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THE WIXON EXPERIENCE | VOLUME 4 4 WELCOME Dan Wixon • Publisher Hope Wixon • Creative Director Jayme Pretzloff • Editorial Director Jennifer Mahoney • Art Director Jessica Gylsen • Editor Amy Meyer • Editor Charlotte Pilcher • Editor Contributing Writers: Jason Heaton, Sarah Hong, Kristen Kregel, Troy Snyder

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Statement necklaces create big, bold looks that are impossible to miss.


A quality diamond will always stand above the rest, regardless of size.


A whimsical tale of modern romance and the skepticism of a finicky feline.


Fancy shaped diamonds are casting a new sparkle on diamond lovers.


Showcasing a rainbow of colors, opal is one of nature’s most entrancing gemstones.


Playing a pivotal role behind-the-scenes, Jerry is our very own Martha Stewart!


Our experts highlight exciting jewelry trends you should know about.


The rich and radiant gemstone has inspired legend and lore for over 4,000 years.


Three bakeries are put to the test in search of the ultimate edible jewel.


46  A MODERN AMALGAMATION The TUDOR Heritage Black Bay pays homage to its historic forebear.


There are sports cars… there are supercars and then… there is LaFerrari.


From polo to personalization, the Reverso has a long, inspired history.


A discussion with visionary founder and watchmaker Michel Parmigiani.


The spirit of Patek Philippe is embodied in ten values that represent their very essence.


The story of frogmen who executed secret missions with human torpedoes in WWII.


Baume & Mercier pays tribute to the Shelby Cobra 289 with a special timepiece.


Our new watch repair facility is the ideal environment to service timepieces.


A candid conversation with Dave Lee, the legendary voice of WCCO Radio.


An impressive assemblage of experts and services all under one roof.

A color gemstone guide highlighting Pantone’s hottest color trends.

cellini time

34 HOPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS A collection of the Hope Wixon’s must-have items for your kitchen.





The Air-King epitomizes Rolex’s privileged ties to the world of aviation.



the cellini collection celebrates the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces with a contemporary

The combination of steel with a complicated movement is a rarity for Patek Philippe.

twist. the essence of a timeless classic, the cellini time with a 39 mm case in 18 ct white gold displays the hour, minute and seconds as if nothing was of importance but the present moment.

40  THE FIRST EXTREME SPORTS WATCH “Yeah, I know what time it is… you really don't get this whole watchdog thing, do you?”

The Rolex Explorer II is tested on a climbing excursion in the Canadian Rockies.



and cellini are trademarks.

The Wixon Experience is published by Wixon Jewelers, 9955 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420 © 2016, Wixon Jewelers. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.

Behind the scenes of the biggest watch show in the world.

ON THE COVER: Simply spectacular, the cover piece features an 8.98 carat black Australian opal surrounded by 4.64 carats of diamonds set in platinum. The pendant is suspended from a 14.63 carat diamond Riviera chain set in 18 karat white gold. Both the pendant and the chain can be worn together as one piece, or separately.



Begin your own tradition.

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.

Annual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5960/1A

Excitement! Just when we thought we couldn’t take any more excitement… along came Joe. Call him fearless, a goof ball, a burst of energy. You just have to love the sheer exuberance of a puppy. We are excited to present to you the latest issue of The Wixon Experience. We enjoyed your feedback from last year and got straight to work on this issue. Inspired by our love of food, we share our special Spookie recipe, tour some tasty macaron shops in town, and I pass on a few of my favorite things in Hoprah. (Yes, I just added an H to entertainment giant Oprah Winfrey’s name.) We are busy continuing the renovation on the back part of our store. The watchmakers can’t contain their excitement over their new space— it truly is state of the art. If you love watches, be sure to check out the Baselworld article and explore some of the watch brands’ new novelties. Speaking of excitement, there is no one more exciting than Dave Lee from WCCO radio. See what inspires the man behind the microphone on page 62. We are thrilled to bring you the latest jewelry and watch trends, and hope you will be inspired by some of the new pieces. We look forward to seeing you soon and would love for you to meet Joe “Dynamite” Wixon!

Joe has big shoes to fill as

the newest Watch Dog in the

family, but luckily he’s got the big paws to match! 4




make a statement “

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

—Coco Chanel

Style is an outlet for creative self-expression, and for jewelry there is no piece more impactful than a notable statement necklace. These

pieces are all about individualism. They are a reflection of one’s personality and presence. The right statement necklace is designed to engage and delight the wearer, and is also near impossible for others to miss. Statement necklaces have been gaining momentum in the fashion industry over the last several years. Their recent surge in popularity is no surprise, as history often repeats itself in design and inspiration. Some of the earliest forms of jewelry were statement necklaces made of organic material such as shell or bone beads. From there, gold,

Four forme r Wix emplo on yees m odeli their ng favor ite sta teme nt neckla ces.

NECKLACE: 137.64 carat tanzanite necklace with 11.07 carat total diamond weight set in platinum. EARRINGS: 4.05 carat total weight round brilliant cut diamond stud earrings.






diamonds and pearls became the choice selection dating back as early as the 16th century

With a bevy of wardrobe basics, even the most outrageously ornate necklace can be worn

NECKLACE: Diamond and sapphire Riviera

NECKLACE: Diamond mesh necklace

and the original “Pearl Girl,” Queen Elizabeth I.

daily either dressed up or down.

featuring 31.55 carat total weight of

The 20th century provided plenty of glitz and glamour. After all, who can forget Marilyn

With so many gorgeous options available, in a variety of styles, you're sure to find a

EARRINGS: Diamond feather drop earrings

Monroe and “Talk to me Harry, tell me all about it”? Her iconic statement necklace in

piece that speaks to you. A collection can be built to include a stunning diamond collar, a

weight set in platinum.

featuring 2.14 carat total diamond weight.

Gentleman Prefer Blondes encouraged women for decades to wear big and bold pieces.

suite of colored gems, big and bold layered pearls or even a simple oversized chunky gold

EARRINGS: Sapphire and diamond

Another legendary statement necklace and fashion inspiration for many was Jackie Kennedy

chain. Each style has its own personality, and depending on the wearer, the mood or the day

drop earrings featuring 4.63 carat total

NECKLACE: Yellow and white diamond drop

and her classic pearl strand. Jackie in her pearls is an image that captured the attention of

will have a place in any wardrobe. When wearing bolder pieces, it’s important to keep the

sapphire weight and .92 carat total

necklace featuring a 6.26 carat yellow pear

jewelry lovers not only across the country, but around the world.

accompanying accessories a bit more reserved. Classic diamond studs, a beautiful watch or

diamond weight.

featuring 61.03 carat total diamond weight.

sapphires and 19.27 carat total diamond

Today’s statement necklaces pull inspiration from many different eras, yet they all have

a timeless tennis bracelet will compliment the statement necklace without stealing the show.

diamond and 10.33 carat total white diamond

one thing in common. Their big bold style is attention grabbing glamour at its finest. From

Statement necklaces are here to stay. As an integral part of daily fashion, they are being

set in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold.

chunky diamond encrusted chains, to rich and royal sapphire suites, there is a statement

featured dressed up or dressed down. With a multitude of styles to choose from, there is a

wire-collar necklace featuring 3.15 carat

EARRINGS: Pear shape diamond drop

necklace for every person and every fashion point-of-view.

perfect piece for everyone and every occasion. Unlike other jewelry, these necklaces have

total diamond weight.

inspired and united women to make sparkling silent statements where personality and self-

EARRINGS: 18 karat yellow gold satin

expression reign supreme.

leaf earrings with 1.78 carat total

shape diamond, 20.27 carat total yellow

earrings featuring 10.23 carat total pear

There are a few simple guidelines to follow with these necklaces to help make your

weight with 1.11 carat total additional

sparkling statement a success. One of the most important details is that the necklace should

diamond weight.

be the main event of any ensemble. The more elaborate the piece, the simpler the attire.



The only question that remains is, what will your piece say?

NECKLACE: 18 karat yellow gold satin

diamond weight.



Quality is in the details, and never has that been more the case than with our diamonds. Dan and Hope Wixon have spent

decades cultivating one of the premier diamond collections

in the country. Our clients have come to expect that a Wixon diamond will outshine any other. From the smallest side-stone

to the largest center, all of our diamonds are hand-selected to emphasize quality over anything else.

Before a diamond can become a Wixon diamond, it must

meet the most prestigious criteria of the 4 C’s. Not just any

diamond will do. Our owners first hand-select each gem for its visual appearance. Its beauty and brilliance must grab their

attention from the very start. Two diamonds can, on paper, have exactly the same characteristics but they will never look nor sparkle the same because each one has its own personality.

Our store’s level of expertise will guarantee an absolutely unforgettable gem.

Our expertise in exceptional diamonds is supported by a

state-of-the-art diamond and gemstone grading facility. The



mission of our lab is to guarantee our strict standards are met. We also believe in the importance of GIA and AGS certified

diamonds. Both are independent laboratories which uphold the

A giant diamond hurtles through space toward a population of very conflicted women.

strictest standards in our field. Their certifications work hand-

diamond, there is one thing for certain: quality is paramount.

one of our GIA-certified Gemologists is also held to that same

there is a Wixon diamond for every reason and every occasion.

in-hand with the value of a diamond. Any diamond graded by exacting standard.

Our diamonds are selected to symbolize your most

treasured moments. When choosing something as special as a

With an expansive collection in different shapes and sizes, Celebrations of love, personal milestones and friendship are our store’s essence. When words fail, a Wixon diamond will say it all.


A quality diamond will always stand above the rest, regardless of size.

These diamonds are fresh from the cutter and they are sorted according to carat weight. The diamonds are then individually graded for color, clarity and cut before being placed into diamond papers. We look through stacks and stacks of these paper pads, setting aside the diamonds we want to purchase. The only tools used are our loupes, a white card for color and our trained eye to determine quality and beauty. 10






PATRICK + LINDSAY A whimsical tale of modern romance and the skepticism of a finicky feline.

As jewelers, we are fortunate to play a part in many of our

of this ferocious feline. At 117 years old in cat years, Louie was

clients’ most significant milestone occasions. We are invited to

set in his ways and wasn’t about to welcome another new human

share in the memories, partake in the surprise and experience

into his world, even if they did help clean his litter box. It took

the joy that comes along with these important events. Each new

over two years but eventually Louie was purr-suaded to love and

love story has its own adorable anecdotes about meeting the

accept Lindsay.

family and earning their approval, but this tail is different. Patrick Keane and Lindsay Swanson were both born in

Once Louie had offered his paw of approval, Patrick began looking for a ring for Lindsay, turning to Jason and our expert

Minnesota and met through mutual friends three years ago.

staff. With his mom by his side, Patrick selected a ring that he

Patrick was persistent in his pursuit of Lindsay. While it took six

knew Lindsay would love.

months of a hard-fought courtship to win her over, it didn’t take her long after to realize he was the one. What she didn’t realize is

We wish Patrick and Lindsay a lifetime of happiness as they tie-the-knot in the British Virgin Islands!

that she still had a long road ahead to win the approval of Patrick’s toughest critic who had been by his side since childhood. No, it

Patrick chose this stunning

wasn’t Patrick’s mother; it was his 25-year old cat, Louie.

four-carat radiant cut

Lindsay quickly earned the approval of Patrick’s parents,

fancy yellow diamond.

family and friends but his whiskered companion had a bad cat-

When we asked Louie

titude and did not assent as easily. At first, the loveable pile of

what he thought of

fur put his paws up and rejected the new relationship. It seemed

Patrick’s choice,

that there was no amount of catnip that could win over the heart

he said, “It’s purr-fect!”

