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Case Study The Bedford Academy

Case Study

Bedfordshire, UK

Project information Project name/ location

The Bedford Academy, Bedfordshire

Project Team

M&E Contractor: Kershaw Mechanical Services


April 2013

Building type



Mechanical & Electrical & HVAC


Trapeze No.2, Trapeze No.3, Duct Trapeze, Universal Pipe Clamp, Standard hanger No.2

Gripple Ltd. The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ, England. Tel +44 114 275 2255 : Fax +44 114 275 1155 : Email: [email protected]

Project Outline This £22 million, 12,634sq.m2 site will open in April 2013. Sponsored by the Bedford Charity (The Harpur Trust) and Bedford College, the Academy will be built on the site of the old John Bunyan Upper School site. The project aims to achieve BREEAM excellent rating whilst also completing all work around a fully operational school.

Trapeze No.2

Gripple Universal Clamp

Willmott Dixon as the main contractor had previously worked with Kershaw on the All Saints Academy , Dunstable where Gripple products were used. Following the success of the initial installation at Dunstable, it was decided that Gripple should be used to suspend all M&E services at the Bedford Academy. The decision to use them on this site allowed the contractors to complete the M&E installs quickly and efficiently.

DUCTING The rectangular ductwork was suspended using the Gripple Duct Trapeze, purpose made for supporting rectangular ductwork. It simply screws into the ductwork without the need for any channel support. It is also independently tested and conforms to DW/144 CLASS C. For the spiral ductwork, Gripple Standard hangers with a the following end fixings were used: M8 Stud into concrete slab on the ground floor; 90 degree eyelets on the first & second floor – tec-screwed into the decking. Gripple hangers can be used at angles, adding to the ease and speed of installation.

ADVANTAGES Time – installation is at least 4 times faster than traditional methods Health & Safety - No cutting or hot works permits needed Storage – Less storage space required compared to threaded rod Aesthetics – neater and cleaner

Cable Containment When the project began the Trapeze No.3 was used to suspend the containment basket, allowing for fast installation and rapid adjustment. The Trapeze No.2 was launched during the project with the additional benefits of: a tapered design to accommodates all slots sizes; a discreet fit completely inside the channel. The Trapeze No. 2 can be pre-fitted onto channel and as with the Trapeze No.3 is effortlessly adjusted to ease working at height.

Trapeze No.3

Trapeze No.2

Pipe Work By using the Gripple Universal Clamp the speed of install was dramatically increased as the clamp is adjustable for different pipe sizes. Traditionally different clamps would need to be used for each pipe size but the Gripple Universal Clamp was able to fit the variety of pipe sizes used. Setting-out brackets was quicker and easier along with installing the pipes. Brackets with Trapeze No. 2 were used to suspend the clamps at a variety of heights. The Gripple Universal Pipe Clamp was even used to fix piping at floor level.

ADVANTAGES Universal – for pipe sizes 3/8” o 2 ½ “ Speed – 6 times faster than traditional methods Health & Safety – No tools required,

reduced time working at height Storage – Small and compact packaging for on-site storage “ Gripples are clean and quick. The pipe clamp is idiot proof - one size fits all. Using Gripple products cut down on waste, install times and reduce the CO2 for the site build.” Steve Palmer, Site Manager – Kershaw “The Gripples are quick, light, easy to install, no issues at all. The Trapeze No.2 is even better than the Trapeze No.3 which we were happy to use at the beginning of the project”. Paul Joyce, Engineer – Kershaw “We have found Gripple to be quick and easy to assemble all manner of M&E services, It has proven to be strong, reliable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing”. James Whitehouse, Site Manager – Willmott Dixon “Using Gripple helped me to meet a challenging timeframe on this academy. Our installation teams saved significant amounts of time when installing pipework and ductwork. There was also a lot less wastage when using the Gripple Universal Pipe Clamps. The better aesthetics and carbon reductions when using Gripple are other worthwhile benefits. I look forward to using Gripple on my next project and in particular the new Pipe Bracket”. Mahul Patel, Contracts Manager - Kershaw

Case Study

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Gripple Ltd. The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ, England. Tel +44 114 275 2255 : Fax +44 114 275 1155 : Email: [email protected]