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Start with a quick review of the five minimal facts of the evidence for the resurrection of Christ. This evidence is not the total, the complete end of our relationship with God, but it provides a great beginning, a good foundation to build belief and trust in the promises that we have not yet seen. These facts are important for building and defending our faith. Next we will move to a more facetious, but important point to make. Moving from the grounds that these facts are important to defending our faith, one could say, “Excellent, we have just gained more bullets for our bible gun. “BUT…”, have the students discuss if anyone will ever be 100% convinced by a mere argument. No. Conclude with the idea that salvation is not a sales pitch. We don’t just say the right words, lay out the right facts, present the correct arguments and bingo, someone is saved. Salvation is about relationship, between us and others and most importantly between a person and the Holy Spirit, as it it by the Spirit that anyone is saved. This evidence for the resurrection is NOT simply bullets for the bible gun. The video can illustrate this point well. We must speak the truth, but in love. Spend some time honestly discussing the question of what Christians are more known for, being for or against things. How should it be? Next you can broaden the question to culture at large and think about examples of Christians doing a good job of engaging the culture in love and with truth. What is one way to do this? Ask good questions like Jesus did. The Pharisees thought they had a rock solid trap for Jesus, much like many atheist interviewers have for Christians. But Jesus had the perfect question to ask them that turned the argument on them, spoke a truth about God, and addressed them in a stern, but loving way. The final challenge for students is to practice asking good questions and interview a non-believer.