SHARE YOUR STORY! We’re honored to be involved in one of your life’s most memorable milestones.

For a chance to be featured, email your engagement or wedding story to us at [email protected]. 12



Steel case set with diamonds Dial set at 12hr and 6hr Steel bracelet Made in Switzerland www.parmigiani.ch

Fancy that

What goes around comes a round… but what if there was a different shape to choose?

A darling for decades, the round diamond will always be

Round diamonds are assigned

considered a classic. Its scintillating sparkle has

specific cut grades based on their

made it a perfect choice for diamond wearers for

proportion, symmetry and polish.

centuries. One can always circle back around

With rounds, specific details are

to this timeless shape, but there are now more

incredibly important. With fancy

glittering possibilities to explore for rings,

shapes, it helps to think “the whole

necklaces and earrings than ever before. Fancy shapes are becoming appealing to

is greater than the sum of its parts.” can create big differences to the end result. Cushion shaped

Considered to be any shape other than round, their allure and

diamonds, for example, can display a wide variety of different

excitement are becoming irresistible. Each shape has its own

faceting patterns. Some patterns display a pattern featuring

distinct look, sparkle and identity, while providing its own twist on

larger facets and a softer sparkle, where others might have

a diamond’s most loved feature, its dazzle. Skilled diamond cutters

a tighter pattern with bigger brilliance. The general shape in

are showcasing their talents and transforming diamond crystals into

addition to the sparkle and pattern, are the ultimate decision

a variety of diamond shapes that are quite simply, stunning!

maker in the beauty and appeal of fancy shaped diamonds. Let

When diamond graders evaluate fancy cuts, they look for

our experts introduce you to the wide spectrum of diamond

the same characteristics as rounds, such as color and clarity.

shapes and help you find one you just might fancy for yourself!


Necklaces, earrings and bracelets

look exceptional with fancy shaped diamonds!

However, small nuances to a diamond’s pattern

many, and are casting a new sparkle on diamond lovers worldwide.


Why should rings have all the fun?




With so many choices available, it can be challenging to choose just one! These popular shapes are vastly different and, as such, appeal to individuals for different reasons.


Sometimes referred to as a pillow-cut diamond, the CUSHION CUT has earned its name for its pillow shape. Cushion cut diamonds tend to have impeccable brilliance, which can be attributed to their rounded corners and larger facets. These diamonds are available in square and rectangular shapes.


EMERALD CUT diamonds have a unique optical appearance because of the rectangular facets step-cut into the pavilion. This cut beautifully showcases the diamond’s clarity as its large rectangular table make inclusions and color more apparent. An emerald cut diamond has a classically timeless appeal and provides a subtly stunning alternative look to the round.


OVAL CUT diamonds have the classic appearance of a round diamond with a modern twist! It is a popular cut in all types of gems, but especially in diamond engagement rings. Its sparkle is similar to the round brilliant cut but its shape showcases its size in a much larger way, making it easy to love this elegantly feminine shape.


A properly cut PEAR SHAPE diamond is a rare and special find. With its unique asymmetrical shape they are a challenge for diamond cutters to perfect. Every other diamond shape is a basic symmetrical geometric shape. The pear on the other hand, is a hybrid between a dazzling round and the elongated, full marquise cut. The end result, a tear-drop shape that is distinctively feminine with a stunning and elegant design.


The square shape has two popular cuts, the PRINCESS CUT and the RADIANT CUT. The princess cut was introduced in the 1960s, and has been gaining popularity ever since. It tends to be favored by women looking for a traditional shape with a modern twist. In comparison, the radiant is a fusion of a cushion cut and a princess cut. It has a square shape, like a princess cut, but with beveled corners. Its vibrant and lively appearance produces a sparkle similar to the stunning cushion cut. It can also be found in the

Stack is the


We’ve been making these bands of beauty for over 120 years. Mark your anniversaries and milestones by stacking two, three, four- the length of your finger is the only limit. With these fashionable diamond bands you’re guaranteed a chic & timeless look that works at noon or night. There’s no limit on sparkle and brilliance, so stack ‘em up.

elongated shape of the emerald cut, but with a much brighter brilliance.

WHAT IS THE BOWTIE EFFECT? Some fancy shapes, such as oval, marquise and pear cuts can have a visible “bowtie” that is caused by shadows deep within the center of the diamond. Bowties can range from near invisible to severe in appearance, and are a matter of personal preference.





Why wish upon a rainbow when you can wear it? In what other gem can you find the crimson fire of a ruby, the


Caribbean blue of a Paraiba and the jungle green of an emerald?

The value of black opals are determined by several key factors,

Opals are a kaleidoscope of color, a painter’s muse, a prismatic

each impacting the color and overall beauty of the gemstone.

explosion of the world’s finest hues. The allure of the gem is

BRILLIANCE: The degree of brightness in the color is of the

impossible to resist, especially for those just discovering its

utmost importance. An opal can display the rarest colors but if

beauty for the first time.

they aren’t bright and brilliant then the value isn’t as significant.

Opal, in its finest form, has a spell-binding power that

BODY TONE: The degree of darkness to the opal’s body

has ensured its place in history. It has adorned the crowns of

color also impacts its value. The darker the backdrop, the more

kings, inspired famous scholars and

dramatic the color contrast.

Fireworks. Jellyfish. Galaxies. Lightning. Opal’s shifting play of kaleidoscopic colors is unlike any other gem.

—Gemological Institute of America

PATTERN: The pattern of the displayed colors can vary opal

captured the attention of the finest jewelry houses since the late 1800s.

to opal, with the most recognizable patterns being broad

The rarest and most prized is the

flash, block and pinfire. COLOR: The colors the opal display’s aid in its

elusive black opal. Black opals aren’t actually black,

rarity, with the rarest color being red.

rather quite far from it. The term

THICKNESS AND SHAPE: The primary shape

black, in relation to opal, derives

for opals is oval, although pear and free-

from the back of the opal which

form shapes are also quite common. The

is often dark gray in color. In the

gemcutter’s sole focus is to maximize the

finest black opals, the dark backdrop

rough opal and beautifully showcase

creates the perfect contrast to striking

the gem’s pattern. Thin slivers of

shades of variegated colors, making it

opal aren’t nearly as rare as an opal

the most prismatic of all gemstones.

with a perfectly pitched dome.

DID YOU KNOW? Legends say that opals contained lightning and fell from the heavens during thunderstorms.

Many cultures have credited opal with supernatural origins and powers. The Romans believed opal to be the most precious and powerful of all as it displays the colors of many gems. 18




Rainbow Connection Opal is known for its unique display of flashing rainbow colors called play-of-color. The opal acts like a prism, refracting white light which produces a visual rainbow effect. Different types of opals will display color differently. Play-of-color is found in black opals, white opals, Ethiopian opals and boulder opals. On the other hand, fire opals typically only display one dominate color. Opals come in a variety of patterns and a vast arrangement of colors, guaranteeing each gem to be a completely original masterpiece!

BLACK OPALS are the most prized of all opals. High quality black opals are very rare and will display a dark background with a bright play-of-color.

WHITE OPALS (sometimes referred to as

light opals) are the most widely available. These opals feature play-of-color against a colorless to light gray background.

ETHIOPIAN OPALS are newly discovered

and highly sought after for their hot neon multi-color pattern, which is typically


displayed against a light body color.

Opals are found in only a handful of locations, as the formation process requires very special circumstances. They are comprised of minute uniform spheres of silica and found in sedimentary rock dated back to 115 million years old. The arrangement and size of the

FIRE OPALS display a fire-like body color

spheres is what produces an opal’s stunning pattern of colors.

such as yellow, orange or red. This gem

Over 90% of the world’s opals are found in the remote Australian Outback. Different

often doesn’t feature any play-of-color.

mines produce different opals. Some specialize in light (or white) opals, where others produce common opal, fire opal and boulder opal. The chief source for supplying the finest black opal is the Lightning Ridge mine, located just north of Sydney, Australia. A finite supply and unprecedented demand over the last 30 years has caused a tremendous shift in the rarity and availability of black opals. The good fortune of the mine, the weather

BOULDER OPALS are a type of precious

conditions and floods, and a lack of new discoveries all play a part in the supply of this

opal where the host rock forms naturally as

scarce and spell-binding gem. Attempting to predict the future of the elusive black opal

part of the gem. These opals can be black

is impossible, but one thing is for certain, this mystifying and mesmerizing gem is a true

or white depending on the appearance of

masterpiece of Mother Nature.

the stone when viewed from the surface.




Mr. Martha Chef Jerry Chlan is the man responsible for the beauty behind the store and so much more!

WARNING: These cookies are so addicting that weekly trips to our showroom during Spookie season have been known to happen as a result.


