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Layer Chick Order Form 2018 Devine Feed Min order of 4 chicks per ship date You can mix up the breeds for variety! Females - sexed at hatchery -90% accurate

Layer Breeds - Female Chicks


Barred Rocks


Cinnamon Queens


Buff Orpingtons


Light Brahmas


Rhode Island Red


Easter Eggers -Ameraucana


Silver Laced Wynadottes


Speckled Sussex


Black Sex Link


Golden Laced Wynadottes


Black Australorp


Vaccinated for Mareks disease. Approx 2 days old upon arrival

Approximate date of arrival Enter quantity of breed in desired ship

Cost each April 11-12

New Hampshire Reds



= not available Apr 25-26

May 9-10

Availability changes weekly- call for

May 23-24


$ _________ Total Date Paid:

payment due at time of order

Inv #

= not available We will do our best to fulfill your order but sometimes breed shortages do occur in which Name ___________________________________________ case subsitutions or change of date may be necessary.

Address _________________________________________

Cell Phone ___________________ Email ________________________________________