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We can't promise that the BAS 2 0 0 Liquid Chromatograph will make you a legend in your own time. We can promise that it will be a big hit in a busy laboratory. It's the tidiest set of answers available for trace analysis problems.

Convenience, automation, and extra performance features relieve the drudgery and let you concentrate on more important activities. With a single keyboard you control temperature Cof the injector, column and flowcells), solvent deoxygenation (not mere degassing], high sensitivity UV/Vis and electrochemical detectors, solvent delivery s y s t e m , t i m e d events, an optional autosampler and a 4-channel data reduction package. Create and store as many methods files as you need. Each one can control a gradient profile of up to 9 segments, as well as

temperature and 8 changes in electrode potential, electrode gain, wavelength and AUFS during any analytical run. Route the output from other detect o r s directly into the BAS 2 0 0 data reduction system and print out chromatograms or complete reports with peak integration and identification. The BAS 2 0 0 offers everything you need in a package tailored to your individual requirements. Call for a demonstration Cwe promise to give you the soft pitch). 2701 Kent Ave West Lafayette Indiana 47906 B i o a n a l y t i c a l S y s t e m s , Inc

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