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Middle School Nerf Night FAQs    NERF BLASTER QUESTIONS:  1. Only ​ONE​ Nerf blaster per kid … choose wisely!  2. Nerf blasters must be clearly labelled with your name. Your blaster is YOUR responsibility for the  night, so take care where you put it!  3. Nerf blasters must only take regular darts - NO Rivals or Megas.  4. All darts will be provided - please don’t bring any!  5. Eye protection will be provided - please don’t bring any face masks!  6. We will have a few blasters to loan out for those in need.    PARTICIPANT AND PARENT QUESTIONS :  1.

This event is for all 5th-8th graders - so bring your friends and make sure you all register! 

2. Please enter through the doors to the Axios (Student) Area.  3. Parents must escort kids into/out of the building and sign them in/out. Parents must notify the  check-in staff of the adult responsible for picking up their kid(s).  4. Parents and older siblings (9th grade and up) are welcome to stay to volunteer. Please sign up to  volunteer at the following link: ​ ​http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e44aba87-volunteer  5. Parents that want to stay but not volunteer, there will be a separate room where you can relax.    ACTIVITIES QUESTIONS:  1.

Axios room (Student area) will be a Nerf-free Zone. Games there will include: Gaga ball, Four-square,  Foosball, and Air hockey. 

2. Axios (Student) Foyer will also be a Nerf-free Zone and will be a place to hang out and eat pizza!  3. Fellowship Hall will be the Blast Zone - there will be organized team Nerf games. (Eye protection will  be provided.)  4. The Nerf Course will be throughout Kids Ministry. Kids will race against each other to see how many  targets they can blast for their team!