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Case Study : Next Group PLC


Distribution Centre, Yorkshire, UK. // September 2011

Project information Project name and location

Next Group PLC, Distribution Centre, Yorkshire, UK.


July 2011

Building type and size

Distribution Centre – mezzanine extension

Suspended services

Ventilation ductwork


Gripple Catenary Kits

Gripple Ltd. The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ, England. Tel +44 114 275 2255 : Fax +44 114 275 1155 : Email‘[email protected]

Project outline Due to expansion, Next were installing a mezzanine floor in their distribution centre in Yorkshire. The ductwork needed to be installed above the mezzanine and 10 metres below the roof structure. The job needed to be done quickly and from lightweight access equipment due to the restricted load bearing capacity of the floor. FMP Ltd, Leeds were charged with the challenging task of installing the ductwork. Having worked with Gripple before, FMP called Gripple to advise on the options open to them.

Alternatively, a GF bracket can also be used to attach the catenary wire to a purlin, also available from Gripple

Gripple came to site and advised that the Gripple Catenary system was the best approach. The catenary wires were simply looped around the existing purlins, creating a hanging line exactly where the duct work was required. Gripple C-Clip’s were then attached to suspend the ductwork. With all product being supplied in kits, ready-to-use, it was simple and quick to install. Compare this to cutting channel to Gripple length and then trying to attach it with window-brackets to Hanger purlins 12 metres up in the air, there was no contest.

The Gripple catenary system not only is a speedy, time saving installation solution, as demonstrated, but it also delivers… Health & Safety benefits By reducing the time spent working at height, and also by reducing the weight and size of materials used (compared to channel and rod) CO2 benefits Channel and rod create far more CO2 emissions in their mode of manufacture than wire rope. For every metre of wire rope used in place of threaded rod,1.2kg of CO2 is saved. Aesthetics The light airy workspace is maintained, as the ductwork appears to ‘float’ in the exposed space. The Gripple Catenary system can be used to support many types of services from lighting to signage to ductwork

“Gripple were really helpful. They came to site and instructed the lads on how to install the catenary system. The job went so smoothly that I managed to pull the lads off the job two weeks early to work elsewhere. The catenaries were so much easier than working trying to attach channel with window brackets to purlins 12m up in the air. If we come across a similar situation again we’ll definitely be using the Gripple catenary system”. Ian Harrison FMP (Yorkshire) Ltd.

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Gripple Ltd. The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ, England. Tel +44 114 275 2255 : Fax +44 114 275 1155 : Email‘[email protected]