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Do You Know Yahushua of Nazareth? Undiscovered Bible Facts Christianity was named after a Man little understood. Christian views of Yahushua vary as denominations vary. But what does the Bible say about Yahushua, the Anointed? World's Last Chance has released an ebooklet ‘Christ and His Righteousness’ that contains Biblical teachings about Yahushua that are not espoused by any recognized church today. World's Last Chance is promoting this book because the ministry believes that "Christ and His Righteousness" taps into Yahuwah's goldmine of infinite power to gain hitherto unexperienced freedom from sin and guilt. As a result of studying the truths in this book, the ministry has witnessed the lives of many glow with unsurpassed peace and a child-like trust in Yahuwah. The Bible says the believer is saved through the righteousness of Christ. But have you ever wondered what that really means? At one point in your life have you questioned whether you really knew Yahushua - other than the fact that He died on the cross for your sins. But who really was my Saviour? The teachings taught in this book will shed light on these questions. Yahushua longs to be understood by His children and sadly 99.9 percent of Christians today do not know the Saviour as He yearns to be known, because almost all churches do not uphold the true Christ of the Bible. 'Christ and His Righteousness' does not teach legalism or liberalism as those are both of the devil. It explores how we can invite Christ and His righteousness to transform our minds into His image. The book addresses Yahushua from several distinct angles as: the Son of Yahuwah, our Eloah, our Creator, our Lawgiver, our Sin-bearer, and our Righteousness. This book explains Christ in a way that leaves atheists speechless. World's Last Chance believes that the nearer the world comes to the Second Coming of Christ the more deceptive will the counterfeits of Christ be, climaxing in the engulfing deception of Satan himself impersonating the Saviour. Using the same gracious words that Christ uttered and doing the same miracles as Christ did. In light of this, the people of Yahuwah must be so well acquainted with their personal Saviour that no counterfeit Christ will be received or accepted in place of the real Christ. There is no salvation or safety but to know Christ - meaning to know Him at a personal and intimate level by having His mind live in the heart. “Let this mind be in you, which was also in the Anointed Yahushua.” Philippians 2:5. If you find it challenging to keep Yahushua always in your heart and desire to have a closer walk and deeper gulp of everlasting cisterns of life you will find this small book a priceless treasure. A complimentary copy of the ‘Christ and His Righteousness’ ebook is offered at the online library at World's Last Chance: We pray that our website will increase your desire to study Yahuwah’s word and come closer to our Saviour, Yahushua the Anointed. Have a blessed and wonderful day! In His love, The Word’s Last Chance Team