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Cms Chromatography 1958, the initial volume, contains short abstracts from 1468 papers published on the subject to the close of 1958. It has a comprehensive subject and author index. Gas Chromatography 1959 covers all papers published in 1959, a total of 717 references. Like the first volume, it has a subject and author index. Safe Handling of Radioisotopes. Health Physics Addendum. Safety Series No. 2. O. J. Appleton, P.

N. Krishnamoorthy, 120 -pages. $1.50. Medical Addendum. Safety Series No. 3. F. Hercik and H. Jammet. 80 pages. $1.50. International Atomic Energy Agency, Kartner Ring, Vienna, Austria. I960. These two publications are addenda to the volume entitled "Safe Handling of Radioisotopes" issued in 1958. All have been prepared by the International Atomic Energy Agency. These booklets are published in English, French, Russian, and Spanish. The booklets are particularly relevant to problems encountered by the smalL user of radioisotopes rather than reactor installations or large-scale nuclear industry. The Health Physics booklet covers such items as fundamentals of nuclear physics, interaction of radiation with matter and living cells, units, doserates, measurement of radiation, instruments, control, shielding, handling, containers, protective clothing, transportation and disposal, etc. The medical addendum is intended to assist medical officers and to serve as a brief introduction to medical problems encountered in radiological protection work, and methods of resolving them. Directory of Continuing Numerical Data Pro|ects. A Survey and Analysis by the Office of Critical Tables. Publication 837. Printing and Publishing Office, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council. S101 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington 25, D. C. 1961. $1.00. Information concerning the more than 30 groups that compile scientific numerical data on a continuing basis is set forth in this new directory. The following information is given for each group: organization of the project; substances and properties covered; sources and evaluation of data; use of nomenclature, symbols, units and physical constants ; currency ; format; and publication and distribution.

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pH to 0.003...The Beckman Model 76 Expanded Scale pH Meter combines all these indispensable features to satisfy the advanced and growing precision requirements of the modern industrial laboratory: • Expansion of any 2 pH span full scale • Readability and repeatability to 0.003 pH or 0.3 m. v. • 0-14 pH range and 0-1400 m. v. range • Accurate to ± 0.02 pH or ± 2 m. v. • AC amplifier insures drift-free performance • Easy, push-button operation • Direct-reading, mirror-backed scale The Model 76 may be used with a wide range of reliable Beckman standard or special electrodes and with a potentiometric recorder to provide permanent measurement records. For full information contact your Beckman laboratory apparatus dealer, or write for Data File 15-7-01.



S C I E N T I F I C AND PROCESS I N S T R U M E N T S D I V I S I O N Fullerton, California Circle No. 114 on Readers'ServiceCard

VOL. 33, NO. 8, JULY 1961

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