Encountering the God Who Rescues

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Encountering the God Who Rescues Exodus 3:1-21 I. Moses’ encounter with God reveals the nature and

character of the Living God. (v1-6)

A.Whenever God reveals Himself, He is transcendent and immanent.

A. God’s purpose is always to move people from slavery to freedom. (v8) B. If God has saved you—He has commissioned you. (v10) (2 Corinthians 5:17-21) IV. Moses’ encounter with God happened when he stopped his normal routine to consider the mystery of the burning bush. (v1-4)

B. God is perfectly holy and perfectly loving. (V2, 5-8) C. God is completely self-sufficient, and eternal. (v2)

A. Often times we miss God speaking because we do not slow down long enough to listen to what God is saying.

II. Moses’ encounter with God is brought about by the mercy of God and sustained by the mercy of God. (3:4-4:17)

B. Moses’ encounter with the burning bush reminds us that He can rescue us as well.

A. God pursued Moses. (v4) B. God uses broken and incapable people so that He might receive the glory. (3:11-4:17) III. Moses’ encounter with God begins in worship and ends in commissioning. (v6, v10)

“Sinner, tell God your misery even now, and he will hear your story. He is willing to listen, even to that sad and wretched tale of yours about your multiplied transgressions, your hardness of heart, your rejection of Christ. Tell Him all, for he will hear it. Tell him what it is you want—what large mercy—what great forgiveness—just lay your whole case before him. Do not hesitate for single moment; he will hear it, He will be attentive to the voice of your cry.” Charles Spurgeon.