Cary Simonton Volunteer Coordinator

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Cary Simonton Volunteer Coordinator Cary Simonton manages Community Shelter Board’s volunteer program to engage community members in joining the movement from homeless to home. He sources and trains volunteers for daily meal servings, special events and ongoing volunteer projects. Cary also engages volunteers to collect donated supplies to meet the basic needs of those experiencing homelessness. He has more than 30 years of volunteer relations and fundraising experience through his work as a pastor. Cary earned his master’s degree in speech and communications from the Princeton Theological Seminary and he attended the University of North Carolina for his undergraduate degree in religion and philosophy. Community Shelter Board is a collective impact organization leading the community’s response to homelessness by creating collaborations, developing innovative solutions, and investing in quality programs in Columbus and Franklin County. Community Shelter Board oversees an annual budget of $31 million to support homeless programs and services. Last year, these programs served more than 12,000 people.