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Buchler Instrumentspubs.acs.org/doi/pdfplus/10.1021/ac50031a760bright L E D digital readout and instant pushbutton selec...

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Manufacturers' Literature

From Buchler...keeping pace with the age of discovery: An ALL NEW digital power supply. B u c h l e r i n t r o d u c e s t h e first l a b o r a t o r y p o w e r s u p p l y w i t h large, b r i g h t L.E.D. d i g i t a l r e a d o u t a n d i n s t a n t p u s h b u t t o n s e l e c t i o n of c o n s t a n t - p o w e r , c o n s t a n t - v o / f a o e , o r c o n s t a n t - c u / r e n f m o d e s . T h e b r i g h t L.E.D. d i s p l a y m e a n s easy r e a d i n g , even f r o m a c r o s s t h e r o o m , w i t h o u t t h e d i s t r a c t i o n of d u a l o r m u l t i f u n c t i o n scales. O v e r v o l t a g e a n d o v e r c u r r e n t p r o t e c t i o n are b u i l t i n ; c o n t r o l c i r c u i t s o p e r a t e at l o w v o l t a g e f o r l o n g life a n d r e l i a b i l i t y . T h i s is t h e o n l y t r u l y c o n t e m p o r a r y p o w e r s u p p l y . It's n e w f r o m Buchler. Available t h r o u g h your leading laboratory supply house.


Liquid Scintillation Counter. Gives operational details and technical specifications of the RackBeta liquid scintillation counters which feature automatic operation and flexibility to meet requirements in both research and clinical applications. 8 pp. LKB Instruments, Inc. 456

Catalogs Constant-Temperature Baths and Circulators. An antidrift temperature control concept is illustrated and described. Model specification charts are included. 3 pp. Haake Inc. 459 Laboratory Products. Included are electrophoresis products, thin-layer chromatography products, laboratory aids, and laboratory filtration supplies. Gelman Instrument Co. 460

Buchler Instruments D i v i s i o n of Searle D i a g n o s t i c s Inc. 1327 S i x t e e n t h Street Fort Lee, N e w Jersey 07024 U.S.A.


Laboratory Supplies. Comprehensive catalog 478 includes lab-ware vessels, filtering devices, tubing and fittings, coatings, lubricants, goggles, lens cleaning stations, first aid products, fire extinguishers, lab furniture, mixers, and heating equipment. 108 pp. General Scientific Equipment Co. 461 Valves and Connectors. Variable bore and high-pressure valves and fittings featured. 20 pp. Omnifit Inc. 465 Balances. A comprehensive and descriptive catalog on Sartorius balances and scales. 26 pp. Brinkmann Instruments, Inc. 466 Chromatography Products. Lists supplies and equipment for gas, thinlayer, and high-performance liquid chromatography as well as high-purity lipids and other chemical standards, isotope-labeled compounds, and derivatization reagents. 192 pp. Applied Science Laboratories, Inc. 474 Metering Pumps. Describes valveless metering pumps with flow rates up to 1000 m L / m i n . 6 pp. Fluid Metering, Inc. 475 Liquid Transfer Products. Features the full pipet line, diluter-dispensers, and accessories. 10 pp. Scientific Manufacturing Industries 476

Buchler Instruments: made in the United States, sales and service worldwide.



Laboratory Supplies and Equipment. Contains many items of interest to laboratory workers including cleaning supplies and equipment, glassware, plasticware, and safety equipment. 120 pp. Interex Corp. 477