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Proudly Serving our Members Since 1938 P.O. Box 5577 Collegeville, MN 56321 PH: 320-363-7751 Toll Free 1-855-363-7751 Fax: 320-363-0353 Office Hours 7:30am-5:00pm M-F

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2014 Spring Loan Promotion at CCCU

Are you considering buying recreational equipment (boat, motorcycle, jet-ski, ATV) or a new vehicle this spring ? Maybe you’re trying to pay down holiday credit card debt on a high interest rate card, or have an unexpected tax bill to pay by April 15th. Let us be your financial partner with our very competitive loan rates. We have lowered our loan rates in anticipation of spring arriving soon. Set up your monthly payment for auto-withdrawal and you can earn another .25 % off our already low discounted rates. Give our loan professionals the opportunity to show you how we can save you money. And, as always, we will match rates offered by our competitors. We also provide home improvement and student loans, and can help you finance almost anything. Let us know how we can help!! Call for an appointment with one of our loan officers this week!

Annual Meeting Review

A temperature of –2° and a brutal wind kept many at home on the day of the Credit Union’s annual meeting. The meeting was held on March 2nd, and was one of the coldest meeting Cooks Corner dates any of us could recall. About 100 members were able to Broccoli Bacon Salad join us in defying this long, cold winter and enjoyed our meeting’s spring picnic by theme, complete with ham & turkey sandwiches, root beer floats and spring-themed Theresa A. Shrode door prizes. Members present voted for 3 open Board of Directors positions. Brad Opatz 1 bunch of broccoli (usually and Denis Hynes were re-elected, and Jim Dwyer was elected as a new director 3-4 stalks) Congratulations to those elected and thank you to all who ran for positions. 1 small onion sliced thin Guest speaker Blake Thoennes presented on ways to prevent mail and comput12 slices bacon (fried crisp er identity theft, improving personal security on digital devices, and developing safe and broken into small online banking and shopping practices. If you would like a copy of Blake’s presentapieces tion, just let us know. 1 Cup Sunflower Seeds Thank you to all who attended and staff, volunteers, and their families, who 1/2 Cup Raisins helped with planning and set up for the meeting. Cut Broccoli into bitesized pieces, also using the St. Joseph Chamber Community Showcase stems. A great community get-together has now become an annual event: St. Joseph ComCombine all of these ingremunity Showcase. This year the showcase will be held on Saturday, April 5 from dients in a bowl. Dressing 1 Cup Mayonnaise 2 Tbsp Vinegar 1/2 cup granulated sugar Pour the dressing over the ingredients, mixing well. Refrigerate before serving. Thank you for sharing your recipe, Theresa. Have a great recipe? Submit your recipe to us. If we print it in our quarterly newsletter, we’ll add $10 to your Credit Union Account!!!!

10 a.m. until 1 p.m. We will be there with a display booth, along with over 25 other area businesses, sharing information and offering samples and products to visitors. The event is free and open to all. It will be held at Kennedy Elementary School, located at 1300 Jade Rd, just east of College Ave South. Stop by to say hello to our staff and volunteers at our booth (we’ll even have treats and prizes).

Convenience in Getting Your Cash

We’d like to remind members that the Credit Union has two ATM’s (automated teller machines). You can withdraw cash from your account at these machines without fees. These machines are at the Minnesota Street Market on the main street of St. Joseph and inside the entrance to the dining service on the SJU campus. We also have other “fee free” ATMs on our network (see our website or call the office for details). If you have never used an ATM and would like assistance with learning, don’t be shy. Call us and we will teach you how.

Collegeville Community Credit Union Quarterly Newsletter

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Your New CCCU Credit Card!!!

One of the most popular questions at the Credit Union is “when are you going to offer Credit Cards?” Well, that time is finally here. We will begin taking applications on April 21st, 2014, for the new Collegeville Community Credit Union Visa Card. Our new card has a low rate feature (as low as 8.99%) and a rewards program. Members can earn points on their purchases that they can use to purchase anything from airline miles to jewelry and many other personal items. More details will be posted on Facebook and our website We’re excited to offer this program to our members!!!