The arrival of our Spookies cookies is a highly anticipated showroom event. The requests for these irresistible cookies, created by Chef Jerry, typically There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes at Wixon

begin mid-August when the first hint of an early Fall is in the air. Jerry’s first batch of beloved Spookies arrive at the store late September and

Jewelers. Believe it or not, our store doesn’t just wake

remain available through early November. The pairing of a soft and chewy pumpkin spice cookie topped with cream cheese frosting is absolutely

up ready to dazzle and delight. There is all sorts of

delicious, and a treat we all eagerly await. For years, clients have asked for the recipe to his signature treat, which has remained a closely guarded

primping, preening and hard work done by our very

secret… until now!

own stylist Jerry Chlan. He’s the florist behind the beautiful bouquets at our events. He’s the decorator, making our store feel like Christmas both inside and out. He’s the chef, bringing delicious hors d’oeuvres and homemade cookies for you to enjoy. Jerry has the knack for recreating and improving upon recipes simply by tasting them. He has the ability to look at a picture in a magazine and, presto, there is a bouquet or decoration with his own flair. He is our very own



½ teaspoon baking powder

1 cup unsalted butter (room temperature)

¼ cup unsalted butter, cut into

½ cup packed light brown sugar

4 oz cream cheese, cut into chunks

1 cup canned pumpkin

1 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

3 cups unbleached all purpose flour

1 teaspoon ground cloves

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 cup granulated sugar

¼ teaspoon sea salt

2 teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground allspice 1 teaspoon ground ginger

2 large eggs (room temperature)

Mr. Martha Stewart! What is the recipe for Jerry’s success? Although he has no formal culinary training, you cannot discount

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt,

(room temperature)

1½ cups confectioners sugar

⁄ teaspoon ground cinnamon or

¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and cloves. Set aside. In the bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with a

Whether it was canning, baking or preparing dinner,

2. With a mixer, cream the butter, sugar and light brown sugar until light in color, 3-5

paddle attachment (or in a large mixing

his time as a young boy in the kitchen was influential.

minutes. Add one egg at a time, mix until light and fluffy. Add the dry ingredients a little

bowl using a handheld mixer) beat the

Some of his fondest memories are with his aunts

at a time until combined.

butter, cream cheese and vanilla until

baking Christmas cookies over the holidays. Each

smooth and creamy, 3-5 minutes. Gradually

spring he would spend hours of hard work helping

3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Use a heaping tablespoon to form the

add sugar and cinnamon, beating until

tend his neighbors’ flower beds, which is where his

cookies. Place on the prepared cookie sheet, leaving one inch between cookies to allow

light and fluffy, 5-7 minutes.

appreciation for all things that blossom, bloomed.

spreading. Bake cookies one sheet at a time for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

Jerry’s talents are vast and varied. His infectious


chunks (room temperature)


the hours spent with his mother and aunts growing up.



Leftover frosting can be stored for up

laughter coupled with his can-do attitude is part of our

4. Let cool on a wire rack completely before frosting. Spookies can be stored for up to a

to a week in an airtight container in the

very own recipe for success!

week in the refrigerator… if you don’t devour them right away!




It’s an exciting time in jewelry design with current trends taking fresh and innovative turns. What once was old has been redesigned to become new. A few of our favorite new trends involve yellow gold, white diamonds and gorgeous blue sapphires. Here are the trends that our fashion and jewelry experts predict are popping up and here to stay. 24


WEARABLE ART: Today’s jewelry designers are pushing the

LAYER UPON LAYER: Flip open any fashion magazine and

boundaries emphasizing creative expression and design. This trend

the trend of stacking is showcased in almost every jewelry category.

can be characterized by the use of different finishes, textures, shapes,

Bands, bracelets and necklaces are being worn in sets of two, three

styles and faceting patterns. It takes an artistic visionary to transform a

or even four. Women are choosing stacking rings for their left or right

rough piece of gem material and convert it into wearable art. Unique

hand and featuring mixed metals with different shapes and styles.

gems such as fire opal and rutilated quartz have become the muse

Layer upon layer, multi-tiered necklaces and bracelets are multiplying

for artisans around the world, and we are only seeing the beginning

in the name of fashion. Jewelry lovers are embracing the trend for its

of this exciting trend.

celebration of no sparkle left behind.

LINEAR LOVE: Abstract shapes

A NEW HUE: Classically bright white,

A WARM WELCOME: One trend that

and modern designs are working their

a traditional diamond never goes out of

can’t be missed is the resurgence of warm

way into the glitz and glam of jewelry

wedding fashion. However, today’s trends

tone metals. Rose gold and yellow gold are

in simplistic and wearable styles. Think

are displaying a rainbow’s worth of new

back in a big way. Designers are creating

of a horizontal bar with inset gems or a

hues. Gorgeous sapphire rings are taking

more styles and options using these warm-

their moment in the sun in a big way. Their bright yellow hue

vertical line pendant with graduating

the lead as an alternative gem to the

hued metals than they have in years. Rose

is spreading like wildfire and creating a buzz worthy of their

diamonds. Other fresh forms are open

traditional diamond. The finest quality is

gold is a soft, romantic and an ultra-feminine

beauty. The shade of yellow will vary depending on the

cuff bracelets with flat finishes, inverted

rich and royal blue in color and stunning

choice that is capturing the hearts of many.

diamond, and will increase in strength as the diamond becomes

pyramid pendants or even a collection

enough to be an easy rival. Sapphire is one

Yellow gold, a global staple for decades, is

more rare and valuable. With their golden hue and glamorous

of square shapes with soft pops of pave.

of the most resilient colored gems available,

entering into the lime light all over again.

sparkle, fancy yellow diamonds offer an irresistible combination

Classic styles are moving over and making

making it a perfect lifelong alternative to the

Adored by traditionalist for years, it’s now

for those craving a pop of color!

way for geometry gone glam.

classic diamond.

a popular choice for women of all ages.

THE COLOR OF CANARY: Yellow diamonds are enjoying



emerald city From Maharajahs to modern day celebrities, emeralds have captured the imagination and fueled the soul with their lush and vibrant virtue.



There is no gem more mysterious than the enigmatic emerald; this

can display different colors when observed from different angles.

color of paradise has inspired legend and lore for well over 4,000

This can create a challenge for gemcutters, who plot every facet

years. Many of the world’s most powerful men and women have

and angle with the end result in mind. This isn’t the only challenge

coveted this illustrious beauty for centuries. Emerald’s rich history is

gemcutters face. Emeralds are one of the very few gemstones where

woven with powerful tales of desire, greed, reverence and worship.

eye-visible characteristics, known as inclusions, are acceptable.

Throughout the ages, this prominent gemstone was celebrated by

These inclusions are sometimes referenced as jardin, the French

the Incas and Aztecs and coveted by historical figures such as Queen

word for garden. The description is well-suited, as they can have

Cleopatra, King Arthur and Alexander the Great just to name a few.

a moss-like appearance. The jardin will vary depending on the

LEGENDARY LOCATION The story of emeralds, according to legend, began thousands

emerald’s country of origin. Some locations, such as Colombia, are more prone to display jardin while others, such as Zambia, are less visible to the eye.

of years ago in Colombia. A Goddess named Fura and her

The prices of rare emeralds are starting to soar, much like fine-

husband Tena reigned over Muzo, a source of the world’s

quality sapphires and rubies. The increased interest and limited

most famous emeralds. Fura's love was sought by many, and

availability of this mysterious gem has made it a darling to collectors

eventually she succumbed to temptation. The Gods punished

and connoisseurs worldwide. This rich radiant green gem will

both Fura and Tena for her infidelity and sentenced them to an

continue to capture the imagination, mesmerize the mind and soothe

eternity together by turning them into two mountainous cliffs.

the soul as long as it remains available.

From within these depths, Fura’s tears turned into beautiful green emeralds. Today these cliffs rise above the valley of the Minero river, one of the most prized locations of the rare and spectacular Colombian Emeralds. It’s no surprise that epic tales such as these have made emerald an international superstar. It takes extraordinary conditions for emeralds to form, causing them to be twenty times more rare than diamonds. The most recognized source of this rare gem is Colombia along with Zambia, Zimbabwe and Brazil. The color of Colombian emeralds is in a league of its own. The unique conditions in which they are formed create their prized velvety vibrant green color. They also tend to display a general warmth, or glow, to them that enhances their rich appearance and separates them from other sources.

THE EPIC EMERALD Emerald’s impressively rich color is the key trait used to determine value. The most desired hues are

Rising high above the

green and bluish green that are intense and vivid in

valley of the Minero River, the Fura and Tena

saturation. Emeralds are also pleochroic, meaning they

Crags are the official guardians of Colombia’s emeralds. THE WIXON EXPERIENCE




FRENCH MACARON Three local bakeries are put to the test as our Diamond Department Manager sets out to find the ultimate edible jewel.

BY JESSICA GYLSEN Sugary sweets and delectable treats are as much of my DNA as diamonds. After all, I’m a third generation Gemologist who spent just as much time growing up in the jewelry store as in the kitchen. Eclairs were my grandma’s specialty, my mom's is cheesecake, and mine? Well, let’s just say my quest for the perfect French Macaron couldn’t be satiated by my own baking skills. If you’ve never experienced one of these delicacies, for they are just that, be prepared to have your senses heightened and your taste buds treated to one of the most delicious, divine and decadent desserts around town. Instantly obsess-worthy, there are an assortment of French Macarons out there… but who makes the best? I am so passionate about these sweet treats that I decided to search for the answer myself. It would be naïve to think that you can walk into any random confectionary, grocery store or bakery in town to find your happiness. A French Macaron truly is a delicacy. Many home cooks, myself included, have attempted time and again to make these pillowy confections on their own. As many can attest, the $1.50-$2.50 commanded price per cookie is money well spent, and money well deserved. It takes not only a top baker, but a master scientist and magician as well to create a perfect French Macaron. These cookies typically take anywhere from 4-8 hours to make. Even the smallest variance in ingredients or temperature can lead to a botched batch. The individual oven temperature, the placement of the cookie sheet, the weather that day or even a sink full of water can alter the end result of this temperamental treat. Don’t let the pastel colors fool you, these unassuming cookies are bursting with big and bold flavors!

Not to be confused with Macaroons, these melt-in-your-mouth cookies have been

delighting French connoisseurs since the

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe

1500s with their delicate eggshell-like

701 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN amyscupcakeshoppe.com

crust, airy meringue inner texture and decadant fillings.

AMY’S CUPCAKE SHOPPE My adventure began with the new girl on the block, Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe in Hopkins. Now her shop may be new, but her baking skills are refined and honed to near perfection. Warm and welcoming, her desserts and treats are just as sunny and sweet as Amy herself. Ever the artist, Amy keeps pushing herself and her customers to open their palettes and explore something new. She wants her flavors to pack a punch, and it’s this philosophy that has led to such success in a short amount of time. Her macarons are full of personality, bright and vibrant. Every ingredient is made from scratch, and the love that goes into them is reflected in their lingering taste. Most remarkable were the pomegranate oolong with lemon curd and the lavender honey. She grinds the lavender herself for the exterior shell, and sandwiched between is a honey and buttercream blend that is sinfully smooth. Also to be noted is her ability to push the envelope with savory macarons. Now I’ve been to dozens of bake shops from coast to coast and everywhere in between, but never have I encountered a savory macaron. Black pepper filled with goat cheese and strawberry balsamic and thyme jam, rosemary with grapefruit curd or my personal favorite, an almond shell filled with whipped goat cheese and a schmear of peppadew jelly. Savory and sweet, Amy is pushing the envelope and providing her customers with a unique variety of macarons to eat. 28




Available in personalized colors,

the cake towers from Nikkolette’s

Macarons are a unique alternative for modern brides.

