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   Sunday September 23, 2018 Bulle n 

Welcome to Valley Forge where we love God & others, learn Christ-like discipleship, and live a spirit-filled abundant life


9:45am    SUNDAY SCHOOL with the D6 family theme “Confron ng Sin”.   

10:45am  MORNING WORSHIP with Children’s & Praise  Choirs singing, a Bap sm, and Pastor Randy  preaching. 4:50pm    NO PRAISE CHOIR PRACTICE   6:00pm    CAMP CHRISTIAN CHALLENGE   EVENING WORSHIP with Praise   Band singing, Camp Tes monies from Daniel Farmer, Jaiden Lowe,  Hunter Owens, & Jon Wya  Shepherd and David Odom preaching. SERVING THIS MORNING @ 10:45am  Cradle Roll: Lori Watson, Nikki Hyder          Toddlers: Megan Reid, Dayna Harris Floater: Lucy Cox          Van: Brian Arrowood (423) 483‐5734 Shu le: David McDonnell, Jermey Campbell  SERVING THIS EVENING @ 6:00pm          Cradle Roll: Adam & Julie Colbaugh          Toddler: Kelly & Jessie Wilson Floater: Debbie Stout          Van: Keith Hayes (828) 387‐6638 

WEDNESDAY 26th 6:30pm    NO COTTAGE PRAYER  YOUTH CHOIR PRACTICE in YRC. We will learn new songs each week so make sure to a end all prac ces. All 3rd — 8th graders welcome! 7:00pm  CTS SANCTUARY CLASS with prayer, praise, singing, and David Mar n, Jr. preaching.


WEDNESDAY 26th (con nued) 7:00pm    WOMEN’S BIBLE                    STUDY:   “Discerning                The Voice Of God”  by Priscilla Shirer in room 107. Lesson 4: Reflec ve Of His Heart.


            AWANA CLUBS for youth through 6th grades with ac vi es, singing, Bible memoriza on, prayer and more. Classes in lower level.                 VAN: Kevin Pitman (423) 957‐1671


SATURDAY 29th 9:00am    SATURDAY MORNING PRAYER in Lobby.    

SUNDAY 30th  

9:45am    SUNDAY SCHOOL with the D6 family theme “Standing For Truth”. 

  10:45am  MORNING WORSHIP with Children’s & Praise              Choirs singing and Pastor Randy preaching. 4:50pm    PRAISE CHOIR PRACTICE in YRC. 6:00pm    EVENING  WOR SHIP                with Jordan  Family                 Band.

 THIS WEEK AT THE FORGE…   SUNDAY 30th (con nued) ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐      FALL FESTIVAL  planning mee ng in room 107 immediately a er the service. Each Sunday School Class please send 2 reps.  


OCTOBER 6 (Saturday)   FORGE FAMILY FALL FESTIVAL at FH from 10:00am—4:00pm. OCTOBER 17 (Wednesday)    QUARTERLY BUSINESS SESSION with new members joining. OCTOBER 21 (Sunday)   MORNING WORSHIP with Pastor Apprecia on and Jim    McComas  preaching. OCTOBER 28 (Sunday)   EVENING WORSHIP with The     Benton Family singing.

  OCTOBER 30 (Tuesday) WEDNESDAY EVENING SERVICES MOVED with “Let       Your Light Shine” Trunk or Treat and Awana Fall Quarter ending. For those interested in providing your car trunk, please sign up at FORGE CONNECT. NOVEMBER 7—DECEMBER 11 (Wednesday’s)   CHILDREN’S & YOUTH CHOIRS CHRISTMAS PRACTICE each Wednesday at 7:00pm. NOVEMBER 11—15 (Sunday—Thursday) 

  FALL REVIVAL with special nightly singing. Sunday, Nov. 11: Rev. Phil Hoskins  Monday, Nov. 12: Rev. Bob McCurry   Tuesday, Nov. 13: Rev. David Dugger   Wednesday, Nov. 14: Rev. Noah Taylor   Thursday, Nov. 15: Rev. Jim McComas  



NOVEMBER 18 (Sunday)   EVENING COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING SERVICE    DECEMBER 6 (Thursday)   SAMARITAN’S PURSE DISTRIBUTION CENTER    in Boone, NC. for Opera on Christmas Child    Shoeboxes from 10:00am—4:00pm. Limited to 35 volunteers. Pre‐register at FORGE CONNECT. 

  DECEMBER 9 (Sunday) MORNING WORSHIP     with Southern Raised    Band. 


NEWS & OPPORTUNITIES  THE COOKING GROUP OF DONNA WILLIAMS served the family of Paula Rogers (mother of Steve Grindstaff; aunt of Danny & Joey Hilbert). Group members see Donna. INTERESTED IN MUSIC LESSONS?  Guitar, mandolin, or drums? Contact Garre  Johnson at (423) 297‐5210. LISTENING DEVICES for hearing impaired are available at the sound booth. Check out prior to the services.

TIP OF THE WEEK   INVITATION AND ALTAR TIME is one of the most important parts of any worship service. Please be respec ul and refrain from things that disrupt worship (using electronic devices, tex ng, cha ng, running in and out, etc.) and especially during the “Altar Call”. Thank you for taking this me to search your heart and focus on your response to the Word of God. 


CONTACT US VALLEY FORGE FWB CHURCH  1503 Riverview Drive Elizabethton, TN 37643 Phone:(423) 542‐5344 Office Hours: M—F (8am‐5pm) Website:  www.valleyforgechurch.com Mobile App:  valleyforgechurch.com/app

MY WORSHIP & SERVING    SERVING NEXT SUNDAY MORNING @ 10:45am        Cradle Roll: Keaton Johnson, Casey Crumley        Toddlers: Cody & Brannon Vanover Floater: Julie Wilcox        Van: Lynn England (423) 895‐3355 Shu le: Gary Holder, Mike Lawson   

  SERVING NEXT SUNDAY EVENING @ 6:00pm        Cradle Roll: Riley McKinney, Kayla Lyons        Toddler: Shaun & Melanie Julian Floater: Ella Maupin        Van: Keith Hayes (828) 387‐6638 


Pray for those affected by Hurricane Florence and the bereaved families of Arlene Bailey (uncle of Gary Bailey; nephew of Be y Lou Chambers), Barbara Henry (sister of Steve Hamlin), John Marcus (friend of Byrl Clark & Men’s Fellowship).


Sunday School: 373     Morning: 599     Evening: 226  Wed. CTS: 288     Youth: 133     Offering: $19,200.70    Weekly Budget Target: $18,128.58   


9/23   9/25   9/26   9/27  

Charlee Harris, Danny Holden  Russell Doug Stout, Wesley Williams  Stanley Crosswhite, Lisa Hilbert, Callie Mosley  Meredith Brown, Cindy Johnson, Michael Matheson, Ella Maupin, Tim Sluss  9/28   Tiffany Dugger, Leiya Miller, Steve Perkins  9/29   Adelyn Lovelace

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY    9/23   9/26   9/28   9/29  

Sco & Nancy Cornwell  Joey & Lisa Hilbert  Eddie & Pat Humphrey, Anthony & Kim Reece  Jordan & Casey Lovelace



KELSEY JOHNSON   (Get Well Soon) 367 Max Je Road Johnson City, TN 37601