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F.A.Q. In the nursery infants and toddlers are introduced to their church home. We provide them with a safe and enjoyable environment, giving you peace of mind while you participate in church activities. What ages are cared for in the nursery & toddler rooms? Children 0-2y.o. are cared for in the nursery during worship. Typically once a child is walking they are moved to the toddler room. Who cares for the children in the nursery? Brianne Bergfeldt is our nursery & childcare coordinator. She coordinates staff for the nursery through a service. All staff are background checked and adhere to our VPC protection policy. Do I need to make a reservation for the nursery? No reservation is needed for nursery during worship services. However, reservations are required for nursery & childcare for all special events and classes to assure availability. What should I send with my child to the nursery? Each child should have a small bag/pack that easily fits on nursery shelf. We recommend putting your name somewhere on the bag. Suggested items include: bottles, change of clothes, pacifier, diapers/wipes, and a favorite blanket. If your child is potty training please send an extra set of underwear and clothing?. What if my child has allergies or special needs? We have a NUT FREE nursery and do our best to accommodate other food allergies. Please indicate any special instructions on sign in sheets or registration forms. What time can I drop my child off to the nursery or toddler room on Sunday? Please allow us time to meet with our care team and safely check out children from the prior service, and check in no more than 15 minutes prior to the service. Is there a lesson given in the nursery? Each Sunday children in the toddler room participate in a simple lesson, with a song, prayer, story and/or craft. Is my child ready for Sunday School? The Nursery and Toddler room are great places for children to first learn to trust the church as a safe place and experience God’s love for them. Once children are potty trained and 3years old they usually begin Sunday School. How are children placed in Sunday School? We hope to facilitate children building relationships with other children in their school grade. For that reason, each fall children are placed in their class by their age as of Sep. 1. What if I think my 30-36 month old is ready for Sunday School? Parents who want to see their children moved into the 3y.o. class earlier than normal should understand that their child will be in the 3/4y.o. class for 3 years in order to move up to Kindergarten with their age level peers and should contact the Children’s Ministry team with questions!