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Good Earth Food Co-op 2010 8th Street North Saint Cloud MN, 56303 (320) 253-9290

The Good Earth Community Room Application Form Name:______________________________________________ Today’s Date:_____________________ Are you an Owner of the Co-op? YES / NO Owner Number:______________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number:________________________________ Email: __________________________________ Organization:_________________________________________________________________________ Contact Info for Event (if different):________________________________________________________ Would you like your event listed on our website calendar? YES / NO If yes, what contact information would you like listed? EMAIL / PHONE / BOTH Please list three possible dates and times for your event. Is it reoccurring? YES / NO 1st Choice Date:_________________________________ Time (start to finish):_____________________ 2nd Choice Date:_________________________________ Time (start to finish):_____________________ 3rd Choice Date:_________________________________ Time (start to finish):_____________________ Please give a brief description of your event: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ How many people do you expect at the event? _______________ Will you charge a fee? YES / NO If yes, how much? _____________________________________ Only food and drinks purchased at the Good Earth Food Co-op are allowed in the Community Room, water being an exception. Coffee and Deli catering services are available to you. Would you like to be contacted with catering or coffee service details? YES / NO Other questions/comments: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Room rental is free for Owners of the Co-op. For other renters, the fee is $15 for the first hour and $5 for each subsequent hour. For all renters, there is an additional fee if you are charging for your event. Room capacity is 50. Tables and chairs are available for your use. We have four six foot tables, thirtyfour stackable chairs, and twenty folding chairs. See Community Room Guidelines for more details.