COCOA & FIG My quest wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Cocoa & Fig. The pursuit of perfection is no easy task, but one that owners Laurie and Joe Lin strive to accomplish with all of their distinctive desserts. First established in downtown Gaviidae shopping center in 2010, Cocoa & Fig now has a second location in Edina to help feed the frenzy. Their commitment has always been to provide the best and finest quality to their clients. Cocoa & Fig’s top PHOTO BY DEPICT PHOTOGRAPHY

selling macaron, salted caramel, is a reflection of this motto. Dreamy creamy caramel is

Nikkolette’s Macarons

Based out of Plymouth MN, find online at nikkolettesmacarons.com or call 651.334.8821


infused into the batter and buttercream frosting, and then topped with an additional swirl of caramel before a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel completes the cookie. The combination of salty and sweet, partnered with her faultless macaron shell makes this one of my go-to habitual treats. The textures of Laurie’s macarons are smooth, airy and effortless, just like a perfect

Cocoa & Fig

6807 York Avenue South, Edina, MN and 651 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN cocoaandfig.com

macaron should be. It takes a lot to shock and awe this sugar lover, but her innovative French Macaron ice cream sandwich did just that. My first bite was pure bliss. A jumbo macaron shell filled with local Sebastian Joe’s ice cream makes it the ultimate indulgent treat. Not only are her classic cookies spot on, but her new twist on a macaron makes Cocoa & Fig a necessary pleasure.

The consistency of a French Macaron is what drives the obsession, and it is a delicate dance to perfect. It’s no surprise that a self-proclaimed math nerd nailed the nuances.

A giant macaron

When planning my quest for the perfect macaron, I knew that I had to include Nikkolette’s

AND ice cream?

Macarons. She is an Actuarial Specialist by day, and a macaron magician by night. Most

Yes please!

macarons are found in top bakeshops around town, but Nikkolette provides a unique twist

These ice cream

to this classic cult cookie. Her French macarons are only available for purchase directly

sandwiches are

through Nikkolette. If you’ve happened to sample one of her confections at an event or

three times the

wedding, then you too will understand my preoccupation with her divine creations. Luckily,

size of a standard

a simple phone call or website inquiry will have macarons delivered to your door step,


making them the perfect indulgent at-home treat. For those hard to shop for friends, she also offers a macaron of the month club in 3, 6 or 12 month packages. Her assortment of

My love of macarons is not alone. Over the last several years these haute couture

flavors is ever changing, but the bright and beautiful hues she offers are a kaleidoscope

cookies have taken the states by storm. Once reserved as an exclusive European treat,

designed to stimulate all the senses. From one dreamy dessert to the next, her flavor profiles

they now are a darling of top-tier bakeshops and patisseries from the east to the west

were the strongest I’ve encountered. The paring of orange and chocolate ganache is at once

coast. Refined and sophisticated, bright in color and delicate in design, a perfect French

simple and complex. A burst of citrus partnered with the finest chocolate available is pure

Macaron is the ultimate edible jewel. Bon appétit!

decadence. Nikkolette’s recent creation, Banoffe, was inspired by a trip to Ireland where



she encountered this European dessert. Her version of it tastes like an entire banana pie

Jessica Gylsen is our Diamond Department Manager by day and our in-house fanatical foodie by

wrapped up into one impressive bite. The taste and texture of her macarons stuck with me

night. When she’s not surrounding herself with sparkle, you’re sure to find her at home cooking or on

far after I was finished, leaving me longing for more.

the town tasting some of the Twin Cities’ most tempting treats and eats. THE WIXON EXPERIENCE


Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.

—Leatrice Eiseman,

Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

PANTONE® 13-0755

Primrose Yellow

PANTONE® 15-0343 Greenery

PANTONE® 19-4045 Lapis Blue

PANTONE® 17-4123 Niagara PANTONE® 17-1462 Flame


COLOR TRENDS Pantone is the global authority on color and the leader in predicting color trends. Their annual Fashion Color Report is the essential color guide for fashion and jewelry designers alike. The forecast for 2017 highlights a renewed sense of imagination in which color

PANTONE® 13-1404

will be showcased in a different context, evoking a spectrum of emotion and feeling. From warm sunny days to pristine island waters, colors inspired by the best Mother Nature has to offer are sure to dazzle this year!

PANTONE® 14-4620

Island Paradise 32


PANTONE® 17-2034 Pink Yarrow

Pale Dogwood





THE KITCHEN EDITION: What do media mogul Oprah Winfrey and I have in common, aside from the fact that I added my H to the front of her name? We both have our favorite

things! Back when Oprah had her talk show, she would do a feature on her favorite products

Linden Sweden Spreaders Who gets excited over a spreader? You will. Seems silly, but the wider top makes everything from peanut butter, soft cheese, butter and jelly spread like a charm. They really should do this to nice flatware butter knifes… the world would be a better place.

Blu di Bufala

$20.00 (Set of 10) • lindensweden.com

My husband found this blue cheese for me a few years

every year. That’s where the similarities end. Oprah received most of her products for free.

back and it's amazing! Made from water buffalo milk in

In the interest of fair reporting, I should say nobody gave me any products for free nor even at a discount for my unbiased review. While Oprah gave the audience these products for free,

I am merely telling you where you can acquire them on your own dime. In all seriousness, I love to find a product I am passionate about and share my good finds with others! –Hope

Good Grips Silicone Spatula They call it a cookie spatula, I call it THE spatula.

We have four and they work great for everything.

Tomassi Amarone Wine

the northern region of Italy, this cheese is not stronger but it is creamier than anything you’ve ever tasted. I use my

About 15 years ago we specifically went to Verona, Italy to

Swedish spreaders and eat it right off of them! I order it by

this vineyard because we fell in love with Tommassi Amarone.

the pound online and save some in the freezer. Regardless,

Read about Amarones, they dry the grapes out on mats.

this creamy treat doesn’t last long in my house.

Picking out a wine can be a gamble, but this wine is so

$29.99/lb • murrayscheese.com

smooth. I can honestly say we have never had a bad Amarone and I can’t say that about any other grape varietal. Price, vintage and availability may vary by store.

I never realized how clumsy the big spatulas can be for flipping an egg, a burger or several items in a pan. Even better, they won’t wreck your nice pans! $7.99 • oxo.com

Goldtouch® Nonstick Pans

Hydro Flask & Klean Kanteen

I’m not good about spraying oil all over my pans and I’m even worse about cleaning them. I hate when

How many types of water bottles do you own?

things stick and you have to soak them for hours.

Donate them. I love to drink really cold water and

These pans are amazing. I make mini muffins for the kids

Hydro Flask makes the best water bottle ever! I have

and they plop right out! Cookies slide off the pan.

10 of these in all different colors. I fill one up before bed

No scouring, no ugly pans. Williams Sonoma nailed it… don’t try imitation pans that look gold! Prices vary • williams-sonoma.com

and in the morning I still have ice in my water! Get the recipe for Chef Jerry’s Spookies on page 23.

Don’t forget the Klean Kanteen sport cap! $27.95 (21 oz. Standard Mouth) • hydroflask.com $5.95 (Sport Cap 3.0) • kleankanteen.com THE WIXON EXPERIENCE



“The peculiar qualities of this Rolex watch render it eminently suitable for flying purposes and I propose to use it on all my long-distance flights in the future.” —CHARLES DOUGLAS BARNARD


features make it singularly precise and reliable. The oscillator, the

The new Air-King epitomizes Rolex’s privileged ties with the world

true heart of the watch, has a blue Parachrom hairspring patented

of aviation during its golden age in the 1930s. It was a period

and manufactured by Rolex in an exclusive alloy. Insensitive to

when spectacular progress in aircraft performance constantly expanded humanity’s capacity to

magnetic fields, the Parachrom hairspring offers great stability in the face of temperature variations and remains up to 10

conquer the skies, and led to the introduction of

times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case

long-distance flights. One of the pioneers of this

of shocks. Calibre 3131 is equipped with a self-winding

era, English aviator Charles Douglas Barnard,

module featuring a Perpetual rotor and boasts a

set a number of flight records. Of the Oyster,

power reserve of approximately 48 hours.

he said: “The peculiar qualities of this Rolex


watch render it eminently suitable for flying purposes and I propose to use it on all my long-distance flights in the future.”

The Air-King is fitted with a solid-link

In 1933, Oyster watches accompanied

Oyster bracelet in 904L steel with a

the Houston Expedition as it made the

folding Oysterclasp. This bracelet

first-ever flight over Mount Everest at

features the ingenious Rolex-

an altitude exceeding 33,000 feet in

patented Easylink rapid extension

extreme weather conditions. In 1934,

system that allows the wearer

Owen Cathcart-Jones and Ken Waller

to easily increase the bracelet

made a return voyage from London

length by approximately 5 mm, for

to Melbourne, Australia in record

additional comfort in any circumstance.

time with a twin-engine De Havilland board chronometer. Today’s new Air-King


pays tribute to the pioneers of flight and the

The Air-King is covered by the Superlative

Comet, using a Rolex Oyster as their on-

Rolex has introduced a new Oyster Perpetual Air-King, a watch that perpetuates the aeronautical heritage of the original Rolex Oyster. The new Air-King, with a 40mm case in 904L steel, features a distinctive black dial with a combination of large 3, 6 and 9 numerals marking the hours and a prominent minutes scale for navigational time readings. The dial bears the name Air-King in the same lettering that was designed specially for the model in the 1950s. The Air-King carries the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015, which ensures singular performance on the wrist.

Oyster’s role in the epic story of aviation.



the watch has successfully undergone a series of tests conducted by Rolex in its own laboratories

The Air-King’s Oyster case, guaranteed

according to its own criteria, which exceed watch­

waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, is a paragon

making norms and standards. The certification

of robustness. Its characteristically shaped middle case is crafted from a solid block of particularly corrosion-resistant 904L steel. The waterproof Oyster case provides optimum protection for the Air-King’s

applies to the fully assembled watch, after casing the movement, guaranteeing its superlative performance on the wrist in terms of precision, power reserve, waterproofness and self-winding. The precision of a

high-precision movement and is also fitted with a shield to protect

Rolex Superlative Chronometer is -2/+2 seconds

against magnetic fields, a feature of pilots’ watches of the past.

per day, or more than twice that required of



Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015. This exclusive designation testifies that

an official chronometer. The Superlative Chronometer status is symbolized by the

The Air-King is equipped with calibre 3131, a self-winding

green seal that comes with every Rolex

mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured

watch and is coupled with an international

by Rolex. Its architecture, manufacturing quality and innovative

five-year guarantee.



A RARE FUSION Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5960/1A Annual Calendar Chronograph

Emanating the cool sheen of stainless steel, the Ref. 5960/1A Annual

of the most coveted timepieces in their portfolio. The success

Calendar Chronograph is one of Patek Philippe’s classically elegant

story continued with further versions in platinum and rose gold.

timepieces that feature the rare combination of a complicated

Representing a paradigm change, the Ref. 5960/1A in stainless

movement in a stainless steel case. With few exceptions, all other

steel is the latest release in its lineage and has replaced all gold

Patek Philippe men’s wristwatches are systematically cased in gold

and platinum versions of the Ref. 5960.

or platinum. First launched in 2006, the Ref. 5960 in platinum won


instant acclaim for its unique style. It was Patek Philippe’s first

Melding classic elegance with masculine sportiness, the new

self-winding chronograph and quickly established itself as one

40.5mm stainless steel case is superbly finished and features gently rounded case contours. The elegance of the case has a sublime transition into a signature bracelet with five rows of drop links. First introduced in 1997 for the Ref. 5036/1 Annual Calendar, the bracelet now celebrates its debut in stainless steel. The new silvery opaline dial is styled with striking red accents, interesting bright-dark contrasts and a prominent monocounter positioned at six o’clock. Distinctively contoured to produce an expressive three-dimensional effect, the black oxidized gold hour markers and calendar apertures are a wonderful contrast to the light dial. The redesigned hour and minute hands in black oxidized gold feature three facets to match the hour markers and have a luminescent coating to improve legibility at night.

