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The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

Email Format Consistent fonts and email signatures deliver a visually coherent look across AALU departments and offices. Consider your email signature your digital business card, and include the appropriate information in the approved format. Emails should default to Avenir 12-point font. All signatures should be in Avenir 12-point font using the format below: EXAMPLE John Doe Job Title AALU 11921 Freedom Drive | Suite 1100 | Reston, VA 20190 O: 703.641.8122 | M: 703.945.0308 Follow Us: LinkedIn | Twitter

How to Change Your Email Signature Microsoft Outlook Select Tools | Options... from the menu in Outlook. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Go to the Mail Format tab (Outlook --> Preferences on Mac) Click Signatures Click New Give the new signature a name Click Next Paste the example above and edit your name, job title, and phone numbers; make sure that “LinkedIn” and “Twitter” are hyperlinked to our social media accounts, and the AALU logo to 7. Click Finish 8. Click OK (Simply exit the window on Mac)

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The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

Social Media Guidelines Our employer is easy to identify, and all of us are passionate about what we do. At AALU, we believe in open communication—and you are encouraged to tell the world about your work. Whether you do so by participating in social media or any other form of online publishing or discussion is up to you. Please use the following guidelines when operating on the Internet as an identifiable employee of AALU:

General Guidelines • •

Familiarize yourself with and follow the AALU Employee Handbook. If you need access to the Employee Handbook, please contact Tracy Mawyer at [email protected].

The Communications team may request that employees share a link on their professional social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn, professional Twitter). In such cases, suggested verbiage will be provided and may be altered to reflect subject matter expertise—as long as those alterations are consistent with AALU’s policies.

Items indicated specifically for internal consumption are not meant to be forwarded to anyone who is not employed by AALU. Messages from our board or CEO to all employees are not meant for earned or social media. If you have signed a confidentiality agreement, you are expected to follow it. Please act responsibly with information with which you are entrusted.

• •

Please respect copyright. Before posting someone else’s work, please check with the owner first and cite appropriately.

Do not comment on work-related legal, financial, strategy, or similar matters unless you have approval from AALU leadership to do so.

Do not cite or reference members, leadership or other employees without their approval. When you do make a reference, link back to the source when possible.

Tone •

Be respectful. Do not use insulting language or engage in conduct that would not be acceptable in the workplace. Show consideration for others’ privacy and avoid topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory (e.g., religion or politics, unless in reference to AALU’s public association with a politician or committee).

Think about consequences. You are responsible for the content you publish on blogs, wikis or any other form of user-generated media. The internet never forgets. Making negative personal comments about your employer, our members, your colleagues or even yourself is not acceptable. If in doubt, please review with Jordan Foster at [email protected].

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The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

Personal Profiles and Comments “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the position, strategy or opinions of AALU and its membership.” Finally, with all the social media interaction, don’t forget your daily job...

Auto-Responses As with all communication, it is important to project a uniform tone with our auto-responses. Email is our most-used method of communication, and we should ensure that we are both tactful and informative when scheduling responses during our time out of the office. All automatic replies should indicate the day and date of return, your corporate cell phone number, and the information for a pre-established point of contact who is able to field requests on your behalf. Below is an approved template for out-of-office messages: “I am out of the office with intermittent access to email until [DAY, DATE], and will respond to your inquiry at the earliest opportunity. With urgent questions, please contact me on my cell phone at [XXX.XXX.XXXX] or [PRE-ESTABLISHED POINT OF CONTACT] at [EMAIL] or [XXX.XXX.XXXX]. Sincerely, [SIGNATURE]”

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