Fall 2018 Harvest Dinner

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Lon’s at the Hermosa Inn Welcomes Queen Creek Olive Mill & Carlson Creek Vineyards November 3, 2018

Local Harvest Salad baby gem lettuce, shaved vegetables, squash blossom, puffed purple barley Crow’s Dairy Quark “ranch” dressing, QCOM meyer lemon olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar

Carlson Creek Vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Cellar Cured Mangalitsa Prosciutto smoked local apples, arugula, butter pecan chevre, white bourbon barrel aged balsamic

Carlson Creek Vineyard, Mouvedre 2014

Sheep’s Milk Agnolotti Pecorino Phoenician, Mangalitsa guanciale QCOM jalapeno olive oil “egg foam”

Carlson Creek Vineyard, “Rule of Three” 2013

Rovey Dairy Lamb Sonoran wheat berries, preserved lemon, roasted eggplant, braised fennel roasted tomato, Lamb jus, dark bourbon barrel aged balsamic, QCOM roasted garlic olive oil

Carlson Creek Vineyard, Sangiovese 2013

Date-Pecan Cake

goat milk panna cotta, sea salt, Zak’s chocolate QCOM chocolate olive oil

Carlson Creek Vineyard, “Sweet Adeline” Riesling 2015

executive chef – Jeremy Pacheco chef de cuisine – Dwain Kalup sous chefs – Phil Palombi & Chris Gillespie