BURRELL CORPORATIONpubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/ac60146a838instead of active by-products. The high-purity provides many...

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Product Capsules Tubing, Flexible Plastic. "Nalgon" flexible plastic tubing features trans­ parency, dimensional stability and high chemical resistance. 40 sizes from Ys" I D to 2" I D . The Nalge Co. Inc. 47 Timers. Catalog available on Gallet & Guinand timers and chronographs. Jules Racine & Co., Inc. 77-1 Ware, Fused Quartz. "Vitreosil" fused quartz ware is chemically pure and inert, heat and thermal shock re­ sistant. Circle 72 for technical data from Thermal American Fused Quartz Co., Inc. 72





STANTON Thermo-Recording


A superior laboratory balance that heats, weighs and records simultaneously. "Heat-to-constant-weight" is accomplished easily in research or for process control.

Ware, Glass & Plastic. Circle 44 for 24-page illustrated Micro-Ware, Inc., catalog including glass micro burets and needle valves of Teflon and glass. 44 Ware, Porcelain. The selection of Coors Porcelain Co. products is peri­ odically supplemented with new and revised apparatus. 82-2

CHEMICALS AND MATERIALS Barium Chloranilate. Fisher Scien­ tific Co. "Certified" barium chlorani­ late gives sensitive determination of sulfate in less than % hour. Circle 102 for data sheet describing technique. 102

Chemicals. Circle indicated numbers for the following: laboratory chemi­ cals catalog, 10Ί ; dimethylformamide, 10-2; ammonium acetate, 10-3; and chloroform reagents, 10-4. Merck & Co., Inc. 10-1 to 4 Chemicals. Circle indicated numbers for information on the following Baker & Adamson laboratory chemicals: in­ organic and organic reagents, OBC-1; "CP" acids, OBC-2; radiochemicals, OBC-3; rare earths, OBC-4; organic chemicals, OBC-5 ; and biological stains and indicators, OBC-6. General Chem­ ical Div., Allied Chemical Corp. OBC-1 to 6

Concentrates. Circle 45 for new Ilartman-Leddon Co. catalog supple­ ment on precisely measured volumetric solution concentrates. 45 Ether Anhydrous. Mallinckrodt Chemical Works ether anhydrous AR retards formation of aldehydes and peroxides. Available in 1, 5, 25 and 250 lb. sizes. 91

STANTON Thermo-Recording Balance, Model TR-1 Electric weight loading, twin electronic recorder and standard furnace with simple program control. A cam, which can be modified, provides uniform rate of heating. Sensitivity 1 mg. Burrell Cat. N o . 2 - 5 6 9 - 4 1

Other models are available for thermo-recording or recording only with sensitivities of 1 mg. or 0.1 mg. Ask for Bulletin No. 329



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Product Capsules


Filter Paper.

Circle 19 for ultra filter catalog and handy, desk-size Carl Schleicher & Schuell Co. filtration chart. 19 Reagents. Circle IFC for new 224page specification catalog and price list containing more than 800 chemicals including 81 entirely new J. T. Baker Chemical Co. items. IFC



Polyethylene bottle, plastic bag; econ o m i c a l , s a f e , ICCapproved. FISHER CERTIFIED REAGENT

Means high purity; actual lot analysis clearly listed on each bottle.

a FISHER CERTIFIED REAGEHT Unusually high concentration, u l t r a high-purity, a n d stabiUty a r e t h r e e features t h a t organic a n d inorganic chemists will immediately notice i n using Fisher Certified H y d r o g e n Peroxide 5 0 % . T h e r e is also a money-saving feature . . . higher s t r e n g t h m e a n s t h a t chemists use less. Organic chemists will find this imp o r t a n t r e a g e n t especially useful for organic oxidations . . . w a t e r is formed instead of active b y - p r o d u c t s . T h e high-purity provides m a n y inorganic uses, such as purifying beryllium for nuclear work or as a reducing a g e n t w i t h p e r m a n g a n a t e s , dichrom a t e s , a n d eerie salts. Fisher Certified H y d r o g e n Peroxide 5 0 % is available direct from stock. Catalog N o . H-341. B-80a

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. . . solves the pressing problem of forming KBr Pellets Many insoluble materials, mixed with Potassium Bromide, can be formed in a die under pressure into pellets or wafers for quantitative and qualitative analysis. The CLP supplies the pressure - up to 40,000 lbs., if needed. This specific use is only one of the ways this versatile laboratory assistant meets the challenge of research and development.

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Some of the many

uses are:

\^ Dehydrating c * Pressing out various oils, stéarines and waxes v * Pressure filtering of thick fluids & Compression tests v^ Fatty acid determinations M * Plastic molding, forming and blocking i > Embossing and forcing i ^ Pressing mother liquors from crystals i " * Extracting Vaccines and Viruses Illustrated is the Standard (10 Ton) CARVER LABORATORY PRESS complete with Gauge.


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