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EVENT PLANNING MADE EASY TO SUPPORT JOYFUL HEART FOUNDATION As you plan a fundraiser to benefit Joyful Heart, there are a few things you can do to organize a seamless event. Determine your event theme/activity and set your fundraising goal. Organize a team of people passionate about Joyful Heart’s work to help you plan the event. Consider creating subcommittees or assigning tasks based on people’s interests or talents. Create a timeline and event checklist. Give yourself enough time and deadlines to ensure you can produce a successful event of the size and scope you are planning. Your checklist should cover every item you need from your event from big things—like a caterer and venue— to the small, like napkins. Even a simple dinner party runs more smoothly if you have a checklist. Give yourself enough time to plan a successful event. Set a budget to cover your event expenses. Consider asking people and local businesses to donate goods and services to reduce costs. Estimate your attendance to determine food and beverage quantities and ticket price or minimum donation. If you ask a local business to underwrite or make in-kind donations for your event, create a sponsorship package to for your “ask.” Some have budgets for charitable donations and events. 1

EVENT PLANNING MADE EASY TO SUPPORT JOYFUL HEART FOUNDATION Secure a suitable venue for the size and type of event. Some venues, including town halls, schools, or religious buildings, might be willing to rent you space for your event at little or no cost. Reserve the venue far in advance and if you are planning an outdoor event, make a backup plan for bad weather. Make sure you have any permits and permissions to hold an event at the location. Promote your event to friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Draft your guest list based on the size and type of your event. Email and digital invitations are a simple, easy way to invite people to your event, no matter the size. Creating a Facebook event can be an easy to way to promote and gather registrations for a mid-size to large event. For larger events, you should also consider notices on local news and event websites. Encourage people to donate online through your fundraising page. You can also collect gifts in cash and by check and mail them to Joyful Heart. Thank your donors, and any volunteers and sponsors, by card, email, or on social media shortly after the event. Share your story with the Joyful Heart team. We love to hear stories about and see photos from fundraising events. We sometimes even feature our supporters’ events on social media or on our blog. Send your stories to [email protected] 2