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NEWS Perturbations in the Spectra of A x ially Symmetrical Molecules. Gilbert Amat, Faculté des Sciences de Paris.

Harold II. Nielsen, Chairman, D e p a r t ment of Physics and Astronomy, T h e Ohio S t a t e ' U n i v e r s i t y , 174 W . 18th Ave., Columbus 10, Ohio.

Friday, June 15 Trends in Infrared Instrumentation. J. U. White, The White Development Corp. High Resolution Study of the Shape, Position, and Shifts of Some HF Lines. Norman Gailar, The University of Tennessee.

Computer and Automated Laboratory Instruments T h e r e will be a session on computer applications and one on automated laboratory instruments at the 27th midyear meeting of the A P I Division of R e -

F u r t h e r details concerning the program and housing are available from

N o w You Can Read Chloride Concentration Directly In Mi Hi equivalents... w/f/i the


T h e DIRECT READER a u t o m a t i cally subtracts t h e reagent blank t i m e and presents t h e net titration t i m e in milliequivalents per liter on a digital register. Easily a t t a c h e d t o ANY Cotlove a u t o m a t i c chloride titrator.

If it has an end point . . . the CHLORIDOMETER w i l l find it more quickly, accurately, automatically . . . in 6 steps and in less than 6 0 seconds! DIVERSIFIED FOR ALL CHLORIDE TITRATION APPLICATIONS

Does not diminish the reliability and accuracy of the original automatic titrator. Variation with 0.1 ml samples ± 0 . 0 5 % . Eliminates calculation errors and tedious labor. SPEEDS OUTPUT! Inexpensive —pays for itself quickly in any busy laboratory. Full instructions on installation and calibration supplied. Connections made quickly and easily. M a y be installed free of charge at factory, with only shipping costs to pay. Ref.










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* Developed in t h e D e p a r t m e n t of Pathology, t h e Clinieal Center, National I n s t i t u t e s of H e a l t h , B e t h e s d a , Md. SEND TODAY FOR COMPLETE DESCRIPTION Direct R e a d e i — B u l l e t i n A 4 - 2 0 5 0 Chloridometei—Bulletin A 4-2000



1327 16th Street, Fort Lee, N e w Jersey Phone 201-945-1188 or call N.Y.C.direct LO 3-7844

Circle No. 127 on Readers' Service Card

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fining. This meeting will be held M a y 14 to 17 at the F a i r m o n t Hotel, San Francisco, Calif. T h e session in computer applications will be held on Tuesday afternoon, M a y 15, and t h a t on automatic laboratory instruments on Wednesday afternoon, M a y 16. P a p e r s on the latter topic will consist of: Laboratory Instrumentation or Stream Analyzers? I. T. Fritz and R. C. Davis, Sinclair Refining Co. Pilot Plant Application of Analytical Instruments. R. E. Lyon and S. E. Shields, American Oil Co. Automatic Driver and Data Logger for Road Knock Rating. C. J. Domke, American Oil Co., and P. T. McCauley, Microdyne, Inc. Analytical Applications of a Magnetic Tape Data Storage System. J. H. Harding and W. A. Morgan, Humble Oil and Refining Co. Applications of Laboratory Gas Chromatography to Refinery Operations. R. C. Barras and J. F. Boyle, The Atlantic Refining Co.

Biological Instrument Techniques Applications of I n s t r u m e n t a l Techniques to Biologically Active Substances will be among the topics covered at the Eighth National Medicinal Symposium (ACS) to be held at Boulder, Colo., J u n e 18 to 20. D r . S. Z. Lewin, New York University, is chairman of t h e session. P a p e r s scheduled for this session, to be held in the afternoon of June 20, a r e : Spectrophotometry Techniques. D. F. Bradley, National Institutes of Health. pH Stat and Complementary Techniques. Takeru Higuchi, University of Wisconsin. Bioelectric Methods. G. G. Guilbault, Army Chemical Center. Nuclear and Electron Resonance Techniques. S. Z. Lewin, New York University.

Atomic Exposition Cancelled T h e Atomic Exposition, scheduled to be held in connection with the 6th Nuclear Congress, has been cancelled. T h e Nuclear Congress, however, will present its program as scheduled on J u n e 4 to 6 at N e w York. T h e Nuclear Congress is sponsored by a federation of 24 engineering and technical societies. The program will consist of about 100 technical papers in the nuclear field. Copies of the program are available from the Engineer's Joint Council, Inc., 345 E a s t 47th St., New York, 17, Ν . Υ.