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Imagine... an all-purpose mass spectrometer with complete data handling.

Congratulations! You've just dreamed up the 21-110B. Without a doubt, this is the most advanced mass spectrometer in the world today. With it, researchers (such as organic chemists) are given absolute answers for compound identification and structural elucidation. So efficient is this system, it is used in more laboratories than all other high resolution instruments combined. To facilitate the full, economic use of mass spectrometer output, CEC, the recognized leader in both mass spectrometry and data handling, offers a complete and proven line of equipment for automated and computer data processing. Such as: The 21-087 Automated Mass Spectrum Data System which scans photoplate records produced by the 21-110B, the instrument producing the highest precision mass measurement available. Automatically entered on digital magnetic tape are the location and density of each spectrum line.

The APR-1 Automatic Plate Reader which is somewhat comparable to the 21-087, except that incrementing between spectra is manual. The Ion Density Computer which is used in conjunction with photographic plate spectra from a spark-source 21-110B Mass Spectrometer, or similar photoplate record. The computer greatly reduces the time factor, and is far more accurate than manual methods of reducing plate transmission of spectral lines to concentration. Direct Digital Recording. Direct digital recording of the analog signal permits rapid sampling (every 30 microseconds) of the resolved ion beam signal and subsequent digitization of the data. FM Magnetic Tape. In this alternate system, the resolved ion beam analog signal is recorded directly onto FM magnetic tape. This taped data can be used as an input to a recording oscillograph or digitized and fed directly into a computer for processing. Circle No. 114 on Readers' Service Card

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Direct Computer Link-Up. In this, the most sophisticated method of automatic data acquisition, the analog signals from the mass spectrometer are accepted, digitized and processed directly by the computer on a real-time basis. Those are some of the reasons why CEC is the recognized leader in both mass spectrometry and data handling. And why CEC is the only source for all of the associated equipment required by today's technology. For complete information, call your nearest CEC Field Office. Or write Consolidated Electrodynamics, Pasadena, California 91109. A subsidiary of Bell & Howell. Bulletin Kit #338-Xl.