MECHANICAL MASTERPIECE At the heart of the Ref. 5690/1A is one of Patek Philippe’s in-house automatic movements featuring an annual calendar function as well as a self-winding chronograph. Displaying the first day of the month in red, the annual calendar function automatically recognizes months with 30 and 31 days so it only needs to be manually adjusted once each year. The movement is a prime example of tradition paired with innovation. It combines the classic column-wheel control concept with a modern vertical disk clutch that eliminates the risk of hand jump or recoil when the stopwatch function is activated. The clutch is practically friction-free, so that the chronograph hand can be used as a permanently running seconds hand if desired. Patek Philippe’s stainless steel models have always ranked among the most desirable timepieces because they are only crafted in very limited numbers. With its dynamic elegance and technical bravado, the Ref. 5960/1A will undoubtedly capture the attention of collectors and the hearts of brand aficionados. 38


THE FIRST EXTREME SPORTS WATCH The Rolex Explorer II was originally designed for adventures in dark, cold places but it is now having its moment in the sun. BY JASON HEATON | PHOTOS BY GISHANI RATNAYAKE

The Rolex Submariner is often called the original sports watch,

complications or even crown guards. So the Explorer II was

and if that is the case, then the Explorer II is the original watch

a marked departure, with its burlier case and protective crown

for extreme sports. First introduced in 1971, it was designed as a

guards. It also sported a fixed 24-hour marked bezel and a large

timepiece for deep cave and polar explorers, a very narrow target

extra orange hand that traveled the dial once in 24 hours, pointing

market indeed. Since that time, the Explorer II has become a

to its corresponding time on the outer scale. The watch was not

symbol of Rolex’s commitment to building watches for specific

originally designed to indicate a second time zone, but rather

purposes. Further evidence of this lies in the fact that it remains one

to tell its owner whether it was 2:00 A.M. or 14:00 P.M. while in

of the few Rolex sports watches to only be available with a stainless steel case. While the original Rolex Explorer has a bulletproof back story—the watch evolved from one first worn on the 1953 British Everest expedition—by the 1970s, it remained a small, quaint watch, belonging to an earlier era and devoid of

the dark underworld of a cave or in the perpetual blackness of the polar winter. With its singular uncompromising purpose, the original Explorer II was a pure tool. True to its name, it became the watch of choice for real world explorers like French spelunker Jean-François Pernette and Tyrollean mountaineering legend, Reinhold Messner, who appeared in countless Kodachrome-tinted Rolex advertisements in National Geographic magazines.

NEW DESIGN FOR NEW ADVENTURES In 2011, Rolex introduced a new, modern Explorer II, the version that exists today. The watch now has a larger 42-millimeter case, solid-link steel bracelet with an Easylink comfort extension link, blue Chromalight The author negotiates a tricky section of vertical rock in the

Canadian Bugaboos while testing the Rolex Explorer II.

luminescent dial markers (for dark polar nights) and, most importantly, a return to the oversized orange hand of its historical forebear. That 24-hour hand is driven by the Rolex calibre 3187, a self-winding movement





hand holds up the sheer granite. While my primary focus was on safe climbing, the glint of the Rolex on my wrist reminded me that granite can do some nasty things to stainless steel, not to mention that a clasp failure would surely send the watch into the rubble pile far below, to be shattered and lost forever. I started to have second thoughts about wearing it. At 700 feet off the ground, the wind started increasing. We shortened our break on a small ledge and kept moving. There was one more tricky bit before the top, a rising traverse on a sliver-thin ledge with a bulge of rock in the middle. One by one, climbers negotiated the move until it was my turn. Getting past the bulge required wrapping my arms around the rock with a bear hug and inching my feet along the ledge. As I shimmied across, I felt the Rolex The Explorer II features a sturdy 42mm 904L stainless steel case which protects the

bracelet momentarily snag on a crack and I

Rolex calibre 3187, perfectly suited for almost any adventure.

instinctively looked down, expecting to see the watch falling out of sight hundreds of

that allows for independent setting of the

population. Here, the concept of “heli-

feet below. But the clasp held tight and I

24-hour hand for second time zone tracking,

hiking” has been perfected—a chopper

was happy to see it still on my wrist when

a function the original Explorer II never

whisks hikers to trailheads and ridgelines,

I got past the difficult move. There was no

had. The movement also features Rolex’s

then disappears moments later, leaving

time to rest and assess the damage with the

Parachrom hairspring, which renders it

them in deep wilderness, yet only a radio

weather turning.

more resistant to temperature fluctuation

call away if weather, or a bear, moves in.

The remainder of the climb leveled


and magnetic influence, making the watch

After a couple of days hiking on windy

off into a series of awkward crawls and a

even more perfectly suited for excursions

exposed ridgelines and a crevasse-riddled

scramble over one large boulder and then

near the cold, magnetic Poles. While this

glacier, I decided to opt for something more

there was no more mountain to climb. Our

may not be on the minds of most Rolex

vertical. Via ferrata, Latin for “iron way,”

little group congratulated each other and

buyers these days, it is evidence that Rolex

is a method of rock climbing using a steel

I pulled on a heavy jacket to fend off the

Encompassing over 1.6 million square

The equivalent of the Super Bowl

city and lorries are called in by radio. A

hasn’t forgotten its tool watch roots.

cable strung on a vertical route with bolted

wind on this exposed outcrop. I now had

feet of show space, Baselworld is the

for the watch world, this eight-day

strict delivery schedule must be adhered to

anchors. The cable provides insurance

time to examine the bracelet of the Explorer

world’s largest watch and jewelry trade

extravaganza is no easy feat to assemble.

in order to ferry tens of thousands of tons


against falls, assuming the climber keeps

II. Two of the links close to the clasp had

show. Held in Basel, Switzerland each

Requiring six weeks of construction prior to

of steel, wood, plastic, glass and cables into

On a recent hiking and climbing trip in

at least one of the carabiners attached to his

nasty gouges in them but otherwise were

March, the show draws over 1,500

the event, Baselworld is one of the largest

the center of Basel. The delivery is just the

the Canadian Rockies, I got a chance to

safety harness clipped on as he’s ascending.

no worse for wear and the clasp held tight;

companies from more than 45 countries.

construction projects in Switzerland every

beginning of an arduous process of erecting

recreate some of those old Rolex magazine

In the Bugaboos, a handful of via ferrata

mere battle scars, souvenirs from a day

The owners of watch and jewelry brands,

year. The massive undertaking requires

extravagant exhibitor buildings in the five

ads that had inspired me as a teenager.

routes are rigged for climbers and a short

of climbing and a worthy adventure. As

together with 4,000 members of the press

an army of 20,000 workers in various

halls of the Baselworld complex before any

With a new Explorer II on my wrist, I

chopper ride took me and a small team to

fat raindrops started to spit out of the sky,

congregate to discover what is new and

professions from architects and designers

of the 150,000 visitors can arrive.

boarded a Jet Ranger helicopter for a ride

the base of one called the Skyladder.

the big orange hand on my Rolex, and the

exciting in the Swiss watch industry. It

to steel workers and lighting engineers.

In 2013, Baselworld opened a new

sound of an approaching helicopter, told

is estimated that a whopping 80% of

Approximately 7,000 lorry loads of

complex designed by the internationally

me: it was time to go home.

global watch sales for the year ahead are

equipment need to be delivered, so waiting

renowned architects of Herzog & de

generated at the show!

areas are established on the outskirts of the

Meuron. When the new $440 million

to the remote Bugaboo Range, with its

I started climbing, clipping my cable as

imposing rock spires and healthy grizzly

I went and scanning the rock for foot and

Jason Heaton is a Minneapolis-based writer who specializes in the intersection between watches and adventure. With a penchant for scuba diving, skiing and mountain sports, he has traveled the world in search of new adventures, always with a watch on his wrist. Heaton writes for Gear Patrol, Hodinkee, Revolution, IW and Men’s Journal.



(ABOVE) The entrance to the Baselworld plaza makes an impressive architectural statement. The Baselworld renovation was conceived and

executed by Herzog & de Meuron, the visionary Swiss architecture firm behind the iconic Bird’s Nest in Beijing, home of the 2008 Olympics. THE THEWIXON WIXONEXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE

43 43

complex opened in 2013, most of the watch

Rolex booth is clad in the brand’s favored

companies re-designed their booths. The

beige and green colors. Overhead, a wide

importance of booths in Baselworld would

glass-sided walkway bridges each section

be comparable to commercials during the

of the upper levels, which are accessed

Super Bowl. The brands spare no expense

by a majestic staircase.

because it’s all about branding and buzz.  


PATEK'S PALACE In 2014, Patek Philippe revealed a new

The redesign of Rolex’s booth took five

glass pavilion, which serves two important

years of planning and three years of

purposes: as an outward window providing

construction. An additional level was

visitors with a look at the new watches on

added, which is now three stories and

display, and as a protective shield for the

stands 29.5 feet tall. The Rolex booth spans

serious business being conducted inside.

across a footprint of 13,239 square feet,

With the addition of a third level, the total

which is 40% larger than its predecessor.

usable area increased more than 50%, from

The beige exterior facades are finished

10,000 to 16,000 square feet. The enlarged

Bulgari’s new booth was constructed in the theme of their most emblematic symbol

with a seabed motif, suggesting the

booth accommodates 16 outward-facing

since the 1940s, the serpent. At 269 feet long, the bronze snake-like structure winds

rippled sand of the seabed in relief. The

showcases with room for 191 watches and

its way up the building. Another signature of the brand, the motif of the façade was

display windows are set in green panels

50 calibers, 12 sales rooms, three press

inspired by the Tubogas chain.

engraved with the wave motif and lit to

rooms, three conference rooms (one large

give a transparent effect. The aesthetic

enough to seat 50 people!), three kitchens,

can cost in excess of $11.4 million for the

excite visitors for eight days and then it’s all

characteristics evoke the aquatic world

a bar, a restaurant for the staff, offices, plus

structure alone. This doesn’t account for

torn down and sent to storage for 44 weeks.

