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We can trust the Bible as the supreme authority over all areas of life. Through archaeological support, accurate translations, and eyewitness accounts, we find a document that’s historically reliable—and even life changing. It is the absolute truth on which we can base our lives, build our families, and honor God.

Discussion Questions 1. In what ways does knowing about the Bible’s reliability help you trust God more? What aspects of biblical reliability are the most meaningful to you? Why? 2. What are some examples of people from the Bible who had a radically changed life after encountering Christ? How has your life been changed through Christ? Just as the writers of the Gospels shared their eyewitness accounts of what Jesus did in their lives and in the lives of others, how can you share your own story of transformation with others? 3. Read Jeremiah 15:16. What are the sources of wisdom and truth in your life? Do you naturally turn to God’s Word or do you look to self-help books, the internet, or advice from a friend? 4. What spiritual muscles do you need to build? Is it learning to pray and give thanks in all circumstances? Spending time reading the Bible each day? Surrounding yourself with Christian community? Change doesn’t happen overnight, but what small steps will get you started in the right direction?

Challenge Start reading one chapter of the Bible a day, whether it’s in the morning with coffee, before bed at night, or on your lunch break at work. If you’re new to reading the Bible, consider starting in the book of John, James, or Philippians.

Commit to Memory All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true. 2 Timothy 3:16