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Hydraulic Lift

CASE STUDY: Jet Pump System Dewaters Well in South Texas Production 6 months prior

Production drop from frac hit

Production after the solution







* Produced amounts given with as little as 80 HP from surface equipment.




An operator in South Texas

After evaluating the well, the

• The well’s production

was unable to recover the fluid

Apergy – Hydraulic Lift team

increased 25% BBLD

and gas of a previously existing

decided on the following jet

horizontal well. He tried to

pump system:

fluid stopped migrating

use a sucker rod system for

• A 1.25” Jet Pump System

to adjacent wells, which

the well, but experienced a

was installed inside the

significant challenge:

existing 2.875” tubing

Oil and gas production rates

• By keeping the well unloaded,

continued to flow unassisted • Produced natural gas

• A 200 HP surface pump

continued to be used to

• Power fluid (formation fluid)

power the power fluid

dropped from 200 BBLD and 1

to pump down the integral

pumping unit at no additional

MMCFD to almost nothing.

joint tubing to the jet pump

cost to the operator

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