The Hermes booth comprises 624 interlocking wooden slats of various curvatures

and, by extension, waterproofness,

technical and storage space.

the average rent of $500,000 and countless

As the largest event of its kind anywhere

that form a shell around a second structure crafted in wood, glass and metal.

a domain in which Rolex excels as

As for the cost for the exhibiting brands,

other expenses. It’s expensive for any brand

in the world, Baselworld leaves little doubt

Between the two layers, 167 plants provide fresh air and a green corridor that add

the inventor of the first waterproof

it is reckoned that the largest booths at the

to be there, but even more costly if they’re

who the Super Bowl stars of the watch

to the welcoming feel.

wristwatch in 1926. The main part of the

show—which are three or four stories tall—

not! Baselworld continues to delight and

world are.





TUDOR Heritage Black Bay has the soft, warm patina of an antique watch. Aptly named “Midnight Blue” by aficionados of the brand, the blue bezel displays sharp contrasts to give the look of a professional technical instrument. With its black bezel, the Heritage Black Bay in black best captures the pioneering spirit of the first TUDOR diving watches. A notable new decorative detail is the famous red triangle on the unidirectional bezel, taken from TUDOR models of the 1950s. All three of these versions feature a 41mm steel case equipped with TUDOR’s new

Distilling 60 years of TUDOR’s history into one incredible watch, the Heritage Black Bay

MT5602 in-house movement with a 70-

is infused with some of the most iconic elements from TUDOR’s early dive watches.

hour power reserve.


AMALGAMATION THE HERITAGE BLACK BAY TUDOR’s heritage of diving watches began

Heritage Black Bay was the culmination

with the launch of the TUDOR Submariner

of the very best elements from TUDOR’s


Reference 7922 in 1954. This iconic time-

historic dive watch models.

For Baselworld 2016, TUDOR announced

piece laid the foundation for an ideal diver’s

The general lines, domed crystal and

some exciting updates to the Heritage Black

watch—one that was ergonomic, legible and

dial on the Heritage Black Bay were

Bay line including more aesthetic options

accurate. Over the next sixty years, TUDOR

inspired by the first TUDOR diving

and two new in-house movements! At the

made constant improvements to their dive

watches. It features snowflake hands

heart of the original Heritage Black Bay was

watches. Each model gained unanimous

from TUDOR watches used by the

the popular ETA 2824 movement. While this

approval from professionals in the field,

French National Navy in the 1970s and an

is a solid movement, it lacks the prestige

including the Marine Nationale and the

oversized winding crown (known as “big

of an in-house movement. Each Heritage

United States Navy.

crown”) that pays homage to the famous

Black Bay is now equipped with an in-house

In recent years, some of the most

TUDOR Reference 7924 of 1958. This

movement developed, manufactured and

important references in TUDOR’s history

release of the original Heritage Black Bay

assembled by TUDOR.

have been reworked within the Heritage

was extremely well received and earned

In addition to the burgundy bezel,

line. At Baselworld 2012, TUDOR released

attention from the media and watch

the Heritage Black Bay is now available

the Heritage Black Bay in red; a modern,

lovers alike. The Black Bay was awarded

in three versions, each with their own

reimagined version of the iconic TUDOR

the “Revival Prize” at the 2013 Grand Prix

personality. With its burgundy bezel,

Submariner. Far from simply being an

d’Horlogerie de Genève (often referred to

rose gold hands and markers, and cream

identical re-release of a classic watch, the

as “The Oscars” of watchmaking).

colored luminescent coating, the original




Not only has the Heritage Black Bay

brown dial and bezel on the Heritage Black

collection grown by selection, it has also

Bay Bronze give it a tactically industrial

A completely new look for this line is the

grown in size with the larger 43mm case of

look. The Heritage Black Bay Bronze is also

Heritage Black Bay Dark. This timepiece

the new Heritage Black Bay Bronze. Crafted

fitted with a slightly larger TUDOR in-house

also features TUDOR’s MT5602 movement

from a high-performance aluminum bronze

movement, the MT5601, with an impressive

but its 41mm steel case is finished with

alloy, its case will evolve and slowly darken

70-hour power reserve.

a black PVD-treated coating. Directly

with wear to develop a subtle yet unique

TUDOR’s rich diving history has

derived from the thin film technology

patina. TUDOR added aluminum to the

been distilled into these timepieces,

originally developed by NASA for its space

traditional bronze alloy of copper and tin

paying homage to TUDOR dive watches

programs, physical vapor deposition (PVD)

to ensure the patina is homogeneously

of yesteryear. The Heritage Black Bay,

enables inorganic materials to be bonded

developed over time. The brushed finishing

however, is clearly not a tribute to any

with metals. The Heritage Black Bay Dark

on the case creates a visually rich and

one particular dive watch but rather the

has an entirely satin finish, reminiscent of

handsome golden hue. Completing its warm

culmination of 60 years of excellence

military utility equipment.

palette, the combination of a chocolate

rolled into one iconic watch.







HYBRID HYPERCAR There are sports cars… there are supercars and then… there is LaFerrari.

If Ferrari were to produce a CD of their greatest hits, the unrivaled

LaFerrari’s racecar genetics don’t solely exist in the engine

sound resonating and barreling through LaFerrari’s hybrid V12

compartment, they are embedded throughout the supercar’s entire

engine would be the first track. Not only is LaFerrari the company’s

DNA. To keep the vehicle as light as possible, LaFerrari is crafted

first hybrid car, it is also the most powerful production car they

from four different types of carbon fiber and was stripped of

have ever created. Ferrari pulled out all the stops and integrated

nonessential controls such as the adjustments for the driver’s seat.

technology taken directly from their Formula 1 team to create

Instead, a fixed-position seat is utilized and the pedals and steering

the ultimate hypercar. Essentially, LaFerrari is everything Ferrari

wheel move toward the driver. This seat enables the driver to sit

knows about road cars and racecars merged into one extraordinary

closer to the floor, which heightens the driving experience and

vehicle. While many automobile manufacturers have implemented

sense of connection with the car.

hybrid technology for environmental reasons or fuel savings, the

All of this translates into an incredible automobile—an absolute

only thing on Ferrari’s mind was going as fast as possible. Taking a

street demon with jaw-dropping aesthetics and breathtaking speed.

less pragmatic approach, the sole purpose of the electric motor in

It is equal parts futuristic, ferocious and fast, making it exactly what

LaFerrari is only to enhance performance and intensify the power

you want a hypercar to be. With a retail price of $1.4 million, only

of the vehicle, throttling the massive 6.3-liter V12 engine from an

499 units were built and are now selling for well north of $3 million—

impressive 789 HP to a monstrous 950 HP.

now that’s a fun investment!

Geophysic Universal Time watch Philippe Jordan, Chief Conductor and Music Director in Paris and Vienna






0-60 MPH









challenge led to an idea, and this idea would soon become an icon.

AN ICON IS BORN The ultimate solution was a rotating wristwatch with a solid-steel back on the reverse side of the dial to protect the watch. In 1931, a patent was filed for “a

with a twist

THE WATCH With a long inspired history, Jaeger LeCoultre’s Reverso has stood as an icon of modern watchmaking since its introduction in 1931.



watch capable of sliding into its base and of turning completely on its axis” and thus, the Reverso was born. Named for the Latin phrase “I turn around,” the Reverso’s rotating case was a true marvel in design. To create this action, a brilliant pivoting mechanism was developed for the Reverso that allowed the dial to flip over and be concealed against the wearer’s wrist. This straightforward mechanism enabled the watch to withstand strikes and blows without losing any of its elegance.

Engraving immortalizes the moments and stories that deserve to be captured forever. The back of a Reverso is a clean canvas waiting to be personalized with your most precious memories.


elicit the same wonderment decade after

over 55 components, making it the most complicated watchcase created. While the

While this timeless Art Deco style was

Reverso remains one of the most iconic

Reverso was initially designed specifically

created nearly a century ago, the design

watch designs ever created and a paragon

for polo players, it rapidly reached a

of the Reverso’s rectangular case remains

of watchmaking that has withstood the

broader clientele and was quickly found

a brilliant blend of form and function. It

ultimate test of time.

on the wrists of sophisticated tastemakers

emerged as a protection mechanism during

and influential leaders.

polo games, but the Reverso found its true

The Reverso’s case alone is comprised of

decade. With its modern timelessness, the

calling as a platform for personalization.

The game of polo is intense and not meant

of polo, a player showed him the smashed


for the faint-hearted. Players race atop

glass of his watch and challenged him to

The rectangular case shape was developed

the front. With a single movement of the

galloping horses from one end of the field

create a watch that was robust enough to

to enable the turning action required

swivel case, the watch reveals another

to the other, battling the opposing team

survive a polo match unscathed. This was

for the pivoting case. This new design

face. A blank page waiting to be written.

for possession of a small ball in an attempt

no small feat considering all previous models

offered the world a new aesthetic for the

An unforgettable date, a monogram, or a

to score in the opposing team’s goal.

that attempted to protect the watch had

wristwatch and they quickly embraced it.

milestone moment engraved discreetly into

Polo balls can be incredibly dangerous,

sacrificed style and practicality for the safety

With the Art Deco movement in full swing

the case back becomes a unique statement

often traveling at speeds upward of 110

of the watch glass. A rugged, utilitarian

during the 1930s, the Reverso became an

and a timeless expression of individuality.

MPH. Under these rigorous conditions, a

design simply wouldn’t suffice since these

instant hit. Rich with Art Deco styling,

The legendary pivoting timepiece

player’s delicate watch crystal is at risk of

watches would adorn the wrists of refined

the elegant rectangular lines, angular

celebrated its 85th birthday in 2016.

being damaged from contact with a ball,

men within high society; the timepiece also

lugs and clear-cut gadroons are signature

While this isn’t an often-celebrated

a horse or a large swinging polo mallet.

needed to be elegant and stylish.

On this iconic model, the back is also

characteristics of this legendary timepiece.

milestone, the Reverso is well deserving


As a connoisseur of fine watches,

The Reverso has remained faithful to the

of the distinction. A design that initially

César de Trey knew that only LeCoultre’s

Art Deco principles that have inspired it

sought to solve a specific problem has

César de Trey, an influential businessman

workshops possessed the expertise and

since its birth, constantly renewing and

become an undisputed style icon that can

and close associate of Jacques-David

creativity to produce a watch of this

reinventing itself through each new model.

LeCoultre, had recently become involved in

distinction. He partnered with Jaques-David

Throughout time, the perfect harmony of

Known as gadroons, the three

the distribution of Swiss watches. In 1930,

LeCoultre on the challenge to design a watch

its proportions have always remained as

signature lines that sit atop and below

went to visit old friends at a polo match

that was elegant yet tough enough to stand

they were in 1931—a mark of timeless

the dial are representative of the

in British India. At the end of one game

up to the hard knocks of a polo match. This


Reverso’s Art Deco heritage. THE WIXON EXPERIENCE


Michel Parmigiani

A LEGEND IN TIME: Parmigiani Fleurier is one of the few watch brands that is still being led by its original founder. Very few watch brands have achieved the sheer

the quartz watch movement caused a sharp decline

Watch enthusiasts had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to discuss

Dan and Hope Wixon with the visionary founder of Parmigiani

watches with Michel Parmigiani at our in-store meet and greet.

