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RAPID D E T E R M I N A T I O N O F TRACE A M O U N T S OF NITROGiEN . . . S U L F U R . . . HALOGEN Sensitivity

of one nanogram, allowing analysis of organonitrogen as well as halogen and sulfur compounds down to the 0.1 p p m level. This makes the system extremely useful in the low level determ­ ination of catalyst poisoners in petroleum reactor feed stocks.


is achieved by the selective titration cells and the pyrolysis furnace. This makes possible the selective determination of trace compounds in complex mixtures such as petrochemical prod­ ucts and pesticide residue extracts. As a total constituent analyzer, it is capable of parts per million analysis in minutes. Attached to a gas chromatograph, it becomes the only truly specific detector available.

THE DOHRMANN MI CROCOU LOM ETR IC TITRATION SYSTE M is modular in concept and con­ struction to insure flexibility for a variety of specific analyses. Major components of the system are:

C - 2 0 0 A M I C R O C O U L O M E T E R . . . the

most advanced version of the all solid-state, null balance microcoulometer. Separate, in­ ter-changeable cells are available for nitro­ gen, sulfur and halogen.

S - 2 0 0 P Y R O L Y S I S F U R Ν AC Ε ... a micropyrolysis unit that accepts the sample and performs combustion or reduction.


R - 1 0 0 / 2 0 0 POTEIMTIOM ETR1C R E C O R D E R . . . an all solid-state high performance unit that faithfully reproduces peak signals. Single- and dual-channel models are available with Disc Integrator option.

Write or phone for complete information on Microcoulometric Systems, Temperature Controllers and Potentiometric Recorders . . . or see us at Booth F 72, Pittsburgh Analytical Conference.

INSTRUMENTS COMPANY 1064 Linda Vista Avenue, Mountain View, California 94040 Telephone (415) 968-9710 E P C O N T R O L S D I V I S I O N . .. supplies temperature controllers and resistance type sensors for laboratory and industrial applications. Control capability to .01° F. CP RECORDER DIVISION . . . offers a complete line of laboratory recorders. The Dohrmann "SY" Recorder provides profile or histogram readout from signal averagers and multi-channel pulse height analyzers. Circle No. 167 on Readers' Service Card

VOt. 39, NO. 3, MARCH 1967 ·

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