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Welcome to Valley Forge where we love God & others, learn Christ-like discipleship, and live a spirit-filled abundant life

Sunday April 21, 2019

This Week at Valley


Today 21st ———————

7:00am SUNRISE SERVICE followed by breakfast at                  Fellowship Hall. 9:45am SUNDAY SCHOOL with the D6 Family Theme                ”From Death to Life”. 10:45am MORNING WORSHIP with Children’s & Praise Choirs singing and Pastor Randy preaching. 6:00pm


SERVING TODAY @ 10:45am Cradle Roll: Marie Turbyfill, Lacey Turbyfill Toddlers: Jordan & Casey Lovelace    Floater: Chloe Lyons  Van: Brian Arrowood (423) 483‐5734              Shu le: Zachary Harris, Benji Whitehead NO VOLUNTEERS SERVING TONIGHT @ 6:00pm

Wednesday 24th ———— 6:30pm   YOUTH CHOIR PRACTICE in Youth Center.  

  CHILDREN’S CHOIR PRACTICE in Room 121. 7:00pm          






AWANA CLUBS for youth        through 6th     grade with       classes in the    lower level.   

Wednesday 24th ———— 7:00pm

FORGE AHEAD MEMBERSHIP 601 for those who are registered in                the class in Room 116. CTS SANCTUARY CLASS with prayer, praise,                singing, and Mark Guinn speaking. SERVING WEDNESDAY CTS @ 7:00pm Van: Kevin Pitman (423) 957‐1671   

Saturday 27th —————— 9:00am



Next Sunday 28th ———— 9:30am

FORGE AHEAD MEMBERSHIP 601 for those who are registered in                Youth Center Conference Room. 9:45am SUNDAY SCHOOL with the D6 Family Theme               ”Seeking The Savior”.

10:45am MORNING WORSHIP with Children’s & Praise Choirs singing and Southern Raised Band. 4:50pm



TEACHERS & ASSISTANTS APPRECIATION DINNER in YRC.  This includes all teachers &               assistants  for  Sunday School, Awana, & Wed.               CTS.  FORGE CONNECT 6:00pm EVENING WORSHIP with special singing and               David Mar n Jr. preaching.   

Events & Activities MAY 2 (Thursday) MENS FELLOWSHIP at Fellowship  Hall with hamburger  & hotdog  cookout beginning at 6:30pm.   FORGE CONNECT MAY 16 (Thursday) WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP DINNER  at the Fellowship Hall at  6:00pm. Dawn Jennings, Pastor’s wife of First FWB  Church, Eliz., will be speaking. FORGE CONNECT  MAY 19 (Sunday) SPRING GRADUATE RECOGNITION during the Morning    Worship Service.  Please submit name, school, & degree    (if applicable) by May 12.  FORGE CONNECT JULY 12, 13 (Friday — Saturday) WOMEN’S MINISTRY to  “Going Beyond Live” with  Priscilla Shirer and to The Billy Graham Library in  Charlo e, NC.  We will  leave the church at 8:00am on Friday & return  Saturday at 10:00pm.  Cost is $70.  Space is   limited.  FORGE CONNECT

News & Opportunities REBECCA RAE BURLESON daughter of Sco     & Lynsey Burleson, & brother Parker, was born  Tuesday, April 16 at 9:30am.  She was 20 3/4”  long and weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.  

  VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL supplies needed: Barrells,   burlap, burlap sacks, saddles,  cowboy hats/boots, old   wooden tables and chairs,  western décor, lanterns, and  other western items.  Please have in YRC by May 29.   Please tag items with owners name for return a er VBS.

News & Opportunities  

ALL MEMBERS AND ATTENDEES are invited to        sign the Bible located in the foyer. This will be    placed in the founda on of “The Forge” during    construc on.    THANK YOU… the ACT Mission Team Dessert Auc on Sunday Evening a er the service     was a huge success.  53 desserts were     donated and auc oned for the team with    $6,289 in total proceeds.  THANK YOU… for all who volunteered, a ended and  helped serve lunch during the Holy Week Service here  Wednesday. 103 a ended the service as Rev. Ray Amos  (Pastor of First United Methodist Church, Eliz.) preached  and special music by Gabe Short.    

THE COTTAGE PRAYER GROUP consis ng of Sco   Farmer, Jeff & Sherry Underwood, Mark Wishon, and   Pastor Mark visited Bob & Pat Ray and Peggy Po er at   Ivy Hall Nursing Home last Wednesday during CTS. KEITH HAYES has been a faithful van driver for  many years, but due to current health condi ons  will be stepping aside un l further no ce.  Thank  you for your service.  VAN DRIVERS that currently        serve the families of our     church with transporta on for    each service… 

Brian   Lynn   Gary      Kevin  David  Arrowood  England  Holder  Pitman  Snyder 

Mike  White 

Contact Us VALLEY FORGE FWB CHURCH 1503 Riverview Drive      Elizabethton, TN  37643                                                                                Phone:(423) 542‐5344   Hours: M—F (8am‐5pm)  Website: www.valleyforgechurch.com    App: valleyforgechurch.com/app   

My Worship & Serving SERVING NEXT SUNDAY @ 10:45am Cradle Roll: Sco  & Jennifer Farmer Toddlers: David & Heather Odom  Floater: Beth Hilbert  Van: Mike White (423) 725‐4650          Shu le: Jordan Lovelace, Shaun Julian 

SERVING NEXT SUNDAY @ 6:00pm Cradle Roll: Carrie Murray, Taylor Owens Toddler: Anna Rose, Ellen Albury  Floater: N/A Van: Mike White (423) 725‐4650

Prayer Please pray for the bereaved families of Gina Dotson (niece of Nancy Smith), Aaron Po er (cousin of Mark Po er), & Sandra Roark (sister‐in‐law of Bea Snyder).    

Stewardship Sunday School: 372 Morning: 645 Evening: 268 Wed. CTS: 230 Youth: 113 Offering: $21,022.75 Weekly Budget Target: $18,128.58

Happy Birthday! 4/21 4/22         4/23         4/24 4/26         4/27

Jim Such Victor Deloach, Joel Elijah, Cindy Harris, Lance   Harsh, Jonathan Huff, Maggie Odom, Nate Pippin Charles Lacey, Pamela Miller, April Pearson,      Mark Po er Mikala Campbell Sherry Freeman, Ane e LeVeau, Sandra   McKinney, Jessie Whitehead, Phil Williams Blaine Tolley, Gail Weems

Happy Anniversary! 4/25 Richard & Myra Norris 4/27   Josh & Haley Carr

Contact Of The Week CHARLES LACEY (Happy Birthday)  108 Price Road  Elizabethton, TN 37643