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Dionex Corporationpubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/ac00298a760advance in silica reversed-phase and polymer ion-exchange tech...

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1 hinkof all me thirds you can dowith a Dionex ion CJiromatograph... Now, add gradients and HPLC Introducing the Dionex Series 4000i. Gradient Ion Chromatography a n d H P L C o n a single metal-free system. T h e Dionex Series 4000i redefines Ion Chromatography by making continuous gradients possible. And it expands the power of HPLC by solving problems chromatographers have struggled with for y e a r s the analysis of polar a n d ionic organic compounds. T h e Series 4000i does all this by combining the Dionex MicroMembrane Suppressor with the world's first metal-free quaternary gradient p u m p and IonPac" c o l u m n s - a revolutionary advance in silica reversed-phase a n d polymer ion-exchange technology. T h e result is a completely integrated system that allows you to determine inorganic a n d organic ions with vastly

different retention times in a single run. Detect organic compounds with p o o r U V absorbance with outstanding selectivity a n d sensitivity. Run high-speed, high-resolution ion-exchange separations without p H restriction or chemical a n d mechanical instability problems. And, since all flow-path components in the Series 4 0 0 0 i - f r o m the gradient p u m p to the column b o d i e s are m a d e of totally inert, nonmetallic materials, you can r u n ion-pair, ion-suppression, or ion-exchange separations without p u m p passivation or worries about corrosion a n d metal contamination. CIRCLE 42 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Of course, it's completely compatible with HPLC solvents for routine normal or reversedphase separations. T h e Series 4000i also accommodates all Dionex LC columns as well as those of other manufacturers.

For all your Ion Chromatography a n d H P L C needs. At Dionex, we built our reputation on solving tough analysis problems. T h e Series 4000i continues that tradition. For complete information or to arrange a demonstration, contact your Dionex representative. O r call (408) 737-0700 ext. 212.

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