Spring Photos for the Website

We are always seeking new photos for our CCCU website. Share your photos and earn some Credit Union swag (for those of you as old as me, that means a Credit Union logo item): [email protected].

VISA Gift Cards A hardbound dictionary (weighing in at 10 pounds or more!) used to be the favored graduation gift. Not so today. It can be a dilemma trying to find just the right present to congratulate the happy graduate. The Credit Union provides VISA gift cards for almost any amount. Best of all these cards are free to our members. Just one more advantage to being a member of the Collegeville Community Credit Union. CURRENT INTEREST RATES SAVINGS Checking .10% Share Savings .15% Deposit Savings (Tiered Rate Based on Balance) $0-2,499 .15% $25,000-$49,999 .30% $2,500-9,999 .20% More than $50,000 .35% $10,000-$24,999 .25% IRA Savings (Traditional or ROTH) .45% Certificates of Deposit 3 Month ($500.00 minimum) .20% 6 Month 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years




.20% .35% .60% .80% .85%

.25% .40% .65% .85% .90%

.30% .45% .70% .90% .95%

(CD & Saving Rates Quoted on an A.P.R. basis, actual yield (A.P.Y) will be slightly higher)

LENDING RATES (All rates are on an A.P.R. basis) New-Titled 3.49% Used-Non-Titled 5.74% Used-Titled 4.49% Home Equity 4.75% New-Non-Titled 4.74% Signature (Unsecured) 7.74% All Lending rates are quoted on an “as low as” A.P.R basis. Member Credit history obtained from a credit bureau will be used to determine the member’s actual lending rate.

From the President’s Office

Greetings Credit Union Members. Well, the Bird Calendar on the wall tells me its Spring, but the chill in the air (and the lack of birds outside) tells me otherwise. I’m starting this quarter’s letter on a sad note. Former Credit Union President Ed Smolenski passed away recently. I had spoken to him recently and he sounded well. Ed shaped the Credit Union into what it is today. He worked here for more than 31 years developing relationships with countless members. Ed left some big shoes for me to fill when I started at the Credit Union nearly 10 years ago. I’ve been a Credit Union member since 1973. I remember Ed always being there to help my family through difficult times. “Uncle Eddie”, as my father called him, gave me my first New Car Loan. As a member, he taught me quite a bit about managing money. We are looking to honor Ed’s legacy to the Credit Union and the Credit Union Movement through a memorial with the Minnesota Credit Union Network. Please join me in keeping Ed’s wife Lynn and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Spring brings us to our Spring Loan sale. We have once again discounted our loan rates to members. Members can receive an additional .25% discount for an automatic payment (Home Equity Loans do not qualify for the discount). Here’s a chance for members to save some money. If you have existing loans at another institution, let us know. Give us the information and we can calculate how much we can save you over your existing rate/payment. As always, remember that we will match our competitors rates. Don’t be shy to ask. We just need to verify the rate offered in writing. We’ll begin offering Credit Cards to members in April of 2014. This is an exciting new program for our members. We are also pleased to be able to offer a rate as low as 8.99% (the rate will vary based on the member’s credit score). We will offer balance transfers as well. We hope you will take advantage of this program and our low rates. Here’s another opportunity to save our members money. Couple the low rates with our rewards program, and we believe our cards will be one of the most competitive in the area. We wish all members a happy and safe spring. We thank you for the privilege of serving you and thank you for your continued support of YOUR Credit Union!!!!

Home Equity Loan Information The interest rate on Home Equity Credit Lines remains at 4.75%. This does not effect those members who have locked their interest rate. In this case, the rate will not change until the lock rate agreement expires. A notice of the rate change will be sent out. Planning a Home Improvement project? Our pricing on Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) will conti nue through the remainder of 2014. Open a new HELOC and we will lock your interest rate at 5.00% for 3 years. Plus we’ll pay up to $250 of your closing cost for new HELOC loans of $10,000 or more. Any members that currently has a HELOC loan and borrows additional money can take advantage of this offer. Call us at 320-363-7751 for more information!!!