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Case Study : The Barn Owl Pub


Gloucester, UK.

Project information Project name/ location

The Barn Owl Pub, Quedgeley, Gloucester.

Project Team

CF Roberts Electrical & Mechanical Services


Summer 2011

Building type

Public House / barn conversion


Lighting track suspension system


20 x Gripple Catenary kits x 5 metre 40 x Gripple No.6 C-Clip x 2m 40 X Gripple Twisters

Gripple Ltd. The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ, England. Tel +44 114 275 2255 : Fax +44 114 275 1155 : Email‘[email protected]

Project outline The Barn Owl pub is a converted barn within what was the old Manor Farm and the former RAF airbase at Quedgeley. Marston's wanted to create a price sensitive ‘2 for 1’ type family pub, yet maintain the original structure, features and feel of the historic barn . Manor Farm was apparently mentioned in the Doomsday book, so it is steeped in history.

Faced with the unique structural design and its constraints, the challenge was to find a method of illuminating the busy, trading areas of the pub, yet maintain the high, open ceilings that give a sense of history, airiness, space and atmosphere to this new pub. A lighting track was proposed for its minimalist look, but the challenge was to support in a way that would still showcase the original features of the building.

CF Roberts consulted with Gripple on the requirements, and together proposed a Gripple Gripple Hanger Catenary and Gripple Y-Fit suspension solution , that met Marston’s criteria for a contemporary and effective lighting design solution in keeping with their architectural vision.

Gripple Catenary Solutions

The Gripple Catenary system not only is a speedy, time saving installation solution, but it also delivers… Aesthetics The light airy original space is maintained, as the lighting appears to ‘float’ in the exposed space, rather than be obstructed with channel and rod. Health & Safety benefits By reducing the time spent working at height, and also by reducing the weight and size of materials used (compared to channel and rod) CO2 benefits Channel and rod create far more CO2 emissions in their mode of manufacture than wire rope. For every metre of wire rope used in place of threaded rod,1.2kg of CO2 is saved. This Gripple Catenary wire creates a secure line to hang from anywhere around the roof space. From this, the Gripple C-Clip is simply clipped anywhere along the wire to create quick suspensions from the roof space, that would otherwise require labour intensive preparation to create multiple suspension points. To these drops, a Gripple Y-Fit accessory was added to secure and balance the lights. With the easy adjustment, the track could be raised or lowered to suit any complex angles and levels required.

The Y-Fit accessory is available with over 10 different end fixings, from snap hook to 90º eyelet, and is ideal for use on strip lighting and electrical containment..

“From our original design enquires to the on-site consultations with knowledgeable engineers, right through to delivery accuracy and product quality, CF Roberts found Gripple to be the ideal partner in helping produce a project to meet our clients needs Gripple Hanger and expectations”. Andy Jeal, Project Manager, CF Roberts Mechanical & Electrical Ltd.

The Gripple Catenary system can be used to support many types of services from lighting to signage to ductwork

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