Barbican Building Defect Surveys

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Barbican Building Defect Surveys Barbican Residents’ Meeting, 19 June, 2014 Crossrail staff in attendance: John Parrott, Community Relations Manager Simon Bennett, Community Relations Programme Manager Wendy Franks, Community Relations Officer Steve Kay, Area Director Mark Lemmon, Tunnelling Engineer Paul New, Project Construction Manager (presenter) David Jones, Parsons Brinckerhoff Stewart Guynan, Parsons Brinckerhoff


Content Where the tunnels are going Nature and reason for surveys Process and timescale What you will receive – letters Format of reports What to do in the event of damage

Where the tunnels are going


Nature and reason for the surveys Settlement: the ground moves very slightly (mm) in the immediate locality of tunnelling The effect of settlement has been fully analysed and predicted by geotechnical engineers, using conservative figures Cosmetic cracking possible in some places A baseline is needed of the condition of the property in advance, so that any new cracking or worsening of existing cracks can be determined afterwards

Actual settlement vs. predicted

Areas to be surveyed

Barbican structures within 1mm contour John Trundle (not Bunyan) Court Shakespeare Tower Defoe House Lauderdale Tower

Barbican Arts and Conference Centre, Barbican Centre, Guildhall School of Music & Drama Podium/other structures

1-8 Lambert Jones Mews Gilbert House

Willoughby (not Speed) House Brandon Mews Andrewes House

Process and Timescales – Settlement Deeds Settlement Deeds are a legal undertaking that owners of a property can request from Crossrail You don’t need to have a Settlement Deed to benefit from the settlement policy – we will still assess your property and apply protection measures if necessary. There is also no difference in the defect survey process. Deadline of 10 mths. ahead of construction has now passed (March) They give owners certain benefits beyond those described in Information Paper D12: Ground Settlement, e.g.: Automatically receive a copy of our settlement assessment Owners can request a consultation with Crossrail based on the assessment If the assessment indicates the property is in risk category 3 or above, payment the costs of any specialist appointed by the property owner to act on their behalf

Process and timescale - surveys Letters will be circulated July / August Please respond to arrange convenient date If no response, we will knock doors If still no progress, carry out checking process and send out letters to owner, occupier, others with interest (if applicable) Second knock If no response, we do external survey only Tunnelling scheduled in this area January 2015



Who is doing the survey? Parsons Brinckerhoff – global infrastructure engineering and services consultancy Founded 1885, 14,000 people worldwide Various awards and recognition, especially in civil engineering Assoc. with prestige construction projects (e.g. in UK: Heathrow Terminal 5, Schools for the Future, refurbishment of Africa House)

This division is a building surveying practice Process led by Chartered Building Surveyors On this project already > 5,000 surveys, 1 complaint 10

Why respond? Crossrail Act (2008) gives us powers to carry out such surveys – in theory, could actually get court order to gain access Clearly recorded baseline for any claims Avoid multiple letters, knocks Loss adjusters more sympathetic if survey has been permitted


Format of report Details of property Access dates and surveyor(s) Summary of findings Instruments and calibration Schedule of defects Supporting photographs

Format of report – part of typical schedule of defects


What to do in event of damage In the unlikely event that cracks do appear, they would occur within a few days of tunnelling If you think damage has taken place, please register a claim with the helpdesk: 0345 602 3813, [email protected] You will then be contacted by the independent loss adjuster to confirm the damage, which may require a further inspection Crossrail will cover the cost of repair of any damage genuinely caused by our works 18

Please respond as soon as you get the letter (use the contact details in the letter) – don’t delay

If you have any concerns, or to make a claim, ring Crossrail Helpdesk: 0345 602 3813, [email protected]

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