Bluefield College Percussion Audition Requirements

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Bluefield College Percussion Audition Requirements About the audition All incoming music majors are required to perform an audition. Other incoming students from any major are eligible to audition for music scholarships. The audition process consists of a musical performance and a personal interview with Music Department Faculty. The audition serves two purposes. First, the audition is required for formal acceptance into the Music Department and placement in ensembles. Secondly, the audition qualifies students to receive Music Department scholarships. Percussion Prospective percussionists will be expected to audition on the following instruments: 1. Snare – an etude or solo demonstrating rudiments as recognized by the Percussive Arts Society. 2. Mallet – an etude or solo demonstrating proficiency on marimba. 3. Timpani – tune timpani and sight-read an excerpt as provided by the music faculty. 4. Drum set (optional) – demonstration of ability to play in various styles/rhythms. Contact music faculty for information. To request an audition, or for more information, contact Dr. Charles Priest, Director of Instrumental Studies ([email protected]).