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Big League


CAMP%SCHEDULE%%%%|%%%SATURDAYS% December%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%6th$$|$13th$|$20th$|$27th% January%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%$3rd$$|$10th|$17th$|$24th$ Time%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%11:30$AM$$to$1:00$PM% Price%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%$320.00$$$|$$per$player%

LOCATION%|%DIAMOND%ACADEMY% 102$Queens$Drive,$King$of$Prussia,$PA$19406$


This advanced 8 week baseball program is open to all interested players at the high school level (9th to 12th grade) who are interested in improving their baseball skills and fundamentals. Shawn Pender, Major League Advance Scout and ML Spring Training Coach for the Cincinnati Reds has run this dynamic training program for the last 12 years and brings it Diamond Academy for the 1st time this season. Joining Shawn is Larry Bowa, former major league All Star SS and former ML Manager of the Phillies and Padres. Larry is currently the Bench Coach for the Phils and brings over 45 years of professional baseball experience and excellence to the program. Both men will be working with our group of 25 players with additional professional Diamond staff to provide the type of individual baseball instruction not available anywhere else. This unique program is open to the 1st 25 position players that sign up. This is a position specific training program for INFIELDERS, OUTFIELDERS and CATCHERS. The 1.5-hour sessions will include training in defense, hitting, base running, and other essential baseball fundamentals required to successfully advance to the college level and beyond. Please note that players will learn a step-by-step process to improve arm strength, bat speed, running speed and all the intricacies of playing baseball at the NEXT LEVEL. Players should expect a high level of repetition in live batting practice and defensive drills that create positive results with the quality of the instruction that will be available through Shawn, Larry and the rest of our professional staff. Although there will be a significant amount of teaching and demonstration as part of the program, players will be exposed to a teaching system set up to mirror a minor league spring training program that helps players get ready for their upcoming season. An added bonus of a free college recruiting seminar following our last session (Jan 24th) will be provided for all students and their parents to help sort out future college considerations or plans Quality repetition and a proven plan create the best results-something we pride ourselves on at Diamond Academy!! _____________________________________________________________

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State____ Zip_________ Positions Playing In Camp: 1) ________ 2) ________ Year In School (9 -12 Grade)_________ Age______ Parent/Guardian________________ Parent/Guardian Email ________________ Home Phone______________ Cell Phone _____________________ Emergency Contact _________________ Emergency Phone____________________ I, signed below, hereby release the Instructors and all those associated with the camp from any claim of injury sustained while attending camp. X__________________________________ (Signature of Parent or Guardian) Checks payable to “Diamond Baseball Academy” Diamond Baseball Academy, 102 Queens Drive King of Prussia, PA 19406


Questions About The Camp? Contact The Front Office: 610-962-0307 email: [email protected]

Register & Pay Online: http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=187412&stype=-103