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Equipment detection parameters on an integrator, PC or. MicroVAXâ...

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Power is communication. WatersPowerLine™HPLC modules provide the essential link. If you're looking for the most advanced HPLC technology, shouldn't you expect: • Documentation of sample injection, solvent delivery and detection parameters on an integrator, PC or MicroVAX™ station? • Single keyboard control of individual modules or a complete system—with or without a separate PC? • Method storage and recall of all parameters for each module in a system for error-free chromatographic set up? • Upgradability from a wide choice of autosamplers, detectors, and data—with the same modules offered in a component system or in integrated cabinets? • Maximum uptime with proven hardware design and the world's most comprehensive application development and technical support that ensures your uptime is productive time? Waters PowerLine HPLC modules fulfill all of your expectations. Once you've tapped into Waters PowerLine, you'll receive all the above advantages of intermodule communication, plus a choice of free standing modules or integrated systems. And you'll getfree installation of every system, user training and the comprehensive support that ensures your chromatographic success. This is the Waters difference. Call (617) 478-2000 and ask for extension 2255.

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