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If you can't gat to the Pittsburgh Show mail this entire page for Intonation on these new analytical instruments to Block Engineering Dunn Analytical Instruments Division

FTS-12 Fourier Transform Spectrometer that performs analytical spectral measure­ ments in seconds . . . with sensitivity up to 1,000 TIMES that of conventional dis­ persive instruments and speeds measured in minutes rather than hours. FTS-12 is a rapid scan, moderate resolution instru­ ment with portable optics (0.3 to 40 mi­ crons) for both field and lab use.

FTS-16 Fourier Transform Spectrometer covering FAR INFRARED . . . a high reso­ lution lab instrument of moderately rapid scan covering up to 1,000 microns. GC/IR Fourier Transform Spectrometer (Model FTS-12G) that has solved the two basic drawbacks of small material quanti­ ties and slow scanning speeds. This Dunn GC/IR uses a Block Engineering rapidscanning Michelson interferometer* in a unique optical null configuration. A matched pair of gold-plated light pipes serve as sample-and-reference cells; sen­ sitivities on the order of 1-5 micrograms are obtained in routine on-the-fly analyses. Submicrogram are possible with stopped flow. System features include precision solenoid valves controlled to 250°C . . . a built-in IR source . . . all stainless steel fittings, and a fully-integrated signal averaging

Π * U.S. Patent No. 3,348,-146 British Patent No. 1,020,502 Other Patents Pending

Scope Lab . . . Why buy duplication? Your present cathode ray oscilloscope contains fine electronics and display; instead of duplicating, SCOPE LAB adds on plug-in sensing heads to make this an instrument able to handle a variety of optical and chemical analyses.

In regard to the instrument I have checked above, I would like information for the following applications



1/ Photo Electron Spectrometer—a purely electronic monochromator-spectrometer with no moving parts. Extremely high speeds. Wavelength: 320 to 850 Millimicrons, 150 to 1200 optional Resolution: 30 Millimicrons, 20 optional Scanning time: 1 microsecond to 1 sec­ ond, 0.1 microsecond optional at re­ duced response Throughput: greater than 3cm=/sterad Output: the spectrum or its integral be­ tween specified limits on CRT or stored. 2/ Annular Slit Scanner—a photometer with a purely electronic annular variable slit that can be scanned radially without mechanical motion. Radius of Scanned Area: 12mm Minimum Slit Width: 0.1mm Scan Time: 0.5 to 0.016 sec. Average Throughput for Single Element at f/1.0: 0.2 cm-'/sterad Output: the energy in each annular zone is plotted linearly against radius on the CRT. Alternatively, the integral energy within a given radius can be displayed. Wavelength: 200 to 700 Millimicrons, 1200 to 12,000 optional. •

FTS-14 . . . high resolution Fourier Transform Spectrometer Resolution—0.5 cm-' Survey Spectra—3 cm-' Wavelength Range—2.5 to 15 microns, optional to 1,000 microns Wavelength Accuracy — better than 0.1 cm-i Scan Time—5 seconds

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