Beckman INSTRUMENTS, rectangular cells. For complete details, write for...

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The AC-600 automatic analytical system consists of a Norelco/Unicam AC-60 automatic chemical processor, an SP600 single-beam absorption spectrophoto­ meter, and an SP22 chart recorder. The system can process up to 1000 samples a day with perfect uniformity and negligible cross-contamination. The AC-600 requires only 10-300 μ\ of sample for each analysis. Philips Electronic Instruments, 750 S. Fulton Ave., Mount Vernon, Ν. Υ. 10550 407

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because our cell is guaranteed to withstand ultrasonic cleaning. With new alt-glass seal construction, our premium Double Dot™ Cell can be cleaned by ultrasonic methods. Absolute­ ly cleaned without damage or breakage to the cell structure-without hours of soaking in solvents. The new Double Dot Cells feature distortion-free and ultra parallel optical surfaces for greatest accuracy. All this in a rugged design that is guaranteed to withstand ultrasonic cleaning-a Beckman exclusive. And ver­ satile because it fits all manufacturers' spectrophotometers which use standard 10mm rectangular cells. For complete details, write for Data File 1317 or contact your Beckman Field Sales Representative. He'll also tell you about the Double Dot Cell's one-year guarantee. B e c k m a n INSTRUMENTS, INC. SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS DIVISION FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA · 92634 I N T E R N A T I O N A L S U B S I D I A R I E S · A M S T E R D A M . CAPE T O W N . G E N E V A . G L E N R O T H E S S C O T L A N D : L O N D O N ; M E X I C O CITY: M U N I C H : PARIS. S T O C K H O L M . TOKYO. V I E N N A

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The RefractoMonitor, a differential refractometer for liquid column chroma­ tography, features temperature stabil­ ity and freedom from drift while elimi­ nating the need for temperature baths or other temperature controls. Mea­ surement is based on the Fresnel Laws. The sample and reference liquids in contact with a prism of selected opti­ cal properties form the interfaces in the instrument. A unique single-axis optical system is used to illuminate the two interfaces and transmitted light is used in the measurement. Two inter­ changeable prisms give a range of 1.31 to 1.55 Rl units with minimum detect­ able differential refractive index of ± 1 χ 10- 7 Rl unit. Cell volume is three microliters. Drift rate is less than 1 χ 10-° Rl unit per hour without temperature control. Laboratory Data Control, 42 Shelter Rock Rd., Danbury, Conn. 06810 408

SpectraSpan Model 101 performs both atomic absorption and atomic emission analytical measurements. The instrument utilizes an échelle spectrometer which provides dispersion in the order of 1-3 Â/mm and a wavelength range of 2,000 to 20,000 Â. A high temperature (10,000 °K) plasma jet is the primary excitation source for both solids and liquids. The plasma is bent out of the field of view of the spectrometer so that the atomic vapor is viewed by itself. The system can perform photometric measurements or produce spectrographs. SpectraMetrics, Inc., Second Ave., Northwest Park, Burlington, Mass. 01803 409

Gas-Liquid Chromatography System The GLC-8 is a computer-based gasliquid chromatography system for automating the analytical laboratory. The system automatically detects and identifies peaks and shoulders, calculates peak areas and peak retention times, corrects for baseline drift, allocates overlapping peak areas, identifies peaks, applies response factors, calculates component concentrations, and types a complete analysis report. The GLC-8 services up to 22 chromatographs simultaneously with up to 64 connected at once. Digital Equipment Corp., 146 Main St., Maynard, Mass. 01754 410