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Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. As Olivia Beach continues to move forward, we will update this list with the most current information. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to forward your question to [email protected] or call 541-921-1247. Frequently Asked Questions When did Olivia Beach begin building? How many finished homes are there? – Olivia Beach started selling in 2006. As of June 2017 we have built/sold 108 homes. Who buys a home at Olivia Beach? – On average about half of the homeowners keep their property for a second home. Just less than half use their beach house for personal use but also rent it out when they are not using it in order to make it a more affordable purchase and some do hold houses purely for investment purposes. A handful of owners call Olivia Beach their full time residence. Where is Olivia Beach located? – Olivia Beach is located a few minutes south of central Lincoln City, OR in the historic district of Nelscott. Olivia Beach begins at the corner of SW 28th St. & SW Beach Ave. The easiest way to reach the site is to go west on SW 32nd St off Hwy 101. Turn right on Coast and left on SW 28th St. to Beach Ave. For a more scenic route you can also follow the ocean front on Coast Ave. What is the total number of homes in the neighborhood? – Olivia Beach is comprised of 140 home sites. How many homes are available now? – Currently we have 1 ocean view spec home available. This 3 story home is priced at $499,000 and nearing completion. You can find this located on Lot 76/ 2571 SW Anemone Ave. We have lots for sale that are suitable for your customized plan. If you would like to find out more details that include home options, pricing and timing, please call Suzanne, our Broker at 541-921-1247. What is the pricing for an Olivia Beach home? – Currently prices are $399,000 to $699,000. Floor plan sizes average between 832 and 3200 Square Feet. Do you sell lots?–Yes, we will sell a lot only for you to build on at a later time. Prices run $175,000-$350,000 What is included in your pricing? – Advertised prices include the land and the finished home. Some plan changes can be made up front at no additional cost so your exact price will be figured out upfront. Standard options included are solid surface in the kitchen, hardwood floors on the main, tiled bathrooms, landscaping and so much more. Common upgrades include wainscot, hot tubs, decks and patios. What is your building schedule? When can I get my home? – Excepting our spec homes, the remaining homes at Olivia Beach will be pre-sold. Once we enter into contract a finish date is established. Construction takes 6-12 months to complete, depending on activity when you purchase. What is the cash requirement when we go into contract? – We require a 10% non-refundable deposit after you have selected your home, based on the full purchase price of the home. Upgrades that are selected after the initial contract may require a 50% deposit of the total amount when selected. Are any oceanfront properties available? – Our ocean front lots are sold but we have many home sites that offer an ocean view. Many of the lots in Phase 3 have panoramic ocean views.

Can I build a custom home? – We are open to your custom design. Please feel free to inquire about our architectural requirements. Is there beach access? – We have stairs to the beach that run between our two ocean front lots. This beach access leads our owners and guests to some of the only tide pools in the area. Additionally, one of the nicest public beach accesses in the area is just 5 blocks down, which is handicapped accessible if stairs are an issue. Do you have a swimming pool? – Yes! We have an outdoor, warm, saltwater swimming pool off the northern park. Guys and girls bathrooms and an exercise room are also available for your use. What other amenities does your neighborhood have? – Our central park features playground equipment, a sand volleyball court, picnic tables and a fire pit with bench seating. We even have dry fire wood waiting for you! Do the homes at Olivia Beach have Green features? – LEED Certified homes are available. Olivia Beach takes into consideration what is the right thing to do for the earth without compromising architectural integrity. To learn more about Olivia Beach's green planning and building practices please see our website or contact our office. Are Garages Included? – Every lot accommodates a 1-2 car garage however design & price is based on individual sales. I’m interested in owning a vacation rental. Is this allowed? Will there be a property management company available? – Vacation rentals are allowed with a “Vacation Rental Dwelling Permit” through the City of Lincoln City. Olivia Beach has a property management company in place to market & care for your home. You can see the homes that are managed on our cottage rentals website. Olivia Beach has been zoned VR, (Which no other area in Lincoln City has yet obtained.) so there are no restrictions on the number of days one can rent which helps to see the full investment potential. Does Olivia Beach have a Home Owners Association? - Olivia Beach has a Home Owners Association. Currently dues are $370 a quarter. These dues provide for the care & maintenance of the common areas that includes three parks, the beach access and pool. How can I learn more about the area? - Olivia Beach is located in the historic district of Nelscott in Lincoln City. For more information on Nelscott, please visit www.historicnelscott.org. For more information on the surrounding area, please visit www.oregoncoast.org. What’s Urban Renewal and what is happening in Nelscott? – Urban Renewal is the rehabilitation & renovation of urban areas. Prior to the incorporation of Lincoln City in 1965, the area was made up of six small coastal towns: Cutler City, Taft, Nelscott, DeLake, Oceanlake & Wecoma Beach. The effort created a long and narrow city with six distinct business districts and village identities. These districts are now known as “The String of Pearls”. Nelscott is the latest “pearl” to be revitalized. You can find out all the details by visiting www.historicnelscott.org. What is the difference between the homes at Olivia Beach & Bella Beach? - We have been able to make several refinements in Olivia Beach that were not considered or afforded when developing our first neighborhood, Bella Beach. Sidewalks, curbs, street trees, street lights, paved alleys and oyster shell paths are just some of the differences you’ll find in the neighborhood. The cottages include several improvements from our earlier work. Architecturally correct siding and porch details, picket fences, improved landscaping, hard wood floors, granite counter tops and improved floor plans will add character to these carefully crafted cottages. Olivia Beach includes more park space and a swimming pool. The beach at Olivia is considered superior and the in town location of Olivia Beach makes for easier accessibility to shops & restaurants. How Can I get more information on Olivia Beach? – For immediate information, please call our office at 541-921-1247. You can also reach us by e-mail. Our address is [email protected]. To register as a preferred buyer and receive the latest news via e-mail, please visit our website at www.oliviabeach.com; Click on FAQ under News and there you’ll find the button to become a preferred buyer.