Fleurier during his inaugural trip to Minnesota.

wanted to pursue my passion for mechanical timepieces and

minds of our time. While many people would enjoy the celebrity

decided to focus on restoration.”

status and travel that comes with being the face of a company,

His reverence for artisan watchmaking and restoration techniques

Michel misses the tranquility of the workshop. “These days I have

is instilled in the workshops at Parmigiani Fleurier. “As a watchmaker

to travel the world and I wish I could spend more quiet time in the

with the heritage we gather through restoration, we are always

workshops on restoration and development.”

looking at the challenge of timekeeping,” Michel explains. This perpetual passion has led Parmigiani to develop some exciting horological advancements including several in-house movements


and most recently, the advent of the Senfine concept movement.

Imagine a power reserve that never ran out—a timepiece

With an emphasis on innovation rather than mass production,

that only needed winding a few times a year, rather than

Parmigiani Fleurier produces timepieces in very limited quantities

several times a week. At SIHH 2016, Parmigiani Fleurier

and is highly selective of their distribution. The avant-garde

unveiled the Senfine concept movement with a power

culture at Parmigiani Fleurier drives them to create some of the

reserve of 70 days—not 70 hours, 70 days!

most masterful and ornate timepieces in the industry. “For me,

The materialization of eight years of development, the

success is measured one watch at a time,” Michel explained. “With

Senfine is powered by a conventional energy source with

the quality of people we have gathered and the possibilities we

a regulating organ that offers unprecedented autonomy.

have as a fully integrated manufacture, many designs are floating

Parmigiani didn’t simply increase the energy supply; they

around constantly.” When asked about his favorite timepiece,

manufactured an entirely new concept of the watch’s regulating organ that drops the energy consumption to a fraction of what

amount of success that Parmigiani Fleurier has in

in the Swiss watchmaking industry, which focused

Michel commented that the timepieces are like his

such a short time. This success can be attributed to

on traditional mechanical watches. The majority of

children and it’s hard to pick a favorite.

the visionary watchmaker at the helm, Mr. Michel

watch production shifted to embrace the new quartz

Parmigiani. Last spring, Michel made a special visit

technology, leaving the mechanical watch industry

children. His oldest daughter, Anne-Laure,

to our store to meet and speak with our clients while

in a state of uncertainty and disarray. It was a dark

works alongside him at Parmigiani Fleurier’s

replaces them with a system of flexible,

showcasing some of Parmigiani’s most treasured

time in watchmaking with several great companies

workshops in Switzerland as a gemologist,

frictionless joints in silicon, derived from the

timepieces. We caught up with Michel during his

on the brink of collapse. Even the watchmaking

watchmaker and master engraver. She's

aerospace technology.

first visit to Minnesota to learn more about the man

school Michel attended—considered the top school

carrying on her father’s passion and works

behind the brand. Michel opened his workshop in 1976 amidst severe volatility in the market due to the Quartz Crisis. The advent of 52


in Switzerland—closed soon after he completed the program. “I had no intention of changing careers, even though everyone pushed me to be a banker,” Michel said. “I

Aside from timepieces, Michel has three

on specialty pieces at the manufacture. An imaginative watchmaker, Michel

it is under the traditional watchmaking regulator. Designed to eliminate all energy-consuming factors inherent in a classic regulator, the Senfine

◄ A fitting moniker, the name Senfine translated in English means “eternally.”

Parmigiani is one of the greatest horological THE WIXON EXPERIENCE



Independence enables us to pursue our long-term objectives.

was founded in 1839 and its history is part of Geneva’s great

watch manufacturer. Its independence enables it to go its own

watchmaking tradition. It is the story of a unique heritage, a

way and control its own destiny while pursuing a long-term

combination of experience, ingenuity and passion that the

vision. The company benefits from total creative freedom. It

company safeguards and revitalizes in all its disciplines and

develops and manufactures its movements in-house according

skills. Faithful to the noble artisanal techniques, its watchmakers

to its own quality criteria and produces only watches that reflect,

and craftsmen perpetuate, day after day, the beautiful, timeless

in every respect, its quest for the exceptional.

gestures and the sharpness of eye and deftness of touch that

Our interest is maintained throughout the life of the watch.

some of the world’s most renowned mechanical masterpieces.

Unlike large watch conglomerates that solely focus on sales, the heritage of Patek Philippe remains rooted in the tradition of fine watchmaking and the importance of family. Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is the last remaining family-owned independent Swiss

watchmaker. Thierry Stern, President of the brand since 2009,

represents the fourth generation of the Stern family working to preserve the unparalleled quality of their timepieces.

Representing the purest form of watchmaking innovation,

Patek Philippe is a complete, vertically integrated manufacture that

develops and produces its components in-house. From the smallest screw to the finishing touches on the case, great care is taken at each 54


and every stage of production. Patek Philippe has always defined its

own quality criteria, which is universally recognized as the strictest standards in the entire watchmaking industry.

More than just a watch, a Patek Philippe timepiece is an

instant heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come. Most impressive of all is their dedication to service. Since

these timepieces are designed to be heirlooms, Patek Philippe

guarantees to service your watch for not only your lifetime, but the entire lifetime of the timepiece.

Communicating this dedication to quality is a set of clear and

well-defined values that represent the essence of Patek Philippe.

The philosophy of excellence and spirit of Patek Philippe are beautifully embodied in these ten core values.


A Patek Philippe watch reveals something about you. Ask

Philippe works with a handpicked distribution network. The

the owner of a Patek Philippe to talk to you about their watch,

company believes that it has a duty to provide the highest

and you will hear a story of passion, love and tenderness. A

standard of after-sales service, and has made this requirement a

Patek Philippe is far more than a means of telling the time; it

key criterion of the Patek Philippe Seal. For the owner of a Patek

is a unique, personal object steeped in precious memories.

Philippe, this ensures that the watch will continue to receive

The purchase of a Patek Philippe is often related to a personal

the care and attention needed to remain as reliable as ever,

event—a professional success, a marriage or the birth of a

generation after generation.

child—and offering it as a gift is the most eloquent expression

Innovation is part of our tradition. Representing tradition at its

Holding true to their core values, Patek Philippe has created

have always distinguished the fine art of watchmaking.

To provide a service in keeping with its reputation, Patek


Patek Philippe’s spirit is embodied in ten values that have always represented their very essence and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Tradition should always command respect. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is Geneva’s oldest independent family-owned




of love or affection.


most dynamic, Patek Philippe constantly pushes back the frontiers

Rarity is the essence of a piece of art. Patek Philippe has always

of the watchmaking art through its achievements at the cutting edge

conceived its watches as exclusive creations. Over 200 models are

of innovation. It has confirmed its pioneering role by filing over 80

in regular production, produced in small series of between ten and

patents, including 20 of major importance to the history of horology.

several hundred watches and fitted with a vast array of in-house


Lasting value is both material and emotional. As the product of an extraordinary amount of know-how and work, a Patek Philippe commands a high price and will fully retain or even increase its

movements. From design to mechanism, they earn their special place in the hearts of enthusiasts the world over.


Every where we strive for aesthetic perfection. Patek

value over the years. It is an investment for the present and the

Philippe watches are works of art whose beauty reflects their

future. Many of the models achieve cult status and regularly fetch

mechanical perfection. As exceptional creations they outlive

record-setting sums at auction.

passing fashions without ever losing their appeal and modernity.


Workmanship involves commitment to an ideal. Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe had but one goal: to develop, manufacture and assemble the finest timepieces in the world.

Patek Philippe has established its own understated, timeless style: a harmonious combination of personality and discretion, elegance and an aristocratic touch.


Today, more than ever, “quality” and “fine workmanship” remain

We will always live by the ideals that built our reputation. To

the watch-words for every aspect of Patek Philippe’s production.

acquire a Patek Philippe is to become the custodian of an artistic

Whether in terms of the movement or the external elements, the

and scientific tradition that has been handed down with care and

technical or the aesthetic aspects, the performance of each function

will continue to inspire remarkable creations. It is your entry into

or the rate accuracy of the timepiece, Thierry Stern—President

the world of a family company where, from father to son, each

of Patek Philippe—and his father, Philippe Stern—Honorary

generation is dedicated to perpetuating a unique heritage.

President—personally stand by all the commitments embodied in the Patek Philippe Seal, the most exclusive of quality hallmarks.

Read the unedited list of values at: patek.com/en/company/values THE WIXON EXPERIENCE


Aquatic THE

TROJAN HORSE Through murky ocean waters, fearless frogmen utilized human torpedoes to execute clandestine missions.

issued Panerai Radiomir watches on their wrists.

naval missions. These torpedoes enabled covert marine warfare whereby enemy warships were targeted not on the open sea, but in the safety of their defending harbors. The SLC was instrumental in orchestrating these stealth attacks. They were an extremely effective battle strategy because they would disable enemy vessels without creating casualties. One of the most notorious SLC attacks was the Raid on Alexandria on December 19, 1941. Commandos from the Royal Italian Navy navigated three SLCs into the British naval base through the Alexandria harbor while remaining undetected. The frogmen successfully attached explosives on the hull of two British battleships, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Valiant. Each vessel sustained extensive damage from the explosions; the Valiant was out of commission for several months and the Queen Elizabeth didn’t return to service until a year and a half later. Forever connected to the

Officine Panerai has a storied history with rich military roots

The disablement of these vessels was a disaster for the British

dating back to the early 1900s. Their combat heritage and military

and almost changed the course of the war. The waters which were

marine environment, Panerai

legacy were forged during World War II, when Italian commandos

once trusted as a safe harbor for your ship were no longer safe as

continues to pay homage to its military roots. Certain

donned specialty-designed Panerai wristwatches into combat. A

the SLC was successfully proven in battle and left its mark on the

timepieces highlight the SLC with an engraving on the case-

new era of tactical warfare had been born and these amphibious

war. With the SLC being such a successful sneak craft, these Italian

back, while others feature an embossed SLC on the dial.

soldiers required specialty instruments to aide in the execution of

Navy divers earned a deadly reputation and are now known as one

their tactical strikes. Panerai was approached by the Royal Italian

of the most effective special operations units in history.

