x a m p l e or verification of sub-ppb ultrapurity in manufacturing process waters. A UDX-equipped Baird ICP will provide detection limits ten times better than an ICP with a conventional nebulizer - limits approaching those of graphite furnace AA. And the fact that it performs so well for arsenic, lead, selenium and thallium now permits you to determine these and other CLP elements at t h e same time. No headaches from large sample backlogs. No missed deadlines and contract penalties so often associated with oneat-a-time AA.


Comparative Detection Limits ^ g / L ) Element As Pb Se ΤΙ

Conventional Nebulizer 30 20 30 40

UDX Ultrasonic Nebulizer* 3 2 3 4

"Data obtained on a Baird Plasma PSQ simultaneous ICP Spectrometer

Act at once. Call or write right now for complete information on Baird UDX/ ICP. Baird Corporation, Analytical Instruments Division, 125 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730. Telephone (617) 276-6163.

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