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People who make the news, read the News. When you're managing a chemical company these days, you have to know how government issues in Washington are going to affect your business. That's why senior chemical executives read Chemical & Engineering News. With a full-time Washington bureau, C&EN covers the White House, Capitol Hill, the C H E M I C A L & Supreme Court, the federal regulatory agencies, and agencies that affect science policy. ENGINEERING Proposed laws and regulations are tracked from the outset. And they're analyzed so you can NEWS be aware of the impact they will have on your business. But C & EN's coverage is broader than the banks of the Potomac. It's the only chemical weekly that reports on all the issues that affect your company—business, science, and technology. So you get the whole picture. You know what the issues are about BUSINESS and you know how they're going to affect your business. SCIENCE Read the weekly magazine the newsmakers read. TECHNOLOGY American Chemical Society, 1155 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington. D.C. 20036 800-424-6747,