End of Internship Presentation Guide

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End of Internship Presentation Guide Purpose The End of Internship Presentation is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have accomplished over the course of your internship; to share and reflect on your experiences and to thank your company, manager and team for their help. It is also an opportunity for you to develop your public speaking skills, create more awareness of CareerTrackers within your company, and help leave a good final impression for future internships or when applying for a graduate application.

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Acknowledgement of Country About Me - personal pitch / story Projects / Experiences - what they have taught me Highlights and challenges How CareerTrackers and my internship has impacted on me - before and after Thank you to company and employees - mention specific names and why Questions

Framework and Guidelines ● ● ● ● ●

Length: 3 - 5 mins + Q&A Location: Your company’s office – meeting room or boardroom. Ensure your room has the correct IT facilities Audience: Manager, buddy, your team, Executives & CareerTrackers Student Advisor Number of Slides: 4 - 8 Draft Due Date: Friday

Presentation Tips ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Do not read off slides Use brief bullet points and simple font Do not use animations Include photos relevant to your slides Use simple and clear language Research your audience and ensure you cater your messages accordingly Avoid memorising a speech. Instead, use structure and remember that you are talking about yourself Remember to smile and make eye contact Wear full business attire (males include tie and blazer, females include blazer) Golden rule - no prezi, only PowerPoint Practice out loud and seek feedback

End of Internship Presentation Guide Process 1. Schedule the presentation date - you will organise it with your manager or the company may arrange a group intern presentation for you 2. Book a room in your office. Remember to factor in additional time to set up and test IT facilities 3. Send calendar invite to company staff & CareerTrackers 4. Create your PowerPoint slides 5. Send draft to your Student Advisor by Friday 27th January and seek feedback 6. Practice practice practice!

Potential Questions That May Be Asked ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


What was one misconception you had about interning that has changed since you’ve been here? What were your biggest highlights and challenges over your internship? What do you think you brought to the team? Are there any areas that you can see yourself improving on? Did you see any projects within your team which you were interested in & would like the chance to work on in the future? What have you learnt during this internship period that you will be able to use back at uni? Has this experience influenced your future graduate plans and how? Is there anything that you think we could do better to improve your internship experience at (Company name)? What was one of the things in your internship your manager did which you found really helpful towards getting settled in during your internship and assisting you with learning during that time?

End of Internship Presentation Guide Examples of Good Slides


End of Internship Presentation Guide