Navy and won the contract to develop and produce the precision

Naval commandos prepare for a mission by securing military-

demolition divers who would operate these torpedoes in secret

and excellent underwater adhesive qualities offered unrivaled luminescence and capacity to glow even in the darkest, muddiest

instruments that would accompany these brave frogmen on


their missions. Suited for stringent military requirements, these

Since each mission was conducted underwater at night, visibility

commandos would smear seaweed or mud on their dials to avoid

timepieces not only needed to be extremely reliable and durable to

was of the utmost importance. It was critical that the frogmen

being detected.

withstand the rigor of use, but also legible enough to read through

were able to understand depth, direction and time. Radiomir, a

Officine Panerai has since evolved from a top-secret military

the murky waters of their oceanic battlegrounds.

pioneering luminescent compound patented by Panerai, was an

tool used during rogue missions in the dark corners of the ocean

essential component for these tactical timepieces. Developed

to an elite manufacturer of Swiss watches. These military roots are

by Panerai in 1916, Radiomir paste was used to illuminate the

evident in the design and function of their timepieces and have

dials in the murky ocean waters. The substance’s high visibility

been richly integrated into the brand’s identity.

A NEW CLASS OF UNDERWATER WARFARE Developed by an Italian naval officer, Major Teseo Tesei, the early

waters. The brightness of Radiomir was so intense that some

slow running torpedo was electrically propelled and carried two riders. The official Italian name for the craft was “Siluro a Lenta Corsa (SLC)” but was aptly nicknamed “Maiale” (Italian for pig) by the commandos for the torpedo’s slow speed and poor handling.


Contrary to popular opinion, these were not suicide torpedoes but were rather a modified vessel that carried two heavily charged detachable warheads, piloted by two crewmen in diving suits. The warheads were easily capable of blowing a large hole in the hull of an enemy warship, rendering it out of commission for over a year. The SLC was briefly experimented with during WWI but it wasn’t until WWII when these effective sneak attack weapons were fully implemented into battle. During World War II, the Italian Navy’s fleet couldn’t match the size of the British, so they tactically utilized Due to slow speeds, the torpedoes were transported by another

their squadron of combat divers for covert underwater SLC strikes.

vessel (typically a submarine) and launched near the target.

A new class of marine combat personnel emerged as underwater



At night, the two-man crew would navigate slowly and silently towards their target with only their heads above water to

prevent detection. Once they were about 60-70 yards from their intended target, they would fully submerge. The frogmen

would detach the warheads from the SLC and strategically attach them to blow a hole in the hull of the enemy ship. The time

clock would then be set for detonation, allowing the frogman to vacate the area aboard the SLC. Timing was everything; the frogmen relied heavily on their precision instruments for conducting military operations and their own survival.



Red Neck”




Baume & Mercier pays tribute to this special 289 Cobra in every detail of the Capeland Shelby Cobra chronograph. Automotive legend Carroll Shelby changed the course of

finished case was designed to mirror the flared style of the

essence of the American sports car. What he created a half-

Baume & Mercier couldn’t exactly fit a small block V8 inside to

international racing forever when he set out to redefine the

century ago was an all-American street and track car that would

forever live in infamy: the Shelby Cobra. Faster, lighter and more nimble then its European competitors, the Cobra was the

catalyst that would soon restore the prestige of American racing.

Honoring the spirit of Carroll Shelby, Baume & Mercier has released a new series of limited edition chronographs that are inspired by one of the most successful Cobras in history, the Shelby Cobra CSX2128.

Much like the car it’s modeled after, the

Capeland Cobra is rich with detail and personality. The 44mm polished and satin-

Cobra’s aerodynamic body lines. Even with its generous case size, power this impressive timepiece so they went with the next best

thing. At the heart of the Capeland Shelby Cobra is a Swiss-made automatic movement with chronograph and tachymeter functions.

Recognizing the year of the Cobra’s first victory at the

American championship, this emblematic timepiece is created in a limited production of 1,963 pieces. As a final tribute, the sapphire

crystal caseback is inscribed with the number 15, the Cobra 289’s race number. Without a doubt, this watch embodies the legendary performance of the Cobra, as well as the uncompromising detail of Carroll Shelby himself.

The iconic Cobra logo

Special hour and minute

is forged into the central

in the style and shape of the

symbolizing the timeless

hands were crafted

Cobra’s steering wheel.

chronograph hand, pursuit of speed.

The deep black dial is

Modeled after the Cobra’s historic

racing stripes that are as

asymmetrical chronograph counters.

highlighted by dual horizontal

This stunning Wixon Custom pendant features an exceptional 4.27-carat Ruby surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds. Fine milgrain edges frame in every gem, with a beautiful kite-shaped diamond mounted atop as a decorative bail.

dashboard, the dial features

elegant as they are historic. 9955 LYNDALE AVENUE SOUTH • BLOOMINGTON, MN 55420 952-881-8862 • WIXONJEWELERS.COM 58




Through these doors are a

polishing room and an ultrasonic

cleaning room. These workrooms were separated from the

main workshop to maintain

the integrity of the cleanroom Lab coats, shoe covers


and specialty eyewear are necessary in this

surgical environment as

our watchmakers routinely perform horological heart transplants.



not have any testing equipment to check for water-resistance.

dust that creates further wear. The movement must be completely

Equipped with multiple specialized machines, our watchmakers

clean before reassembly, so it is run through an ultrasonic cleaning

are able to evaluate water-resistance in a number of different ways.

machine multiple times to ensure that any old oil or debris has

Our Fathometer, for example, allows for testing all the way up to

been removed. The machine we use to check the function of the

We are proud to announce the recent completion of our new watch

not to mention the aesthetics—of a timepiece. Our shop has HEPA

1220 meters, far surpassing the capabilities of most common testers

winding system in automatic watches has a rotating base and

repair facility! The spacious studio and cleanroom is fully equipped

filtration in the vents, vacuum systems on all of the benches, and the

in the field. If we detect a leak, we can determine the cause with

individually rotating arms to simulate each of the various positions

with all of the latest technological innovations used to service watches

skilled watchmakers take every precaution to maintain the utmost

another piece of equipment and keep going through the procedure

of the watch during wear. Our top-of-the-line timing machine has

today. Watch repair is often a bit of a mystery to most people and

cleanliness. Microscopes and magnification systems are valuable tools

until we are sure the watch is completely sealed and protected.

a variety of programs that allow us to diagnose and regulate a

there are a number of considerations instrumental to a quality repair.

in detecting microscopic particles.

The most crucial aspect of any watch is how well it runs and

watch back to the exacting standards to which it was made. Our

One of the biggest enemies of mechanical watches is dust. A single

Another variable to be concerned with is water. Damage from

keeps time. Once the oil in a watch movement begins to break

watchmakers couldn’t be more thrilled with the space and they

piece of dust or lint in the wrong place can impact the performance—

moisture can be costly or even irreparable and many facilities do

down, some of the components may start to create a fine metal

look forward to caring for your timepieces in their new home!

LEN: Watchmaker 43 years experience



SARAH: Watchmaker 13 years experience

TAKAHIRO: Watchmaker 9 years experience

LIZ: Watch Service Manager 37 years experience



court and the smallest kid out there most days, I always had to be


Bill Russell. Even on freezing winter days, when the ball wouldn’t even bounce, I wanted to be Bill Russell. He was laughing pretty hard about it all. I desperately wanted to ask him for his autograph before he left that day but I just couldn’t do it because I feared that it would destroy the sincerity of the interview. No picture and no autograph,


but I smile every time I think about it. Another memorable interview was when Kirby Puckett was strikingly blunt the day he told me on the air that he was considering free agency.”

An Interview with WCCO’s Dave Lee

Sometimes during a live broadcast, something unexpected happens, even when you’re as smooth as Dave Lee. Let’s just say Sid Hartman…

“It was 6:40AM, in the opening of Sid’s Sportscast and instead of From the airwaves to the television screen, the

discussing the hot sports story from the prior evening, he chose to talk about his night out.

multi-talented Dave Lee has

He told us that he had just witnessed the finest entertainer he

become a staple within the

had ever seen. He pointed out that he had never seen a singer that

Twin Cities community.

was this good and he had seen them all—from Frank Sinatra to Carole Channing—but this guy was the best! To say the morning

One has to wonder how did Dave get to be an Emmy Awardwinning broadcaster in a major market?

crew was curious would be an understatement, so we asked him who it was. ‘Engleprick Humperpink,’ said Sid and then asked if we had heard of him. The response was, ‘Are you kidding—Engleprick—

“I needed to make some money for college and my brother knew a

who doesn’t like him?! Most everyone has a Humperpink LP

guy at a local radio station. They gave me an on-air audition and

somewhere in their collection!’”

kept me around. It was a nine-hour country music shift and I grew up a rock ’n’ roller. However, I could still cash the check they gave me so there was no complaining. It was also less physically intense

BY HOPE WIXON You can hear him every morning from 6am-9am, but if you ask

me, his award-winning voice starts to sound better after 7am

with a strong cup of coffee. He hit the airwaves 27 years ago on WCCO radio and has become a mainstay in the Twin Cities

community as the host of WCCO Morning News on AM830. He’s also been the voice of the University of St. Thomas football

team, Gopher football and basketball, a fill-in announcer for the Minnesota Twins, as well as the television broadcaster for high school state tournaments in football and basketball.

Who is this superhero that wakes up every morning between

3am and 4am to bring us up to speed on everything that we 62


than throwing hay bales, picking potatoes or hoeing beets… all the

For those of

things I had done every summer up until college. Eventually they

you who don’t

needed another body to help them with all the sports they did and

get the humor…

I volunteered. The money was horrible and the hours could be a

Sid butchered

grind, but it was fun and after college graduation, I just kept doing

the name of

it. When you are passionate about something it never feels like you

English pop

are going to work.”

singer Engelbert Humperdinck.

possibly need to know to start our day? The loving husband, devoted father, animal lover, sports junkie, car nut, and your

friendly neighbor, Dave Lee! While Dave is multi-talented and

wears many hats, word has it that his extensive collection of

tennis shoes could only be rivaled by Imelda Marcos. Along

with his darling wife Julie, Dave is also a huge fan of jewelry. This is how he came to be our good friend and the on-air

ambassador for Wixon Jewelers. Putting on my only pair of

tennis shoes, I was able to track down the illustrious Dave Lee and with a quick turn of the table, we traded places and I became the interviewer!

Dave’s job allows him to rub elbows and interview everyone

from celebrities and politicians, to athletes and ordinary citizens. With thousands of interviews under his belt, does he have a favorite interview?

Born with the gift of gab, Dave is funny, intelligent and a great practical jokester. Aside from having an amazing and supportive wife, the best part

“Isolating one is challenging, but an hour-long conversation with one

about Dave is that he is extremely down to earth and one of the nicest people

of my sports heroes, Bill Russell, is near the top. At the end of the

you will ever meet!

interview, I briefly told him that we would watch him on TV with

If you want to read more of this interview—I saved the really juicy

the Celtics most Saturdays and then go outside and play. We were

stuff—you can find the extended Dave Lee interview in Hope’s Corner at:

inspired by those guys. Even though I was the diminutive one on the

wixonjewelers.com/hopes-corner THE WIXON EXPERIENCE


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take care of your most

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cherished pieces.

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